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Block Ads on Facebook || What Is The Best Way in

The topic of my post today is, How to Block Ads on Facebook? Facebook We use it every day, when we see a video on Facebook, suddenly the ad comes. Which is very annoying, then we think, break the mobile. There is no way to escape from all these ads? Of course, there is, whether your mobile or computer, log in to your Facebook account. Then follow the steps below-

to block ads on Facebook

  • First, click on the three-dot option at the top right,
  • Then you will see the “Setting & Privacy” option at the bottom, click here.
  • Again you will find the “Settings” option, click.
  • Now scroll down the page, you will find the “Ad Preference” option in the “Permissions” section, click.
block ads on Facebook

Now first you will get a list of some Ads, if you click on the see more button, you will get more ads. You’ve seen these ads recently, click the Hide Ads buttons on the right to block them.

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Now below you will find another option, click here then you will get the list of more advertisers. To block ads that you click on, click the Hide Ads button in the same way. From now on, all these advertiser ads will not show on your Facebook.

Using this method you can easily block ads on Facebook. Although the article is short, I think it is very helpful. Please let us know what you think about this by commenting.

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