Hello friends, welcome to techparimal site, today I am going to provide you with free 50+ ping search engines. The advantage of this is that whenever a post or page is published on your WordPress website, it will be automatically submitted to all these search engines.

This is very easy to do but one thing you need to keep in mind before doing the settings is SpamScore. You know that if your site is linked to a high spam score website, then the spam score will also increase on your website.

You must check the spam score of all the sites that I am providing you with a list of sites. Visit websiteseochecker.com to check spam scores, but here you can check spam scores and DA PA of 3 sites at once.

How to check Spam score

Sites with a spam score of more than 2% will be deleted from the site list. Maybe a little time is wasted, but be sure to check the spam score.

How to Submit Website on 50+ Ping Search Engines?

First, download the 50+ Ping Search Engines list. Then proceed according to the following steps …….

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard,
2. Click on the Writing button under the Setting option,
3. At the bottom you will see the Update Services box, there will already be a default site, delete it,
4. Open the downloaded file, then copy and paste the entire list,
5. Save changes.

Submit Website on Ping website

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