When you change website address bar color, your site will look professional. Visitors will be more attracted, their trust in your site will increase.

You do not need to use any CSS or JavaScript code for the method that I will show today. So you understand that there will be no effect on the speed of your site.

Because it’s a simple meta tag that you can easily add to your site theme. Whether it’s your blogger site or WordPress, you can use the same method in both cases.

Remember, the color of the website address bar will only be visible on Android phones. It also supports certain browsers, such as – Chrome browser, opera mini.

What Process To Change Website Address Bar Color?

1. First download the Meta Code,
2. Click the website theme editor option,
3. Find <head> or <head/> tag,
4. Past downloaded code between head tag,
5. Save the theme and visit Your Site on an android phone।

Video for Change Website Address Bar Color

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