If you have an Approved AdSense account, you do not need to get a new Approval for a new site. AdSense Program policies allow you to add multiple sites to Existing AdSense account (Non-hosted).

But it also has certain procces and conditions, which you must abide by. I will discuss them in detail, before you need to know the type of AdSense account.

How Many Types Of AdSense Account?

Did you know that there are two types of AdSense accounts? If you don’t know, find out now. There are two main types of AdSense accounts:

1. Hosted AdSense,
2. Non-Hosted AdSense

What is a Hosted AdSense Account?

This is called AdSense for Hosted Content. If you get AdSense approval on YouTube, Blogger or any other Google product, it is called Hosted Account.Blogger means blogspot.com.

What is a non-Hosted AdSense Account?

This is called content for adsense. If you create a website on platforms like wordpress, joomla, wix, etc., if adsense is approved on those sites, it is called non-hosted adsense.
One thing to keep in mind is that you have a blogger site, and you have added a custom domain to it. In this case, if AdSense is approved on this site, it will be called Non-hosted AdSense.

How to add Multiple Sites To Existing AdSense Account?

If you have a non-hosted AdSense account, you can add multiple websites to that AdSense account. Otherwise you have to apply for AdSense separately for the new site. To add a new website to a non-hosted AdSense account, follow these steps: –

  • Robots.txt Placement:-
    1. Go to your cpanel,
    2. Choose your domain under public_html,
    3. Create a file named ads.txt here,
    4. Then once left click on this file then click on edit button.
    5. Now open your Existing site in a new tab,
    6. After the url of the existing site, type /ads.txt, then press enter.
    7. Now copy the text file you get,
    8. Now Go to cpanel tab, past here copied file and save.
  • Submit Site to Adsense Account:-
    1. Log in Your existing AdSense account,
    2. Go to Site option and click on the Add Site button,
    3. Past your New Domain (yourdomain.com) here,
    4. Save and Continue,
    5. Copy this Code and past after <head> tag ( appearance-theme editor-header.php) and save theme,
    6. Now back to Adsense Account and click on request review button.
    7. Will be approved in 2-3 day.

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