Do you want to boost Windows 10 performance to slow down? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you a few simple solutions today.

Maybe many are using this first laptop. So they do not know how to use the laptop or what the setting of the laptop speed will be like new. I will show all those settings step by step.

Boost Windows 10 Performance

If you do the settings or apply them to your computer, don’t realize how much speed will increase? If you use computers only for internetwork, this post is especially for them.

Check Update


If you do not update your Windows, please update first. Because the computer has a lot of bulk, which slows down the speed of your computer.

To check for Windows Update, go to the search bar and type Update. After typing this, you will see the Windows Update Settings option, click on it.

Then the Windows Update page will open, click on Check for Updates. Then the checking will start, if there is any update from Microsoft, it will be displayed.

Background Applications

Just as some applications run in the background on mobile phones, so do apps run in the background in Windows. And these apps use PC or laptop resources, such as processor, RAM, and hard disk.

To close all these applications running in the background, type the background app in the search bar. When you click on the Background Apps option, you will see a list of apps that are running in the background.

Check the applications first, then close all except the ones that need to be run in the background. Because some apps need to run in the background.

Disable Startup Apps for Boost Windows 10 Performance

Startup applications play a big role in boosting Windows 10 performance. Which starts running automatically as soon as your computer starts.

Find these apps and stop auto-running this way. Because they load as soon as the computer is turned on. To find these apps, follow the steps below-

How to stop startup app
  1. Go to the search bar on your windows,
  2. Type startup app and search,
  3. Click on Startup App,
  4. Now you can see all startup applications,
  5. I recommend to you turn off all startup apps. Because you start the apps you need, no apps start without your permission. However, monitor the apps well, because there are some apps that need autostart.

One Drive Effect

The next point I will talk about is One Drive, which slows down your PC a lot. OneDrive is an application that allows you to save data from your computer to the cloud.

And that data you can download and access in the future. Whenever you activate this application, it starts uploading all the data from your computer to the cloud.

This means that these apps continue to transfer your data in the background, causing your laptop or PC to hang. So many computer users do not use it, it is used for some professional work.

Because they have some official documents on the computer, which can cause a lot of problems if deleted. If you use a PC for such work, keep One Drive active.

Otherwise, if you do not do such professional work, do not activate One Drive. And if already activated, follow the steps below to deactivate it.

  1. Search ONE DRIVE on the search bar of your pc,
  2. Click on one drive.
  3. you can see the setting option, click here
  4. select account bottom,
  5. Click UNLINK FOR THIS PC bottom.

Disable Animation and Visual graphics

If I recommend you, reduce the animation and visual graphics in your system. And if you do that, you’ll realize how fast the PC will be.

This setting may lower the quality of your computer’s graphics, but your system will load faster. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to make the settings, if you want to make the settings, see how to do it.

  1. Go to the Control panel,
  2. Click on System and Security bottom,
  3. Choose the System option,
  4. Then click Advanced System Setting,
  5. Tap on the first Setting option,
  6. Pres on Custom bottom,
  7. Now you will get a list of graphics below, remove the tick mark from all of them or turn it off,
  8. Now click on Apply bottom.

Remove Unwanted Programs from Windows

When we use a new computer, we install a lot of programs. I also install the program I need, And we install programs that are not needed.

The program you installed may not work for you. This does not mean that the program does not take up space on your computer’s RAM or hard disk.

The apps you are using are taking up just as much space as the apps you are using, and the apps you are not using are taking up just as much space.

To uninstall such applications or programs from the computer. And free the RAM and hard disk of your computer. for this follow below step-

Go to the computer search option and type add or remove the program and click. When you click, you will see a list of programs that are installed on your computer or laptop.

Check each program one by one, you will see that there are many programs that you have installed but never used. Follow these steps to remove these useless programs:

  1. Choose the program and on this program,
  2. You can see uninstall bottom and click this bottom,
  3. Confirm that.

Storage Settings

It is very important to know about the storage of Windows, what are the files in some drives, are filling up the storage for no reason. And even if the storage is full, it will slow down your windows, so be careful.

To make storage settings, you need to type in the search bar Storage Settings. Now you will see the storage setting option, click on this option, and the storage page will open.

On the Storage page, you will see the details of your Windows Local C Drive. Now you can find out by clicking on the My category; How much storage is being used on your C drive for systems, apps, photos, and videos.

Stop Notification and Tips from Windows

  1. Click the windows option on the right side,
  2. Choose Setting,
  3. Press on the system,
  4. Notification & Action,
  5. Now turn off the main option and remove the tick mark from all options.

Scan Your Computer

You must have ever installed crack software, also downloaded files and software from the internet, and installed it on your system. This is why a virus enters your system without your knowledge, which you must delete.

Usually, antivirus is not available for free, if you have a paid antivirus you can scan. Otherwise, I will now give you a free antivirus, with which you can scan your system, and boost the performance of your Windows 10.

free antivirus for windows

Go to Google and search for Anti Malware Apps for PC or download it by clicking on this link. Once the download is complete, install and scan, then you can free your system from viruses for free.

Task Manager

Task Manager lets you know which applications are currently running. And how those applications are using your computer’s resources, such as CPU, memory, hard disk, GPU, network, power, etc.

You can close all other tasks if you wish, except for the application you are currently using. To do this, type Task Manager in the search bar and click Task Manager.

Now right click on the application you want to close and select End Task. This way, the more tasks you close, the more your Windows 10’s performance will be boosted.

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