Welcome to tech primal website friends. Friends, today I will talk about what is the best duplicate content checker in 2020?. Friends, you write content for anything about your websites, blogs.

Because content is the king in digital marketing. Nowadays, whether it’s a web site, blogging, whatever if the content is not powerful or unique, nothing will happen.

Whether you write content with someone or write it yourself, it is very important to check content. How to know about the quality or duplication of content, also free.

There are many tools or web sites that can check your content for free. So you too can rank your article, attract your content to the public, and grow your business.

If you want to SEO PLAGIARISM of any content, you can take the help of the following website. Because these sites are trusted and with accurate results. I will tell you to follow the article to the end because the trick is very useful for you.

What are the best Duplicate content checker websites?

Friends can check on SEO or any content because your content has been duplicated or copied. Let’s see what those tools are to check the content… Today I will talk about two such websites, they are –

How to check the content with smallseotools?

First open your browser and search smallseotools PLAGIARISM Checker. You will see many sites, click on the link called smallseotool.

Or click on the link above and go directly to the smallseotool site. The interface will open as shown below. And proceed according to the directions below.

Smallseotools for duplicate checker
  1. Copy your article,
  2. Now you will see an empty box where you can paste your article. Paste here your copied content.
  3. If a captcha shows up, do it,
  4. CHECK PLAGIARISM, wait some time।

If the content is unique, the following interface will appear. Then you have no worries.

Unique results on smallseotools

What to do if duplicate content appears in smallseotool results?

If the above interface comes up in the result, that’s fine. Again if it is according to the interface below, then what to do? That means if duplicate content shows up, you get into trouble.

So it was useless for you to create content with so much effort? For that, you have to follow the following steps well. Let’s see first, what the result is if there is duplicate content.

Duplicate results on smallseotools

How to Convert Duplicate Content to Unique Content?

The example I will give now is that I intentionally shivered from smallseotools. And the result will say that. If your content looks like this, how do you know where your content came from or from which site?

To do this, click on the matched source. Because most of these sites have accurate results. You can see where the content came from.

Let’s take a look at the photo below for an example. According to the following image, the content was collected from the smallseotools website.

Matched source for duplicate content

Now click on DOCUMENT VIEW. Here you can see which lines of content have caught duplicate issues. According to the picture, the highlights lines are duplicates. There are two ways to make duplicate content unique. They are …..

Documents view for duplicate content
  • Automatic or rewrite
  • Manual

How to Convert Duplicate content To Unique Content Automatically?

You can take automatic steps to make your duplicate content unique. For this, you have to follow the following steps. Following these steps will make your content unique.

  1. Click on REWRITE bottom,
  2. Press on RE-WRITE ARTICLE and wait for some time,

This way you have to try again and again until the article is completely unique. But let me say, it is better not to accept this. when you have less time on your hands, then use this way. I am not saying to adopt this method, because it has some bad aspects. They are …..

  1. Many times it is not unique to try again and again,
  2. Instant Unique: – That is, by rewriting the content becomes unique. But it can be instantaneous, duplicate at a later time. So it is better not to take any risk.
  3. After passing the previous two points, you made the article unique. But at the moment Google is much smarter. Google will catch that article, whether it has been copied or not. As a result, your AdSense will not be approved.

Another way is to automatically translate the language. That means translating from another language article, creating your own language article.

Example:- Different languages ➡️ Different languages ➡️ your language, Different languages ➡️ your language

How to Convert Duplicate content To Unique Content Manually?

I think the manual option is better. You have seen before from which line the copyright came. There are two easy manual ways to make lines unique. They are as follows …

  1. Understand the meaning of duplicate lines first. Then if you think the lines are not so important, Then you can delete the lines.
  2. Again if it seems, the lines are too important or cannot be deleted. Then replace the lines. However, the meaning of the lines you will replace must be the same.

You can take the last step to make duplicate content unique. Because rewriting an article increases the chances of copyright coming in the future. If the meaning of the sentence remains the same, the sentence can be replaced, then the copyright will not come.


Duplicatechecker is one of the best Duplicate content checkers. It also has the most accurate results like the smallseotools site. Looking at the interface below, you can understand that the method of checking is also a bit the same. let’s take a look at how content is checked with duplicatechecker tools.

Check duplicate content
  1. Go to your browser and search PLAGIARISM CHECK,
  2. You will get many results but click on duplicatchecker.com official website,
  3. Copy your article,
  4. paste here your copied content,
  5. Click on the PLAGIARISM CHECK option and get results.
Unique results of duplicatechecker

CONCLUSION:- A lot of the time he writes the content himself but the copyright issue comes up. So whenever you write content or someone else, check the plagiarism before publishing it. I use these two tools myself. However, these two free tools have word limitations, with these tools you can check 1000 words or less. If you want to check more word content, you need to upgrade the tool with money. If there is still a problem, write in the comment box and send it. you want to know more about duplicate content checker, you can tell me. For any questions about duplicate content checker, contact us. Because duplicate content checker is very important for your Blog.

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