Why Disable Right Click on Website?

How many nights do wake up or how much trouble to create an article, then a complete blog content is created. But if you don’t disable right click of your site, then your content may become someone else’s.

Whether it’s your Blogger site or WordPress site, keep your site articles safe. Otherwise your creation, someone else’s income with it. If you want to prevent this copy-paste, follow the simple steps below-

How to Disable Right Click on Blogger Site?

If you have a blogger website, I will show you two methods. Both methods are very easy, but the second method is a little interesting but does not support all themes. If the second method does not support your theme, apply the first method.

For Blogger you need to download three codes, first, you need to download the search code. Then you have to download code number 1 for method-1 and code number 2 for method-2.

Disable Right Click on Blogger

First Method for Blogger

I hope you have downloaded the search code, now download code number 1 below. Then paste the code number 1 according to the following instructions-

  • Log in to your blogger account,
  • If you have more than one site, select the one you want to edit.
  • Click on the Theme option,
  • Press on the Edit HTML button from Customize option,
  • Just one click on this code,
  • Press ctrl+F,
  • Now on the top left you will see the search option, here paste the first code of the search code i.e. ]]></b: skin> and press enter.
  • You will find the code ]]></b:skin> in your theme,
  • Download method 1 code and copy that code, paste this code after ]]></b:skin>.
  • Save changes.
  • Then visit your site and try to copy.

Second Method for Blogger

Before using the second method, if you have pasted the first code, delete it first. Because the two codes cannot be used together. If this method does not work, delete this code and use the first method.

  • Go to HTML editor through the same process,
  • Search </body> tag,
  • Past Method 2 code before </body> tag,
  • Save changes and preview the site.

How to Disable Right Click on WordPress Site?

You know WordPress is much more advanced than Blogger, so it’s a little harder for Blogger but a lot easier for WordPress. If you have a WordPress site, you need to install a plugin, no settings are required.
Login WordPress admin Panel -> Plugin -> Add new -> Search “wp content copy protection” plugin -> Install activate the first plugin.

Disable Right Click Video in Hindi

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