Drive Music Player for Website
Demo- Drive Music Player for Website

Have you seen the demo above? Yes, you can add such a drive music player to your website. You can use it on any site, be it your wordpress or blogger site. Because this is the HTML code of a Drive Music Player, along with the CSS code.

That means one code, only you need to change three places. Three changes mean, music title, artist name and music source link. You can also change the album icon if you want. Below is the live demo, play the song and check it out.

Live Demo for Drive Music Player for Website

How to modify the code according to the song?

  • Upload music to your google drive,
  • Change file access of that music (access restrictions),
  • Create a music icon and upload to site,
  • Copy image and music file id,
  • Replace text with your file link, “Your Image link” and “your drive file id*“.
  • Edit “Your Music Title” and “Music Artist Name”.
  • Copy this final code.

NOTE:- if your drive file link is, then your file id is 1_oDuuwq2UD6SL-voRjA6-qTaW9oIwzO6.

How to Place this Music Player Code to Website?

For Blogger:-

  • Go to your blogger article,
  • Open article in HTML mode,
  • Now paste the code in the place as per your requirement.
  • Update article.

For WordPress:-

  • Go to WordPress article,
  • Add new block and choose “Custom HTML Code” block,
  • Past music player code in this HTML box,
  • Update article.


By using this code you can create a ringtone download website very easily. And nowadays such sites are in high demand and can earn a lot. But since it’s the music and not your composition, there’s a bit of a risk. For this add a proper disclaimer page to the site and place it in the menu. So that a music company can contact you before taking action against you.

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