What should you not do when starting a blog?

Today in this post I will show you what blogging mistakes beginners make, as a result of which his blog site cannot rank on Google. This post is especially for those who want to start blogging.
Google has become so advanced that it catches mistakes you may have made unknowingly. And now the competition has increased so much that Google is not promoting all these sites.

Blogging Mistakes for Beginners

And you also want to make sure that your blog does not have any mistakes, which may not cause problems later. You will also want your site to rank higher than the site ranked on the same keyword.

For that, visit this post completely, only then you can get rid of all these mistakes. You will find many videos on this topic on YouTube, but not as many as discussed in this post.

Types of Beginners Blogging Mistakes

As a blogger, beginners make two kinds of mistakes, one is Psychological mistakes and the other is Technical mistakes. However, the first is simple, but the second is much more important and has many parts.

Psychology Mistake as Beginner

Hearing the name Psychology, you can understand which mistake I am talking about. While this is common, it is very important, which is why 90% of bloggers lose patience the next time.

Giving an example will help you understand. Suppose you saw the income of a blogger and you went after greed. You thought that you can earn so much money just by writing a post, you also decided that you will also reduce lakhs of rupees by writing.

This is where your psychological mistake is made, not as easy as you think. You think I’m demoting you, but that’s the reality.

So I would say start blogging only if you have self-confidence and patience, not by looking at other people’s income. It is not that you started blogging today, income will start from tomorrow, it may take one year and it may take also three years.

No More Ideas

We all have 10-15 ideas in our minds and write 10-15 posts from those ideas. Many people create blogs but they don’t know how many ideas there are on that topic.

And so after writing 10-15 posts, there is no idea to write the next post. So before you choose a topic for your blog, think about how much you have an idea about that topic.

If you think you have unlimited ideas on the topic or can create unlimited posts, that’s fine. So I would recommend that you have an interest in the topic, make it your blog topic.

If you are a doctor, then health topic; you are an electrician, electrical topics; If you are a beauty specialist, you can choose beauty topics.

What are Technical Mistakes in Blog?

Now let’s talk about the top technical mistakes that many bloggers make. Mistakes that keep your blog down will never go up.

Don’t Use Sub-domain

Most bloggers don’t want to spend money at first, so they start a website with a subdomain domain. Such as Blogspot.com, WordPress.com, etc.

They have doubts about whether it is really possible to make money by blogging. Thinking they don’t want to buy a top-level domain, this is where a new blogger makes a mistake.

How much money do you spend today, and a little more? of course, you can. And now you can buy a domain at a much lower cost, if you search on YouTube you will get a lot of coupon codes.

I would recommend using dot com or dot in domains because these domains rank in a very short time. AdSense approval is also readily available on all these domains.

Never use a free domain, buy a top-level domain even if it is a few days late. This is your benefit, now you decide what to do.

NOTE:- Another important point is that many bloggers think that they will start the site with sub-domains first, then add top-level domains when the income starts. Never make such a mistake, because you will never know how much trouble you will have.

Avoid Trending Topic

The third mistake is that many beginners choose trending topics. If your blog is a trending topic, check out what might be the problem-

  • Trending topics may not generate income in the future, because viewers will visit your site as long as your topic is trending. ex- news site
  • As long as you want income, you will publish the post. If you do not, you will no longer find your site on Google.

So understand that trending topics may give a lot of income now but not for the future. So you have to choose a topic that will give you income for a long time.

Choose Domain Name

In most cases, the name of the website is health-related but the post on the site is tech-related. Never make this mistake, as it confuses Google and it doesn’t know where to rank your blog.

So you should always remember that your domain name should be related to your post topic. Then Google will promote your blog, which will result in your blog ranking in the Google search list.

If your site name is different, when your page appears in a Google search, the viewer will not click on your title. Because suppose the viewer searches for tech keywords, maybe your post on that topic but the title is health-related.

Theme or Template

Be it bloggers or WordPress, beginners make big blogging mistakes when choosing the right theme. As a beginner, a blogger is looking for a theme whose design is very beautiful.

Bloggers do not verify how useful that theme is. Google wants the theme of the website to be responsive, and the design of the website to be very simple.

Google does not promote by looking at the color or beauty of your site, Google promotes by looking at the content of your site. So don’t choose a theme that is over customized.

  • Here are some other things to keep in mind before choosing a theme:
    1. Simple Design
    2. Speed
    3. Header and footer
    4. Use the original version, not the crack version
    5. Virus-free theme
    6. Mobile friendly theme
    7. SEO friendly
    8. Adsense friendly
    9. Support
    10. Lifetime update
    11. etc.

NOTE: The points I mentioned above are that if they are within the theme, the theme is usually paid. And then the beginners find the free version of that theme and when they get it, they apply it on the site. Note that the free version is always a crack version and may contain viruses.

Keywords Research

Now is the time to write a post, but which keyword would you write a post on? You can’t create posts on any of the keywords you want, so you need to do keyword research.

Although many people do keyword research, they cannot do keyword research properly. Because beginners meditate on the keyword’s CPC and competition.

But there are also many keyword issues that need to be considered. Such as keyword difficulty, SEO difficulty, etc. However, I would recommend not focusing on the CPC at the beginning.

It costs money for the domain, hosting, and theme but it doesn’t cost any money, you can do keyword research for free. Again, ubersuggest tools, surprising but true, I will also talk about one more keyword research tool.

By using the method that I will talk about today, you can see the search volume of two countries by default at the same time. The other tool is whatsmyserp but these two tools are extension versions.

From these tools, you will get keyword suggestions related to your keywords. However, you can extract the KGR keyword from these tools, a method that beginners must follow.

KGR KEYWORD: KGR or keyword golden ratio is a technique that can be used to easily find ranking keywords. KGR= all in title result/search volume, all in title= ( allintitle:your keyword ) and search on the browser.

Don’t Copy Past

Because of having no content ideas, 80% of bloggers copy other people’s articles and create articles. New Blogger thinks that rewriting the article would be free of plagiarism, which is completely wrong.

If you rewrite it, even if you show the plagiarism for free, it is instantaneous. Google is now so advanced that it will grab copyright.

Not just text, an image cannot be copied and used. Many bloggers download images from Google, edit them well and use them. I would recommend not to take this risk.

So don’t try to copy and paste. Try to write the article yourself as much as possible. In that case, there is a lot of opportunities to get AdSense approval.

Important Page

Many bloggers do not get approval even after repeatedly applying for AdSense, even though all the content on their site is unique. This is because your site does not have important pages or is not made perfect.

Those important pages are About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer. If all these pages are not on your site, your site is incomplete.

Blogging Mistakes for Beginners - Most Important Thinks
important page for blog

And it is important to set the pages in the right place, ie header and footer place. Because when Google analyzes your site, the pages will show up first.

And you don’t have to bother creating these pages. Because now many page generator tools are available.

By you just type the link and email id of the site, the page will be generated automatically. All you have to do is copy and paste, but Google does not give copyright to these pages.

Post Regularly

In many cases, bloggers cannot publish posts regularly. It is seen that one post is published in a week or one post in a month.

This way you can’t publish posts randomly, you have to publish posts at regular intervals. If you can do this, Google will rank your blog.

SEO Mistakes

One of the biggest blogging mistakes of beginners is SEO mistakes. Which can take any post to the top and rank down again.

SEO There are usually two types of SEO page SEO and two are off-page SEO. The way an article is written, the article will rank, That technique is called on-page SEO. That means on-page SEO can only be done in the article.

The method used to rank pages other than on-page SEO is called off-page SEO, such as backlinks. In other words, your page is forced to rank by off-page SEO.

Something Analysis

Many beginners create websites and start writing posts, they think just by writing posts, these are also a kind of blogging mistakes. But they do not know that there are many other things that need to be checked.

If you don’t check them, you won’t know how many issues are working in the background on your site. Which are consuming your site’s ranking score.

find blogging error
  • I have made a shortlist of them, see below-
    1. UPDATE:- You will often need to check if any plugins or themes are being updated. If the update shows up, update, or turn on Auto Update.
    2. COMMENT:- Many viewers embed a link to their own site under the pretext of commenting. And that’s not very healthy for your site, because these comments are called spam. If all these comments become too much on your site, it will increase your site’s spam score. And if the score increases, Google will send your site to penalty. So never make such a comment on your site, verify first then make a comment.
    3. EMAIL:- Since the website is created by email, many important emails are stored in your mailbox. So check the mail from time to time, and read emails from Google or WordPress, or Blogger.
    4. SEARCH CONSOLE:- There are many issues with your search console, so your page is not indexed properly. So here are some things you should check out in Search Console:
      • Errors and excluded options in coverage,
      • Mobile visibility errors,
      • Breadcrumbs
      • AMP, if you installed.

Properly Index Page

If your page is not indexed by Google, visitors will never reach your site. So after publishing the post, your first task is to index it properly.

Not only does Google, have many search engines besides Google, but they also need to be indexed properly. For example, being a webmaster, Yandex search engine, in addition to these, if you go to the freewebsubmission site, you will find more search engines.

No Comment

After reading your post, many viewers comment or ask a question, in which case New Blogger does not reply. While this is a small blogging mistakes for beginners.

If you reply, the viewer’s interest increases and your blog visits again. Because the viewer got some help from this site, will come back to get help again.

Ad Placement

Either way, when a new blogger gets AdSense approval, he puts a lot of ads on one page in the lure of extra clicks. In this case, the loss will be more than your profit.

  • Placing too many ads will result in two main disadvantages to your blog –
    1. You know how annoying it is when we see a little ad on any site or TV show or YouTube. Then understand how annoying the viewer will be if you put a lot of ad pages. And because of that, your page views will decrease and your bounce rate will increase.
    2. The second reason is that the ad limit error can come due to placing a lot of ads. So I say never do the extra ad placement you need.


Beginners will not have any blogging mistakes if they follow the points discussed above. And no one can stop your site ranking. If you think the post is useful, be sure to comment. If you have any more queries, I can try to find a solution.

P. Mahata (West Bengal)

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