Fix the core web vital issue of search engines, which is one of the most complex issues. Due to that issue, your site is not ranking and if it is fixed, the speed of your site will be doubled.

I have seen many YouTube videos or articles about this but have not found the right solution. Finally, I have solved it myself using 3 plugins, I will show you that process today.

Is it ok to use 3 Plugins To Fix the Core Web Vital?

You may have seen many YouTube videos or articles about fixing the Core Web Vital, most of which refer to the use of plugins. Example – WP Rocket, Perfmatters, Lightspeed, W3 Total Cache, etc, Did you know that these plugins are a bundle of plugins.

This means there are multiple features in all these plugins, including multiple CSS, tables, and javascript storage. Although there are multiple features in the plugin, we do not need all of them.

We turn on features that are needed, And we turn off the rest of the features. Now tell me, is it right to use such a big plugin for some features? I don’t think it should be used.

So I have used the plugin for the specific option that should be taken to fix the core web vital or increase the website speed. The three plugins that I would recommend are the lightest plugins.

What are the Plugins to Fix Core Web Vital?

1. Flying Scripts

Do you know how much extra javascript affects the speed of the website? But still, we have to use some javascript, such as AdSense code. As a result, the website becomes slower after placing the AdSense code.

Use this plugin to maintain the speed of the website despite using such additional scripts. This plugin allows you to load scripts after your scheduled time.

The script will load after the article is fully loaded, so this plugin is used to delay the script. Now check the settings of the plugin –

  • Settings of Flying Scripts:-
    1. First, install and Activate The lying Scripts plugin,
    2. Go to this Plugin setting,
    3. Find out the source link of the script which has the most effect on the site*.
    4. Paste those links in the keyword box line by line,
    5. Set how many seconds you want to delay,
    6. Save Changes.
Easily Fix The Core Web Vital Issue - WordPress

2. Flying Images

If the images start loading as soon as you visit the website, then the server is under pressure. To reduce this pressure on the server, site images need to be loaded into the page scrolling.

In other words, only if you scroll the page, the image will be loaded one by one, not all the images will be loaded beforehand. Now check the settings of the plugin –

  • Settings of Flying Image:-
    1. First, Install and activate Flying Image Plugin,
    2. Go to this plugin settings,
    3. Check The lazyLoad option,
    4. Choose Native Only Lazy Load Method,Easily Fix The Core Web Vital Issue - WordPress
    5. Save Changes,
    6. Now go to the Responsiveness section and check the esponsive option,
    7. Save Changes,
    8. Other settings do not need to be changed.

3. Flying Font

You probably know how much Google Custom Fonts slow down the site. Many themes have custom fonts added before, or later you added custom fonts.

However, if you want to fix the core web vital issue, you need to remove this custom font from the site. This plugin is used to remove custom fonts with one click.

Just install and activate the plugin, then the site’s custom font will be deleted. This plugin does not require any settings.

  • *Find out script source Link:-
    1. For this, you can test your site on the Gtmetrics site,
    2. You will find the waterfall option at the bottom of the test result, click here.
    3. Then click on the JS option,
    4. Now you will find JavaScript links to your site,
    5. Don’t take the full link, just copy the domain or subdomain,Easily Fix The Core Web Vital Issue - WordPress But remember that there will be many links with your domain, avoid them.
    6. Here is a list of some common subdomains that you can use.

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