Admob Type AdSense Ad for Website

Today I will show how to create Admob type Adsense ads for websites. Again, that ad will be a fully responsive ad, that is, it will be able to accommodate the size of any device.

The ad I am going to create is a fixed ad. You know what? Fixed ads cannot be used directly on the website. It needs to be responsive first, with different sizes for mobile and desktop.

The Mobile versions will be shown for mobile users and the desktop version for desktop users. For this you need to go through a few steps, then you can make the fixed ad responsive.

Benefits of Admob Type Ad on Website

  • CPC: The CPC of all these ads is very high, so the earnings are also high.
  • CLICK: It has been observed that compared to other ads, these ads get more clicks.
  • DISTURBING: Do not disturb the visitor at present, if disturbed they will leave the site. And you know how much the big ads on the site disturb the visitors. But even if visitors see this ad, they won’t be bothered at all.
  • FOR BUTTON: If your site post has any important buttons like a download button or link. Then you can surround the button by putting this ad above and below that button. So that the visitor while clicking on that button or link, mistakenly clicks on the ad.

Disadvantages of Admob Type Ad on Website

Although this type of ad is highly profitable, there are also disadvantages –

  • PLACEMENT: This type of ad has to be placed manually, only then good income is available. There is also a little trouble with this ad placement.
  • TECHNICAL FAULT: If the CSS is ever deleted, two versions of this ad will be shown. Then there will be no problem in the case of a desktop but the desktop ads will be shown on mobile, which will affect AdSense.
  • CTR: Remember one thing, the more ad clicks, the more CTR may increase. So don’t add this ad extra and place it in the right place.

How to Create Admob Type AdSense Ad for Website?

From ad creation to placement, there are 5 steps, all of which you need to follow carefully. Because there is little code editing to be done if you don’t know about code, just look at the instructions.

[A] Create a Fixed Ad Unit in Adsense

  1. Login to your AdSense account,
  2. Click on the Ad Unit option under the Ad section,
  3. Then choose Display Ad,
  4. Name the Ad Unit,
  5. Now click on the Responsive option and choose Fixed Ad,
  6. Just create and copy the code of this ad unit,

[B] Placement of this AdSense code

Are you using the Ad Inserter plugin on your WordPress site? Then it will make the task easier. Just follow the procedure –

  • Choose two Ad Inserter blocks, one for mobile and one for desktop. Think the 15th and 16th blocks are taken, then the 15th block is for mobile and the 16th block is for desktop.
  • Now paste the ad code in both blocks, then the code needs to be modified a little.
  • Look carefully, the ad code has a fixed width and height. This should be changed according to the device. 530px × 90px for mobile and 786px × 90px for desktop.
  • Now you need to collect the shortcode of the blocks. Normally the shortcode is hidden, for this click the manual button below the code box. A new settings window will open below, select the Shortcode option. You will get two shortcodes of a block, copy any one of the shortcodes. Remember one thing, which shortcode is for which block i.e. which block is for which device? Similarly, collect the shortcode of the other block i.e. the block you took for the desktop.

[C] Download Ad Display Code

Then you need to download this code, where you will get an HTML code and some CSS code. However, the HTML code needs to be edited a little but the CSS code does not need to be changed.

Once the HTML code is ready, save it to your device for easy reuse later. To add this ad to a post, simply paste the code in place as custom HTML code. Then css code will show ads according to device.

To place the CSS code- Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customization > Additional CSS > Past CSS Code > Update. Read the warning below before placing any CSS code.

WARNING:- Whenever editing or adding theme code or adding CSS code, child theme must be created. And code must be added in this child theme, otherwise when the theme is updated, the custom code will be deleted.

[D] Modify Downloaded HTML Code

After downloading the HTML code, look at the code carefully, there are instructions to add two shortcodes in two places. Paste the two shortcodes you created for the two devices as instructed.

Recommended Place for Use this Ad

If your article has a useful button or link, place this ad above and below this button or link. If the post has a download button, surround that button with this ad. Then you will understand yourself, how much your ad clicks are increasing.

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