Many of you do not know that PDF can be edited online. Sometimes it is very important. To edit PDF file online free we have to download apps or in some cases, you have to buy these apps.

And we always want good work done for free. Today I will show you how to edit PDF File online for free. And you can put photos or links in that file if you want. Let’s see what those online sites are —

What are the sites that Edit PDF files online?

  5. SEJDA
  6. PDF2GO


PDFESCAPE online pdf editor

When we come to edit PDF files online for free, the first site we remember is PDFESCAPE, the best pdf Editor. With this site, you can easily edit or re-create your PDF. There are two versions, one is the free version and the other is the paid version.

There is no such difference between the two versions, You can use the free version if you want. First, let’s see what features the free version has and what features the paid version has.

Key Features of PDFESCAPE Free version

Of course, you know that the free version has a few fewer features than the premium version. However, the features you get are enough for you. Let’s see what they are —–

  1. Easy PDF file editing
  2. Pdf documents Suggestions
  3. PDF file
  4. Best PDF form
  5. Password protect PDF file
  6. DocumentsShare
  7. Review PDF file

Key Features of PDFESCAPE Premium version

Although the free version will work, I gave the premium version if you find it useful. The premium must have additional features. The features are —–

  1. editable text and image
  2. pdf printing option
  3. word and other formats convert
  4. PDF document merge
  5. With watermark
  6. Page number addicting
  7. Compress PDF file size

How to work PDFESCAPE?

PDFESCAPE lets you easily create or edit the PDF file of your choice. You may think this is a very difficult task, but it is not. Let’s see how easy it is —-

  • Open Google and search PDFESCAPE
  • Click on the official link of PDFESCAPE
  • Now drop your PDF file or upload (up to 10MB)
  • And follow the direction


PDF BUDDY online pdf editor

Do you want to edit PDF files online for free? Can’t find a suitable site? Then PDF Buddy is very important for you. This site allows you to edit your PDF file as you wish. Again in a very simple way. So guys open the PDF Buddy site and edit the PDF file online for free.

Key Features of PDF BUDDY

  1. Editable item – image,text,link, graphic, pages etc.
  2. Here you can convert your PDF file to another format, such as – word, excel, Image.
  3. You can also convert multiple PDF files together.
  4. You can easily add a watermark, signature to your PDF file.
  5. Many PDF files can be combined into one file.

SEJDA pdf Editor

SEJDA pdf Editor

Sejda Site Only For You To EDIT PDF FILE ONLINE free. If you want to fill out a form in PDF format, SEJDA is the best. Through which you can add an image, signature, watermark to your PDF file.

When you open the SEJDA site, you will understand how useful it is for your work. Sejda is completely different from other PDF editors. Because of PDF Converter, there is no option to compress PDF.

Key Features of SEJDA

  1. Here you can upload the PDF file if it is on the drive,
  2. Text editable pdf Editor,
  3. You can change your Text color,
  4. You can embellish the link,
  5. Image add and change option,
  6. Form fill up,
  7. Can change border and background color,
  8. Shapes option,
  9. Changeable all body option,
  10. Text highlights option


PDF2GO online pdf editor

Looking for an online PDF file editor on Google? Then I can solve that problem for you. I can find you a site like this, and that is PDF2Go. The method of editing PDF file editors that I mentioned earlier is a bit similar. However, it can be placed in the best of 5 edit PDF files online for free.

Key Features of PDF2GO

  1. Totally Free,
  2. Easy use,
  3. You don’t have to install anything,
  4. pdf2go now available in multi-language,
  5. File protection with a password,
  6. PDF to another format converter,
  7. Rotation change,
  8. File compression,
  9. Sorting manager,
  10. Custom Page size,


PDFPRO pdf Editor

PDFPRO use to edit PDF files online. The best of all the PDF file editors you have is PDFPRO. You can do whatever you want in your computer’s PDF editor. The more that can be said about it, the less. If you see or use the following features, you will know how much it works. Let’s see that —–

Key Features of PDFPRO

  • You can edit the printed PDF file from any application,
    1. Microsoft Office – Powerpoint, excel, word;
    2. Adobe Photoshop
    3. CAD file,Html file, ebook
  • Text editing
    1. Text correction
    2. Insert text
    3. Delete text
  • Image
    1. rotation
    2. Moving
    3. Optimization
    4. Resize
  • Linking
    1. Bookmark
    2. Hyperlink
  • Watermark
  • Shapes
  • Highlights
  • Comments and feedback option

CONCLUSION:- The sites I mentioned above are not sponsored by anyone. I like the work of the sites, so I have highlighted it to you. If you don’t know of any other sites or apps like this, let me know in the comments box. Or you can send mail by visiting my contact page.

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