Hello friends, today I am going to talk about Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics or how to add Google Analytics to website? Whether your website is Blogger or WordPress, how to add analytics, follow well.

Why Add Google Analytics to Website?

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Google Analytics is an optimization platform where, when you add your site, you can observe all the analytics of that site. For example, by opening the stats option in your site’s admin panel, you can know all the details of the views. Such as Today’s Views, Yesterday’s Views, Month Views, Year Views Also Traffic Sources, Audience Locations, Browsers, Systems, etc.

Some users are confused about these stats, the results of these stats on his site are correct or incorrect. Google Analytics to clear the confusion of all those users, Analytics that shows real views and real details.

How to Create Google Analytics Account?

  1. Open the browser on your mobile or desktop, search Google Analytics. However, in the case of mobile, turn on the desktop mode of the browser.
  2. You will get the first link of Google Analytics, open it,Add Google Analytics to Website
  3. Click on the Set up for Free button,GA account setup
  4. Put your Account name, Ex- Your domain
  5. Next,Property setup for GA
  6. Past your domain name in the property box, ex- yourdomain
  7. Select your Country and Currency,
  8. Click on the Next button,GA buisiness Information
  9. Choose your Website Category,
  10. Check the boxes according to the above picture,
  11. Click on Create Button,Google analytics
  12. Choose your country,
  13. Check two boxes and click the I Accept option,GA email communications
  14. Check the first two boxes and last box,
  15. Save.
  16. Click on the Web button,Set up data stream of GA
  17. Choose HTTPS,
  18. Paste your domain name, Ex- yourdomain.com
  19. Put sort name of your site in Stream box, Ex- TP for techparimal.com
  20. Then click on Create Stream button.GA global site tag
  21. Now click on the Global site tag option,
  22. Copy this code,

Add WordPress Site to Google Analytics

  1. Go to WordPress Admin panel,Add WordPress Site to Google Analytics
  2. Click on the Theme Editor button under Appearance Option,
  3. Click on HEADER.PHP,past GA code on wordpress
  4. Paste copied code under <head> tag,
  5. Save changes.

Add Blogger Site to Google Analytics

  1. Go to Blogger admin panel,
  2. Click on Theme Button,
  3. Tap on the Edit HTML button under the Customization option,Add Blogger Site to Google Analytics
  4. Paste copied code under <head> tag,
  5. Save theme.

Hindi Video for Google Analytics 4


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