Why add Download Countdown Timer to the Website?

If you can put a download countdown timer on your website, you can reduce the bounce rate of your site. And you probably know, what is the bounce rate? Or how much impact can it have on the site?

If you have a download link on your site, do not embed it directly on your site. Because there are a lot of viewers who go to your site, click on the download button, and leave the site.

But if you set the download countdown timer, the viewer will not get the download link before the set time or will not be able to download it. As a result, your site needs to be open to viewers.

And how long the viewer stays on your site by looking at Google. Depending on which Google will rank your site or content. So you understand why it is important to install a download timer on the site.

Install Download Countdown Timer Plugin

First, you need to install a plugin in your WordPress, that is shortcodes ultimate. I hope you all know how to install plugins, if you don’t know then follow the steps below –
1. Go to Your WordPress dashboard,
2. Click on add new button under the plugin option,
3. Search Shortcodes Ultimate in the search bar,
4. Now you get that plugin, install activate this,

My others Download Timer Script-

Download Countdown Timer Script Code

If you click on the download link above, you will get a code, to download it. Then, according to the instructions below, paste the code in the correct place –
1. Login Your cPenel,
2. Open File Manager,
3. Click your domain name under pulic_html,
4. Open wp-content,
5. Open Your Theme from the theme option,
6. Single click on footer.php,
7. By clicking on the edit option above, you will get the edit option again, click on it.
8. Search “<?php wp_footer(); ?>” Code,
9. Paste the downloaded code in the next line.
10. Save changes.

Download countdown timer
Download countdown timer

How to add Download Timer in Your Post?

1. If you want to put a timer on a post, click on the edit option of that post,
2. Click the + sign to take a new paragraph where you want to set it,
3. Type Classic on the search bar, then you can see the classic option, click here.
4. Then click on the shortcodes icon as shown in the image below,
5. Click on the Button option,
6. Past your download URL in the link box,
7. Choose New Tab from the Target box,
8. Select 3D from Style,
9. Set the background and text color to your liking,
10. I will recommend 10 for size,
11. fluid and centered option yes,
12. Now go down and review the button, if it is OK, click on Insert shortcodes,
13. You get code but you need to some changes, [su_button url should be changed to [su_button id = “download” url.
14. Now visit your site.

add timer bottom

How to Change Download Time?

The code that you pasted in cPenal is set to 10 seconds by default. But you can keep whatever you want, but I recommend not to keep more than 15 seconds.

Change 10 seconds to 15 seconds, and go to where you pasted the code. You will notice that there are 10 places in that code, remove those two 10 and save 15.

change download time

Download Countdown Timer Video in Hindi

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