GDPR / CCPA cookies are very important for each site. Today we will discuss why the cookie is important and how to enable cookies consent on Your site.

I will show 2 methods in this post, follow the method that you think is easy. First of all, you need to have some idea about cookie consent.

Basic Information About Cookies

What is Cookies Consent?

Cookies are a type of file, which is saved in the cache memory of your internet browser. Records of websites you visit or files you visit are saved in your browser’s cache file. But yes, this requires the cookies function to be turned on in your browser.

Why Enable Cookie on Website?

If the cookies of the website you are visiting are saved in your browser, then the next time you visit that website, it will load very quickly. Also, suppose you log in to a website, then that login details will be saved by the browser.

If you want to log in again next time, those details will be recommended by your browser. So if you are a website admin, these cookies will be profitable for your site.

For Whom Cookies are Harmful?

Cookies are beneficial for a website admin but cookies are deadly for internet users. Because if you accept cookies from a third-party site, your privacy may be hacked. So when you accept cookies from a site, first find out about that site.

How to Enable Cookies Consent on WordPress Site?

There are 2 methods for enabling cookies consent on your WordPress site. Below I have discussed the 2 methods that you can use to find the method that you think is easy.

1. Enable Cookies Consent Using Plugin

If you have a WordPress website, you can easily enable cookie consent on your site through the plugin. You know the biggest advantage of WordPress is the plugin, any difficult task can be done easily with the plugin. So the plugin can be used to enable cookies on the WordPress site.


  • First, install and activate GDPR Cookie Consent Banner,
  • Click on the Cookie Consent option under the Setting section,
  • Set the General and Content section settings by default. If you want to make some changes, read the instructions.
  • To customize the banner, click on the Style option-
    1. Position: You choose the position in which the banner will be displayed.
    2. Color: Set the cookie banner color to your liking.
  • Finally, save changes.

2. Enable Cookies Consent Without Plugin

The following method can be used on your WordPress or Blogger site. However, since the code needs to be edited, it is better to have a backup of the site. If you set up an automatic backup of WordPress, keep a manual backup or WordPress hard backup.

Enable Cookies Consent Using API:-

In this method you need to generate cookies consent banner code, then place the code on your site according to the instructions below. But before that, you need to customize the banner.

Customize Banner:-

  • Go to the Cookie Consent Banner generator site,
  • Now click on the Start Codding button,generate cookies consent banner code
  • Now configure it as you like, when it is configured, add the two codes in the right place on the site.generate cookies banner code

Code Placement:-

Here two codes will be generated, one is head code and the other is body code. Where to paste? As shown in the picture below.


  • cookie body code placement
  • Cookies Code Placemant


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