This blogger SEO extension tool is very important if you want to rank your blog or your client’s blog on Google. There are many such SEO plugins for WordPress but Blogger does not have any.

As easy as it is to SEO in the case of WordPress, it is just as difficult in the case of Blogger. As a result, beginners can’t do the right SEO on Blogger, which is why their blog can’t rank on Google.

And you understand how important it is to rank Google blogs in today’s commission. And Google ranks all the pages that have been so perfect.

SEO tools catch your page errors, which you need to improve. You think your post is SEO perfect but you can verify it with these tools.

Since Blogger does not have any plugins, I will take the help of extensions. If mobile users have difficulty using Extention, please play the below video.

NOTE:- Another extension installation is shown in the video, just like this extension needs to be installed. I will say the name of the extension a little later, now I am showing its installation.

This is a free blogger SEO extension tool, with which you can check the SEO of any website other than blogger. That means if your site is WordPress, you can use it.

What Mistake Does This Extension Show?

Now you will see which mistakes are caught by this extension. Let’s see-

    1. Title
    2. Keyword
    3. Description
    4. Meta tags
    5. link
    6. Canonical
    7. Robots.TXT
    8. Author
    9. publisher
    10. language
  • HEADER:-
    1. H1
    2. H2
    3. H3
    4. H4
    5. H5
    6. H6
  • IMAGE:-
    1. Without ALT text
    2. Without Title
  • LINK:-
    1. Total link
    2. Unique link
    3. Without title
  • SOCIAL:-
  • TOOL:-
    1. Mobile-friendly Checker
    2. Performance/speed Checker
    3. HTML validate
    4. Keyword density checker
    5. and more.

What Is Blogger Seo Extension Tool?

The extension I am discussing is called SEO META, the best website SEO checker. You have learned how to install it from the video above, then follow the steps below.

  1. First open this extension supported browser, ex- Yandex browser
  2. Now view the link to your post.
  3. Clicks and extensions.

If you want to use the extension in the Yandex browser, you will not see the extension normally. That is why you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Yandex browser,
  2. select desktop mode
  3. Open Your page,
  4. Click on the three-dot bottom,
  5. Press on Extention,
  6. Now you can see that extension, click here।

Result Discussion Of Seo Meta


The first thing that needs to be optimized is the site summary and you can optimize the main SEO part of your site. If you have made a mistake in the basic settings of your blog or website, you can see it in this summary.

What is your title and how many words are in the title? Also keyword, meta or search description, URL, canonical, robots tag, etc. If any one of these is missing, it will be mentioned as missing in red letters.

For example, the image above shows missing keywords, which means I have to add keywords to my site. So you can understand that the total summary of your site will come out with one click.


You can find out how many h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 tags are on your page. You can also see what header tags have been used.

The question for many bloggers is, does his site have only one h1 tag, but why is it showing multiple h1 tags? Because it is a free tool, it shows multiple h1 tags, while paid tools will show only one h1 tag.


The most important thing about a website is the SEO of the image. Because backlinks to your page are created through images.

Most of the time your post is ranked in Google by image, which means if someone searches for the title of your image, there will be a show of that image.

The viewer can reach your site directly by clicking on that image. So it is very important to give the title of the image.

Blogger SEO Extension Tool

Many times you forget to give the title or alt text of the image As a result, the views are reduced. If you have a lot of posts published, this error can be hard to find.

But if you optimize the site with this tool, you will know how many images are there without alt text and title. And you can also find out which post contains that image.


How many links are on your site or page, and how many of them are unique, how many are internal. And most importantly, how many of those links are without titles.

For example, the image below shows 58 links, the title of which is missing. I have to add titles to them, otherwise, SEO will affect them.

SEO Mistakes for links

If you also show links without titles in this way, you must add titles to them. You can see what those links are by scrolling up the page.


If you want you can bring traffic from social sites, you will also see how to do it. And if you share on social sites, you will know what your page will look like.

However, in my opinion, it is better not to do so because it is easy to share pages on social media. You can share automatically if you want, there is no need to follow such a difficult step.


In addition to SEO tools, there are many other tools out there that are very useful for a new blogger. By clicking on the Tools option, you will get an idea of ​​all those tools.

  • E.g.
    1. Is your page mobile-friendly?
    2. What is your site’s speed or performance score? Because site performance is important for ranking in Google.
    3. How to Check website HTML validation?
    4. CSS validation,
    5. keyword density optimization,
    6. And more.
SEO checker tools


Today I discussed the blogger SEO extension tool, let me know what you think. If there is any difficulty in fixing any error, let me know by commenting, and I will help. I will publish many more posts like this in the future, so don’t forget to follow the site.

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