Today I will show you how to do ad placement on website. You have a WordPress website and have published many posts on it.

In this case, you have the tension to paste the AdSense code in each post. And in that case, more time and many problems arise.

WordPress ad set-up full Tutoria

Today I will show you how to paste ad code in one place. And the automatic ad will show on the home page, post, header, and footer of your website.

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Best Plugin for ad Placement on Website

The best plugin for setting up automatic ads is ad inserter. Through which you will set once and publish as many posts, automatic add will be set in all posts.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard first,
    1. Click on the plugin option
    2. Add new plugin
    3. Search ad inserter in search box
    4. install and active that plugin

Best Ad Setting On Ad Inserter Plugin

This part of my post is very important for the ad placement of your website. And you have to follow it very well, otherwise, AdSense may be disabled due to your little error.

website places quantity for ad

As you can see from the picture, you can set ads in 16 places on your site. Before setting up an ad, take a look at these 16 places on your website.

Place For Ad To Increase Earning

  • BEFORE:-
    1. Post
    2. Content
    3. Paragraph
    4. Image
    5. Posts
    6. Comment
    1. Posts
  • AFTER:-
    1. post
    2. Paragraph
    3. Content
    4. image

I hope you understand by looking at the list above, how many places you can put AdSense ads. If you do not understand, follow the steps below.

I will show you three types of ads, they are – display ads, in-feed ads, in-article ads. For this, first, you have to create these three types of ad units.

How Create Ad Units?

create ad unit

To create an ad unit, first, log in to your AdSense account. Then click on the ad option on the left And click on the by ad unit. Then follow the steps below –

Create Display Ad Unit

  • Click on display ads
  • Name the unit to your liking, such as display ads
  • Depending on your theme, choose either square or horizontal, or vertical.
  • Then press on create the bottom and you get a code
  • Copy this code
  • Click on done

Set Display Ad On Home Page

Display Ad Set
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on the settings option And press ad inserter bottom
  • Now you will get a code box, paste the code of display ads here.
  • Tick mark on the home page, search page, category page, and tag/archive pages
  • Click on the insertion option to select Place and select before posts
  • click on alignment and chose center
  • Finally, press on save the setting

Now the display ad placement on your website is complete. If you look at the reviews, you will see that it is showing up at the top of your home page.

Set Display Ad Between Poste

If the posts on the home page of your site are sorted one by one and If you want, you can set the ad after every two posts. For example, there are eight posts on the home page of your site.

ad between post

In that case, you can set four ads on the home page i.e. after two posts, after four posts, after six posts, and after eight posts. There will be a total of four display ads between the posts.

After Two Post

After two posts on the home page of your site, click on the ad inserter plugin dashboard to set the ad. Then follow the steps below-

  • click on 2️⃣ number bottom
  • Past display Ad code in the code box
  • Select home page, search page, category page, and tag/archive pages
  • Select between the post in insertion option
  • You will find an empty box on the right side of the Insertion option, type 2 here
  • And select the center alignment
  • Save setting
After Three Post
  • Click on 3️⃣ bottom
  • Other settings will remain the same
  • Just type 4 instead of 2 where you typed 2
  • Save setting

I saw two of the eight ads in the Between post being set. The other two ads need to be set in the same setting. Only the settings below need to be changed.

  1. Select 4️⃣ for the number four ad and 5️⃣ for the number five ad
  2. After the number of posts, you want to set the ad, type that number. For example, after four posts, type 6 and after six posts, type 8.

Create In-feed Ad

In_feed ads Set
  • To create In-feed Ad, click as shown below:
    1. login Adsense account
    2. Ad
    3. Ad units
    4. In-feed ad
    5. Create ad style manually
    6. write unit name
    7. chose ad type
    8. next
    9. Save and get code
    10. Copy this code
    11. Done

In-feed Ad Placement in Post

  • To set an in-feed ad on top of every post, follow the below step-
    1. Go to ad inserter dashboard
    2. Click on 6️⃣ no. bottom
    3. Past In-feed Ad code
    4. Tick mark on post option
    5. Chose before post in insertion
    6. Alignment- center
    7. Save setting

How To Create in-article ads?

In-article ad for inserting ad inside your article or post. However, let me say, you can not put more ad in the post.

It is OK to add ad a maximum of 2 times in a 500 word post. And set the ad to the top of the post as much as possible.

  • See how to create an in-article ad?
    1. Go to Adsense account > ad > by ad unit > in-article ad
    2. Type ad unit name
    3. Save and get code
    4. Copy code
    5. Done

Where past in-article ad code?

An in-article ad is most important because it is embedded in your content. And your content link reaches visitors through Google.

The visitor clicks on that link and arrives at your post or article. So on your website, the placement of this ad should be done properly.

  1. Click on 7️⃣ in ad inserter dashboard
  2. past code in the blank box
  3. Tick mark on the post
  4. Press on insertion and select after paragraph
  5. Type the paragraph number after which you want to insert the ad.
  6. Alignment- center
  7. Save setting


If you can set the ad as shown, then you can make good money from Adsense. However, before setting up this manual ad, turn off the automatic ad. If the post is good and to get more help like this, you must go to my youtube channel, technical rupam, and subscribe.

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