To keep in touch with visitors, you can add WhatsApp chat buttons to your blogger site. Button Review You must see the thumbnail.

It’s very easy to add to the blogger site, you can do it easily. All you need to do is add two codes to the theme code, one is CSS and the other is HTML code.

NOTE:- Since you have to deal with code etching here, be sure to back up the code. If you do not know how to backup the code, follow the steps below-

how to backup the Blogger Site?

  • Click on the theme option,
  • Click the drop-down button to the right of Customization,
  • Now you can see the Backup and Restore option, Use as needed.

Add WhatsApp Chat Button

First, by clicking the download button, download the code file. In the file you will find two codes, one is Style code and the other is HTML code.

1. Style code placement:-

  • First open the code section of the theme, then search for the ]]></b:skin> tag.
  • Then copy the downloaded Style code,
  • Past Style code before ]]></b:skin> tag.
How to Add WhatsApp Chat button to Blogger Site

2. HTML Code placement:-

  • After placing Style Code, search Close Body tag, Which is at the end of the theme code.
  • Copy Downloaded HTML code,
  • Then past Code before Close Body tag.
How to Add WhatsApp Chat button to Blogger Site

3. Final Customization:-

Pay attention to the HTML code you pasted at the end. Because that code contains my phone number and my channel name. Add your phone number and details there and Finally save changes.

NOTE:- But add the phone number along with your country code, as I gave. No need to give a (+) Symbol.

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