Boost AdSense Earnings Using Multiplex Ads

Good news for you: Now you can boost AdSense earnings using multiplex ads. If you’re an old AdSense user, you’ve probably heard of Match Content Ads.

Match Content Ads was launched only when its specific criteria were met. Match Content Ads are made up of articles or look like articles; So there is more chance of clicking.

Google AdSense has recently launched a new ad unit, which you can take advantage of. However, its name has been changed to Multiplex Ads advantages are discussed below-

Why Boost AdSense Earnings Using Multiplex Ads?

Available for all AdSense users.

All Ads: Match content ads contain articles from your site. However, all the Adsense ads will be in the Multiplex ads.

google multiplex ads

Ads Like Article: Older match content ads contained articles and ads. But the contents of multiplex ads are all ads, in addition, the ads look exactly like the article. So the visitor can think of the article and click on it.

Customization Available: Multiplex Ads You can customize as you like, which I am discussing below.

How to Create Multiplex Ads Code?

  • First login to your AdSense account,
  • Click on the Ad Unit option under the Ads section,
  • Give any name to this ad unit.
  • If you want to customize, you can. I would recommend that you make the text blue or keep it the default.
  • Now click on the Create option,
  • Now use this ad unit code on your site.

How to Customize Multiplex Ads?

If you want to customize the code, you can. In other words, you can change the look of these ads and use them in the required places on the site. I will show you a total of 4 forms of multiplex ads and also show you how to create ads.

For this, I will give three separate lines of code, which will be used in the position shown in the picture below. Then use the code, but there are 4 notes –

  • The ads customized in the article are all based on Google’s customization.
  • If you have AdSense protection, according to my Invalid click protection article, then delete the notification line from the code. If you do not delete it, then AdSense’s invalid click protection of your site will not work.
  • After customization, the way the ad was shown in the column in desktop mode, the same will be the case with mobile. So then you decide, to customize the ad? Or use the default code.
  • Use the codes I have provided as per the picture below.
multiplex ads customization

1. Row and Column Change:-

The default code contains four rows and four columns. You can change that row and column if you want. Suppose you want to have 2 rows and 5 columns, then use the code below.

Boost AdSense Earnings Using Multiplex Ads

2. Adding Borders around Image Ads: –

If your ads are with images and text, you can add the following code. Then you can put a border around each ad in that column. That is, it will show in the form of a card, as shown in the picture below.


3. Convert from image ad to text ad:-

You can remove the image of the ads and show the ads as text only. As you can see in the picture below, use the code below for this look.


4. Adding Borders around text Ads:

Looking at the picture of the text ad above, it is in the form of a card. Use the code below to get that benefit.


How to Place Multiplex Ads on Website?

Whether it is a blogger site or WordPress, if any ads are placed in the right place, then it is profitable. If ads are placed in the wrong place, there can be many problems, such as – invalid clicks.

So I would recommend removing the ad that you have placed at the bottom of the post and putting this ad. That is, try to set this ad at the bottom of each post.

On the blogger site, you will manually insert the code in the article. But for WordPress, you must be using the Ad Inserter plugin, through which you can place this ad on the site. With my Ad Inserter tutorial, you can do the right ad placement on the WordPress website.

Place Multiplex Ads on WordPress

  • Click on the Ad Inserter option under the Settings section,
  • Select any Block and past Multiplex Ad code,
  • Check only the Post box,
  • Choose After Content from Insertions and alignment- Center,
  • Finally, Save Settings and visit the post.
Mulplex Ads Placement


The above customisation are not mandatory, if you do not want to customize, you can avoid them. Instead, you use the default multiplex ads code. However, the recommendation is to set the ad below the article, that is the best place for this ad. From now on, AdSense Earnings Using Multiplex Ads will be boosted.

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