Are you searching for an alternative AdSense invalid click Protector Plugin that will work 100%? Don’t worry, today I will fulfill your expectation, that is, I will find you a second AICP plugin.

Like you, I was using the previous AICP plugin, but not now. Read the full article to know why I decided, then you will also use this plugin.

What is AdSense invalid click?

Just as you have well-wishers, there are also many dishonest competitors. Those who really want your AdSense account to be disabled.

They then deliberately click on the ads on your site more than once. Because they know, Google detects all these clicks and Google thinks the owner is clicking himself for income.

So Google calls all these clicks invalid clicks, which causes the AdSense account to be disabled. Again, if bot traffic to your site increases, your AdSense account may be disabled.

How does AdSense Invalid Click Protector(AICP) Plugin work?

The work of the AICP plugin is simple but very important. This plugin sets the maximum number of times your site’s ads can be clicked.

If you click more than the number of clicks set here, the ads will be hidden. Suppose you allow a maximum of 2 clicks, in which case if a visitor clicks more than 2 times, he will hide the ads.

And if the ads are hidden, then there is no question of an invalid click. If an Invalid click on AdSense does not come, then your AdSense account will be protected.

How to use the old AICP plugin?

AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP) is the most popular plugin. Many people are using this plugin, the developer of which plugin is Saumya Majumder. You can install the plugin by going through these 9 steps below.

Old AICP Plugin

9 steps for installing the AICP Plugin

Step 1:- First you go to the official website of WordPress, which is, and click on the plugin section.

Step 2:- In the search bar, type AICP and press Enter. Now you can find this plugin like the below image.

Step 3:- Now click on this Plugin and download it.

Step 4:- Go to your WordPress admin panel and click on Add New button under the Plugin section.

Step 5:- Then click on the Upload button to upload the downloaded plugin and activate that plugin।

Best settings of old AICP Plugin

Step 7:- Now click on the General Setting under AdSense Invalid Click Protection section in the left sidebar.

Step 8:- Here you have to understand the settings here, then you will do as you please.

  • Set the Ad Click Limit:- How many times someone clicks from a specific IP address, that IP address will no longer get ads, it must be set here. I would recommend giving permission for 2 ads click.
  • Click Counter Cooke Expiration Time:- Default: 3 hours,
  • Set the Visitor Ban Duration:- Set here how long you want to hide ads. I will recommend 7 days.
  • Do you want to use the IP-API Pro key and Provide your IP-API Pro key:- You will leave this option by default.
  • Do you want to block showing ads for some specific countries?:- If you want to stop showing ads to a specific country, you need to set the country code of that country here. For example, if you want to turn off ads in the United States, you need to select the US here.

Step 9:- Now save changes.

Edit AdSense code for activating AICP Plugin

All in all, all the settings of the AICP plugin have been completed. The last thing you need to do is set up, and that’s the most vital part. If you skip these settings, your AdSense account will remain in danger.

You need to use the AICP script that you need to add to each AdSense code. Otherwise, the click limitation of the AICP plugin will not work. How to edit code? So download the text file below, there are instructions.

If you place the code manually, you will need to edit each code. If you place code through the Ad Inserter plugin, edit the ad codes in each Ad Inserter block.

How to Use Alternative AdSense Invalid Click Protector plugin?

At first, I used the AICP plugin mentioned above, but later I found out that it was not working. Because the AdSense code has to be edited, otherwise the plugin does not work.

So I edited the AdSense code but it is not working on my site. So I searched for Alternative AdSense Invalid Click Protector Plugin and found it and now I am using it.

If you have a similar problem, use this Alternative AdSense Invalid Click Protector Plugin. It works 100%, I will show the proof at the end of the article.

New AdSense Invalid Click Protection plugin

Best settings of alternative AICP Plugin

This plugin also has some important settings that you need to do properly. The settings of the two plugins are almost identical, see what the settings are-

Step 1:- Follow the install process of the above plugin, install and activate the Alternative AICP plugin as well.

Step 2:- Click on Ads Invalid and click the Protection option under the Setting section of the WordPress admin panel.

Step 3:- Check the first option and follow the settings below-

  • Ad Click Limit:- I would recommend keeping 2,
  • Visitor Ban Duration:- 24 Hours,
  • Ad Serving Delay:- 250.
  • Then save changes.

Step 4:- Wherever you place the AdSense codes, go and edit all the codes according to the picture below.

Alternative AdSense Invalid Click Protector

How to test Alternative AdSense Invalid Click Protector Plugin?

  1. First, go to your cache plugin and clear cache,
  2. Now visit your site on your friend’s mobile,
  3. Now you can see your ads, and click 2 times on any ads.
  4. As you can see, all the ads will be hidden. Try refreshing the page to be sure.


Here are two plugin tutorials, now you decide which one to use. For this, you can take the advice of a senior person. If the post helps you, then you can follow this site to get more helpful articles like this.

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