Now there are many options to make money online but what everyone wants to do to make money online are YouTube and blogging. But even with these two options, they are confused as to which of YouTube and blogging to go with. So to dispel that confusion, I have published this article (Blogging Vs YouTube 2022).

There is no doubt that YouTube is the biggest powerful platform for building a career, but there is just as much opportunity in blogging. The demand for YouTube is increasing day by day, but it has not had any effect on blogging.

Today I will discuss 14 points that will clear all your doubts. The points I will discuss very briefly but the points are very important. So read the article to the end, then you will understand.

Points of Blogging Vs YouTube 2022

#1. Who Is This For?

If you want to work on YouTube, you have to face the camera. Because you can’t grow on YouTube without showing your face, on the other hand in blogging you can grow without showing your face.

If you like to show your face or want to increase the flame, then you can go to YouTube. Many people will recognize you through YouTube or you will be able to build a big famous team.

#2. Audiences

Decide whether the audience is interested in watching the video or reading the paragraphs on the subject you are dealing with. The platform on which your subject’s audience is, you will proceed with that platform.

While watching the video, the audience does not have to pay full attention, which means they can watch the video while doing something else. On the other hand, the audience has to pay full attention while reading the text in blogging.

#3. Investment

You need a camera, mic, tripods, and video editing software to work on YouTube. Blogging requires only domain and WordPress hosting, or you can start working for free on Blogger.

#4. Work Profile

You need to create a script before you can create a YouTube video. According to that script you have to shoot the video, also the video is published after editing.

After writing content in blogging is published, then generate traffic to your site on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. Whether it’s YouTube or blogging, you have to learn both.

#5. Competition

There is competition in all the businesses in the world. However, there is less competition on YouTube than on blogging. Your only viral video on YouTube can change your life.

#6. Traffic Source

Your major traffic to YouTube comes from YouTube. If you do good SEO in the video, then the traffic comes from Google or you can bring traffic by sharing on social media, but the main traffic is YouTube.

In blogging, you can get traffic from search engines other than Google, but they are less than Google. You can also share your site on different platforms. Such as Pinterest, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can also generate referral traffic, if your site is old then direct traffic comes.

  • Suppose Mr. X is blogging and Mr. Y is doing YouTube. If this happens –
    1. Both YouTube and blogging were banned,
    2. YouTube stopped promoting Mr. Y’s channel,
    3. Google no longer gives traffic to Mr. X’s site.

In this case, you can do something from the blogging site. Because you weren’t completely dependent on Google. You can earn money through any business promotion or affiliate marketing through the site.

#7. Geo-Targeting

You can generate traffic by targeting the whole world on YouTube and blogging, but in that case, the language of your content must be English. But it has been seen that YouTube promotes Hindi videos more than English.

Many can write paragraphs in English but cannot speak in front of a camera. Blogging is perfect for such a person. You can’t target a specific country on YouTube, but in blogging, you can target any one country in the world.

#8. Time for Success

It takes time to succeed in both blogging and YouTube, but no one can say how long. If you create high-quality unique videos according to the algorithms of YouTube, you can get success very quickly.

Blogging takes a lot of time and a lot of action, so you can be successful. Example- website design, High-Quality Content, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and many more.

There is no technique on YouTube that you can use to grow your other YouTube channels. But once you understand the blogging technique, you can grow the same technique on your other sites as well.

#9. Future Potential

There is no doubt that there is a good future for videos or YouTube videos in the future. Until a few days ago, YouTube content was very low quality, but the video quality is improving. If you want to make videos in the future, you need to create high-quality content.

So much potential in blogging, 350 crore searches are done on Google every day and all those searches land on one or the other site. Pinterest now has 440 million active users, they also land on one or another website.

#10. Monetization

There are many options for blogging and YouTube monetization. I will discuss this in the next post. There are 17 ways to earn income from YouTube. But I will discuss the methods that bloggers or YouTubers follow the most-


Google ads are run in both, the price of AdSense ads is very good, special USA ads are even better. 1$ is available on 5000-7000 views on YouTube. If the topic is good, then 1$ is available for 1000 views.

In blogging, it is possible to earn 1$ with normal 1000 views. If the topic is good or the ads placed on the site are good, you can earn up to 5$. It is possible to run only YouTube ads on YouTube but in blogging, you can run ads on other networks besides AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing:-

If you have an affiliate account, then you can make a lot of income by putting your affiliate products on the website. Because in the article you can set the products with images so that the click increases.

On the other hand, if you put a link in the description box of YouTube, then there is not much income. Because very few visitors want to check the description box or click on the link.

Sponsored Content:-

If you have more subscribers or views on YouTube, then you can take the sponsorship of a business or product, it is also a good income. Similarly, in blogging, you can create sponsorship content, but its income is less than YouTube.

Selling Products:-

If you have any physical or digital products, you can promote them. For example- software, plugin, course, coding, etc.


You can collect premium membership through your youtube or website. You can sell premium membership for very valuable products or offers or courses or calling support etc.

#11. Old Content

The biggest disadvantage of YouTube and the biggest advantage of blogging is the old content. The older the content in blogging, the gold, and the older the content on YouTube will be junk.

Older blogging content ranks higher and the traffic continues to grow a lot. But when the traffic of old YouTube content decreases to zero, there is nothing to do.

You can update the old content of the website as many times as you want, but not on YouTube. Suppose you have published a video on a product, now that product is no longer available in the market. Can you update the part of the video where you have analyzed the old product.

#12. Control and Freedom

Your website has your ownership but not YouTube. Your channel is less likely to be terminated by YouTube but many YouTubers are victims. Because YouTube is very strict with its terms and conditions.

In the case of YouTube, your complete dependence is on YouTube, your dependence on blogging is also on Google, but that is not the whole.

Just as Facebook has reduced its organic reach, so too can YouTube reduce its organic reach one day. If this happens you just have to rely on YouTube ads monetization.

#13. Outsourcing

You can hire experts for two jobs, such as Camera Man for YouTube, Video Editor, and Publisher. Note here that in each case you must have an envelope, to give instructions.

But in blogging, you can take outsourcing for every job. For example, to promote content writer, SEO experts, and social media, even if you are not involved in all this work.

#14. What if you fail?

For one thing, not everything can be a success, be it YouTube or blogging. There is a possibility of failure in all cases, there is no success in all cases. But remember one thing, losing is winning one day.


YouTube and blogging are both the right way to build a career or for extra income. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business and you need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. If you can learn something through this article, please comment.

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