If there is an ad serving has been limited issue in your account, I will discuss in this post why this issue arises. And what is the 99% correct solution? I will discuss it with you in detail.

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In a previous post, I showed you how to get Google AdSense approval on your website in 2021. Getting AdSense Approval on a Website will give you a complete idea of what points you need to keep in mind.

Ad Serving has been Limited

Type of Ad Serving Limited Issue

If your AdSense account has an Ad Serving issue, it could be Ad Serving has been Limited – Invalid Traffic Concerns or it could be Ad Serving has been Limited – account being assessed. You must have received either of these two issues, or you may receive one in the future, so be careful.

This means that whenever you get the issue of ad limit, you will think of these two main reasons. But what are these two issues? Let us discuss these two issues in detail.

What is Ad Serving Limit?

Google often monitors your site’s ads, and if your site’s ads click or the traffic isn’t organic, Google fixes the issue. This means that someone is intentionally clicking on the ads on your site. Google has a dedicated bot mechanism team that manually checks clicks on your site.

If they find any suspicious clicks on your site, they limit the number of ads on your site. In other words, the number of ads that could be seen on your site before, as a result of this error, the number of ads on your site will be greatly reduced.

Reason for Ad Serving limit?

Advertisers give ads to Google and Google puts ads on your site with the help of all those advertisers’ money. And if there are no genuine clicks on those ads, then the advertisers are getting paid but they are not making any profit.

Google uses this method to benefit those advertisers. Suppose your site is getting 1000 impressions and then 10-20 clicks, that’s normal. But if your site has 1000 impressions and 400-500 clicks, that’s unusual.

Google suspects this unusual click. Google thinks that the user has clicked with someone to increase his income, so the ads limit errors. But Google now does not directly disable the AdSense account, it warns you to fix the issue.

Because Google knows that this click can be intentional or even a mistake. That’s why Google only makes errors, then Google’s new mechanism bot monitors your site traffic well.

Google checks what kind of traffic you are driving or where the traffic is being driven from. Then Google disables your AdSense account if it gets more issues on your site or the issue continues.

How Long is the Ad Serving Limited Issue?

Google will keep the ad limit issue on your site for the next month. If within a month Google Boat sees healthy traffic coming to your site, it will automatically remove the issue after one month.

In some cases, this issue remains for a long time and is not fixed. This is because Google is confused about the traffic to your site or does not get the right clarity.

But many people make many wrong decisions to remove the ad limit error. They delete the AdSense code from the site or stop the ad on the site for a while.

You should never make this mistake because Google is monitoring your site. In such a situation, all you have to do is to make your site click genuine, which means there will be no boat traffic or paid traffic to your site.

This type of traffic will fix the ad limit issue of your site, this is the ideal cache. But this is only possible when the issue is already on your site.

How to Fix Ad Serving Limited Issue?

You need to take precautionary measures to avoid ad serving limited issues on your site. Today I will show you four ways to protect your site 99%.
The four solutions that I will show are very trusted solutions. You must apply them to your site, this error will never come to your site and you can save your site from ad limit errors.

Generate Organic Traffic

The first solution is to bring organic traffic to the site. That means you have to write more posts and drive more organic traffic, which is positive in the eyes of Google.

For this, you need to create posts on high search volume and low competition keywords. In addition, you have to SEO the article well, then you can generate instant organic traffic.

Also ask your friends, family members, and relatives to bring authentic organic traffic by searching your site on Google. However, 2% of you can do this method, it is the basic solution.

Don’t Use Ad Code Directly

The second solution is conditional but it will keep your AdSense account safe. Do not use Google AdSense ad code directly, use ad code with the help of an AdSense Certified Partner.

That means if you want to put ad code on your site, use a network like Ezoic. The Ezoic is the certified partner of Google AdSense, the network on which your site needs to be approved.

If your site is approved on the Ezoic network, Ezoic will control your site’s bot traffic and invalid traffic. As a result, there is no fear of your AdSense being disabled in the future because AdSense is on the back of your site and Ezoic on the front.

Connect Site with Cloudflare

Your website needs to be connected to Cloudflare. Once your account is created in Cloudflare, you need to turn on an option there. Cloudflare will then automatically protect all those boat traffic.

How to Setting Cloudflare for Ad limit Protect?

Setting Cloudflare for Ad limit Protect

1. Open your Cloudflare Dashboard,
2. Click on Your site URL,
3. You can see multiple options on the top, click on the Firewall option,
4. Hit on Bots bottom,
5. Check Bot Fight Mode.

Ad Serving Limited Fix by Plugin

If your site is in WordPress, you can easily solve the problem with a plugin. The plugin is AdSense Invalid Click Protector, which is a 100% free plugin.

You can set the maximum click by a specific IP address. For example, if you set a maximum of 2 clicks, then if a visitor 2 times clicks, then the ad will be hidden in that IP address.

If you hide the ad for seven days, the visitor will not see the ad for seven days. If the ad is not seen, it will not click. With this, you can track and block the specific IP address.

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