How to create colorful Stylish Table for Blogger and WordPress

By looking at the thumbnails you realize how colorful stylish table you can make. I will show you a simple method of how to make such a table in an article.

Whether it’s your Blogger site or WordPress, you can put it on any site article. Because it is HTML format, no CSS code is used here.

No plugins are required for WordPress, just follow the steps below.

how create colorful Stylish table ?


  1. First Download My Code,
  2. Next, open this site,
  3. Delete the default code here, and paste my complete code.
  4. Now when you click on the run option, you will see a demo of the table. Customize it for you, follow the steps below.
  5. Here you can edit the code, see the preview. Customize the entire code, then use the code.

Step- 2

  • First, you have to understand the code, then edit it. The code has a total of four sections.
    1. As you can see, there are four <tr> </tr> codes in total. This <tr> code is for Vertical row.
    2. The first <tr> section of the code is for the heading of the table.
    3. Each <tr> code contains four more <td></td> codes. This <td> code is for the horizontal row of tables.

step- 3

  • If you want to increase the vertical row –
    1. Copy any <tr></tr> section,
    2. Past copied Code after any </tr> code
  • If you want to increase the heading row-
    1. To increase the row in the heading section, copy any one of the <th> </th> codes from that section,
    2. And past Code after any </th> code।
  • If you want to increase the horizontal row-
    1. Copy any <td> </td> code,
    2. Past every <tr> section, except headings <tr> section.

In this way, increase the number of rows you need. Then click on the run option, and watch the demo.

step- 4

  • To change the color, change the color codes. You can search Google for color code or take the help of this site.
  • Now change the texts just like you.
  • Then run and preview.

Step- 5

If you have finished customizing your final code, then copy all the code in the body section (From <table to </table>). Now add the code in the article according to your site(blogger/WordPress).

Colorful Stylish table for WordPress

  1. Open your Admin panel,
  2. Open the article you want to add the table too.
  3. Take the “custom HTML” block where you want to place the table in the article.
  4. Past Code and update article.

Colorful Stylish table for blogger

  1. Open your Blogger admin,
  2. Open the post you want to add the table too.
  3. Select HTML view, by clicking the pen symbol,
  4. Paste in the place you need and update as you see fit.


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