Hello, friends welcome to techparimal site. The topic of my post today is the dish TV signal setting app, with the help of which you can easily set your dish TV.

The method I am going to say today is that it is possible for you alone or without the help of anyone else. In some cases, a person is setting up a dish antenna and a person is watching a TV signal.

DISH TV signal setting app

The above problem will no longer be because now you can do it with your mobile. If you are an inexperienced person, you cannot make settings with all these apps.

So today I will look for an app by which you can easily set the dish TV signal of an inexperienced person. Because you don’t have to use any kind of compass for these apps.

Dish Tv Signal Setting App

First I will say how many types of apps are there, with which dish TV signal setting can be done. Apps are divided into two parts, depending on the way they work.

Apps with Compass

A dish TV set requires a few apps GPS, location, type of dish TV, and many more internal settings. Those apps include Satellite Pointer, Quick Sat, Dish Pointer, Satellite Finder, etc.

The apps I talked about above, their working method is a little difficult. Because it will be easy only when the dish antenna will be installed by measuring the water level.

This is not possible, also the mobile that will be placed on the antenna must be placed correctly. Otherwise, the correct compass reading will not be available.

Although you positioned the dish antenna with great difficulty, do you know how many signals have been raised? Because you don’t have a TV or a signal meter. That’s why the following apps are the best to set the dish antenna.

Apps with Camera

Signal setting with DISH TV signal setting app or live mobile camera. To do this you need two mobiles, one will have a live TV screen and the other will be able to see the signal.

The first mobile will be in front of the TV, with which the TV screen will be shot. The other mobile will be in the hands of the person who will set the antenna.

Suppose the antenna is on the roof of your house, in this case, the TV is on the ground floor. If someone is sitting on the antenna, he must keep an eye on the TV screen.

Because if you turn the antenna in any direction, you have to see how much signal is going up. Again your TV is on the ground floor of the house, in this case, the second mobile will be used as the TV screen.

I hope I can explain it to you, if you don’t understand, I have given the video clip below, take a look. Watching the video will make setting up your antenna easier.

How To Work Dish Antenna Setting App?

You need two smartphones to set the DISH TV signal. And one mobile needs to install an app, the name of the app is IP webcam.

Make a few settings on the mobile that you have downloaded the app from. Once the app download is complete, install and open it.

  • After opening, you will see many options, scroll them upwards.
  • Below you will see an option called START SERVER, now click here.
  • After the click, you will ask for some permissions, give them permission.
  • Now you will see that the camera of your mobile will be turned on automatically.
  • Now you will see an IP address, copy this address and share it on another mobile. If not share, copy manually.
  • Open the browser on the second mobile and type that IP address in the address bar, press Enter.
  • You will see the new interface on your second mobile, where there is an option called Video Recorder.
  • Just below it you will see the BROWSER text, click here.
  • Whenever you click in the browser, you will see video footage below.
  • Open this footage, you will see the camera footage of your first mobile.

Now your job is to keep the first mobile fixed in a certain place. Keep it in a place where your TV screen is captured by the mobile camera.

Now with the second mobile, you have to go to the roof, where the dish antenna will be set. I don’t have to tell you what to do next.

Advanced Feature of IP Webcam

Without setting up a TV antenna, there is no need to say where this system can be used. Yes, this system can be used for many other purposes, such as-

You can also use this system as a CCTV camera. Through which you can keep an eye on someone with your old smartphone without spending extra money.

You can also share any live video on your friends’ phones. And you can entertain them, they make you happy.

Hindi Video on Dish TV Signal Setting Application


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