Add Fixed Ads to the Sidebar of WordPress Site

Today we will show you how to add fixed ads to the sidebar of WordPress site. Also, without using any plugin, you can add sticky ads to the sidebar. Various tutorials show how to use plugins to install sticky ads. But you know? The more plugins a WordPress site has, the slower the website will become. So I would recommend, trying to avoid using plugins to add any features.

What are the Benefits of Fixed Ads on the Post Sidebar?

  • The sidebar element is smaller than the main body element and with article scrolling, sidebar content also scrolls. Scrolling this way exhausts the content of the sidebar, leaving the sidebar blank. As it looks, this space is filled with sticky ads, which make the page look heavy.
  • Article ads also scroll with the article, but no matter how much the article is scrolled, the sticky ad will always be seen by the visitor. As a result, both ad impressions and clicks will increase, which means income will also increase.
  • Those who have used AdSense, always fear increasing CTR. This CTR increases only when impressions decrease compared to clicks. If you use sticky ads, chances of increasing ctr are reduced. Because this sticky ad visitors see continuously, so the impression will be high.

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How to Add Fixed Ads to the Sidebar of WordPress Site?

As I said earlier, I will not use any plugin to add sticky ads to the sidebar. But yes, you must take the help of a plugin, which you are already using. For ad placement, you must be using the ad Inserter plugin, through which the ad will be inserted.

1. Create a Sidebar recommending an Ad

Since the size of the sidebar is vertical, the ad must be the vertical size. Only then will the sidebar be filled, for which a separate ad unit will have to be created. To create an ad unit, follow the below process –

  • Login to your AdSense account,
  • Click on the “By Ad Unit” option under the “Ad” section,
  • Then open the “Display Ad” option,
  • Name it “for sidebar”.
  • Now click on the “Vertical” option and save,
  • Copy code of this ad unit.

2. Put Ad Code in Ad Inserter Block

  • Click on the Ad Inserter option under the settings section,
  • Here you have a total of 16 blocks, paste the Ad code in any blank block,
  • Leave the block disabled and save.

NOTE:- Note the block number to which you added the code.

Put Ad Code in Ad Inserter Block

3. Add Sticky Ad in Sidebar Widget

  • Go to the widget option under the Appearance section,
  • Click on the add block (+) option in the sidebar,
  • Search “Ad Inserter” and choose Ad Inserter Block,
  • After adding Ad Inserter Block, click on it,
  • Select the Ad Inserter block in which the ad code has been added.
  • Below that, you will find a sticky option, check it,
  • Finally, update.
Add Sticky Ad in Sidebar Widget

To add a fixed ad to the WordPress site sidebar, the above settings are enough. Next, if your website has any cache plugins, clear the cache. Once the stock is cleared, open any of your articles in a different browser.


I hope I have explained you perfectly. If there is still any difficulty, contact me directly. If you have any questions about WordPress, blogger, youtube, or SEO, let me know. I will definitely publish an article on that but log in to the site to receive a notification. I have given the login button in the top menubar, click here and log in with your email. Then I will send you mail after publishing the new post.

Add Fixed Ads to the Sidebar of the WordPress


What should be the size of the ad for the sitebar of the website?

Select Vertical Display Ad from ad unit. This will automatically cover the sidebar.

Is it necessary to keep the sidebar ad sticky?

No, not binding. But it has considerable role on Earning.

What is the benefit of adding a sticky ad to the sidebar?

Since the ad will show continuously, there is a chance to increase impressions and clicks. If these two increase, the income will also increase.

Do I need to use a plugin to add sticky ads to the sidebar?

No, if you have a WordPress site, you must be using a plugin for ad placement. You can also add sticky ad to sidebar with this plugin.

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