6 Type Powerful Websites on Internet

Powerful Websites on Internet

Today I will talk about the powerful websites on internet world. You will also be surprised to see the work of those websites. The benefits that we can't get even with big applications. You can get all these benefits in a few seconds through these websites. If you do

13+ Best WhatsApp Tricks

best WhatsApp tricks and tips

At present, there is no person who does not have WhatsApp application in mobile. There are many tricks in this WhatsApp application, which not many people know. Today I will give you 13 best WhatsApp tricks, which you will be surprised to know. No. 1 Best WhatsApp Tricks Since photos of various

How Do Beginners Create WordPress Websites? – FULL GUIDANCE

Create WordPress Websites

This article is very helpful for any beginner because today's topic, is how do beginners create WordPress websites? Everything is covered in this short article, which you will not find in paid courses. You will not need any more tutorials after reading this article. The article is too long to give

How to Fix Mobile Usability Issues for WordPress Website?

fix mobile usability issues

Hello friends, welcome to my new Fresh Article. If you are a blogger, you must be associated with the search console. Today, we will discuss a common issue of that search console, which is the mobile usability issue. Search consoles have a lot of issues, you know about some issues or

Manual WordPress backup without Plugin || The file will be saved on the computer. useful and no. 1 Process

Manual WordPress backup without Plugin

Today I will discuss, how to take manual WordPress backup without plugins? You don't have to rely on any backup plugin, why am I saying that? Because something like this happened on my site. From the beginning, my site was backed up with the updrafts plus plugin. With this plugin, my

How to create quiz answer button for Blogger and WordPress in article?

quiz answer button for Blogger and WordPress

If you have a quiz website, if it is a blogger or WordPress, then this article is very useful for you. An optional answer to any question is given in the article of such quiz website. A test taker will first guess the correct answer from all those answers. The test-takers

Boost AdSense Earnings Using Multiplex Ads: best Customization and Placement

Boost AdSense Earnings Using Multiplex Ads

Good news for you: Now you can boost AdSense earnings using multiplex ads. If you're an old AdSense user, you've probably heard of Match Content Ads. Match Content Ads was launched only when its specific criteria were met. Match Content Ads are made up of articles or look like articles;