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fix valuable inventory error
  • Basic Problem of AdSense-
    1. Valuable inventory: no content,
    2. Valuable inventory: Under Construction,
    3. Valuable inventory: Scraped Content.

No Content

If you get a massage of valuable inventory no content from Google AdSense. As a result of which you cannot approve the AdSense account, how to fix this problem?

Before that, find out what Google means by this problem. By this message Google is saying that Google is not getting any content on your site or can’t find enough content.

Even after writing 20-25 articles, if the mail arrives, the beginners get confused. They do not know how to solve this problem. Take a look at the solution-

valuable inventory no content

How to Fix Valuable inventory: No Content?

1. CONTENT:– Many beginners apply for AdSense by writing 5-10 articles at the beginning, this is where a beginner makes a mistake. Google says that if you write a 300-word article, you will get AdSense approval but now Google changes the rules from time to time due to increasing competition. And that’s why you have to write 40-50 articles and each article has to be 500 words, which means you have to write high-quality articles.

2. INDEX:- If your page is not indexed in the Google Search Console, Google will not see your page. To find out if your page is indexed by Google, go to Google and search for the link to your page. If the result does not show your link first, then understand that your page is not indexed by Google. And then Google will tell you there is no content on your site. Learn how to index pages, use YouTube, or watch the video below.

3. INDEX ERRORS:- Many times, even though pages are indexed correctly, you can’t find that page on Google. This is because the search console found an error on your page, so Google removed the page. Find that error page and fix the problem and resubmit. To search for error pages –

>Go to search console,
>Click on the three-dot option on the left,
>Open coverage option,
>Check Error and Excluded option,
>Scroll up the page,
>Open all excluded options one by one. Check if the main URL of your post is somewhere. If present, resubmit it to the search console,
>And after a while, check if the page has been submitted.

Under Construction

The next error that I will talk about is Valuable Inventory Under Construction. Let’s take a look at the mistakes you made on your site that caused this issue to arise on your site.

Whether it’s Blogger or WordPress, you have setups that you haven’t completed. For example, suppose you are using a slider on your site but have not set a complete image on it.

There is another big reason, which you must avoid. Because in most cases, the main reason for under construction is to customize the site after applying AdSense.

Valuable inventory-Under Construction

How to Solve Valuable inventory: Under Construction?

  • THEME:- You created your site with a theme, after a few days you felt that this theme was not good and decided to change the theme. You can change the theme, but not after you apply for AdSense until you receive a reply from AdSense.
  • LEVEL OR CATEGORY:- You separate your site’s posts into multiple levels or categories.
  • IMPORTANT PAGES:- A site is complete only when the important pages of the site are present. These are Home, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions, Contact Us, About Us. However, creating these pages does not require much effort, as there are many tools that can be used to automatically generate pages. The pages that will be generated will not have any effect on AdSense even if the copyright word is added.
    1. Disclaimer Page Generate
    2. Privacy Policy Generator
    3. Terms and Conditions Generator
    4. Write the About Us page yourself,
  • POST OR PAGES:- Do not create posts or pages that do not contain any content. You must include content in every post or page.
  • CUSTOMIZATION:- Many themes have three parts in the footer part, where you used two parts and left the other blank, in this case also an under construction error can occur. Also suppose you are using a social bottom but it does not have any social link, it will show the same error.

To avoid this error, keep posting every day after applying for AdSense. Do not do any customization or add any HTML code on your site until you get a reply from AdSense. So I would recommend that you monitor your site well before applying AdSense.

Scraped Content

Valuable inventory scraped content errors are completely different from other errors and this error is mostly caused by beginners. You can easily solve other errors but you have to work hard to solve this error.

Many beginners think that blogging is very easy, just copy and paste an article image from another site. But not so easy, maybe it was possible in the past but now if you copy even one sentence, Google will catch it.

You need to stop using copy-paste to avoid scraped content errors. Your article and image must be completely copyrighted and free, then you can easily get AdSense approval.

First, you check the plagiarism of all your posts, if the plagiarism is caught, delete it and write a unique article. Use a unique image by deleting the image you doubt about copyright.

Valuable inventory-Scraped Content?

How to Avoid Valuable inventory: Scraped Content?

  • UNIQUE CONTENT:- There are many ways to write unique content but I use two methods to create unique articles. But today I will tell you three ways, from which you can easily create a unique article.
    1. You can write unique articles from your own experience.
    2. You can also create unique articles from YouTube video subtitles.
    3. A perfect unique article can be created from YouTube videos, which I use to create content. However, it takes a little more time to write an article in the method, you will not believe that the article that will be created in this way, is 200% plagiarism-free. Click WRITE A UNIQUE ARTICLE to know more details.
  • UNIQUE IMAGES:- There are many websites that provide copyright-free images. Download the image from there and edit it a little then upload it to the site. You can also use screenshot images, no copyright will come. Never download images from Google and use them on your site, use the sites below to download copyright-free images.
    1. Pixabay.com
    2. Unsplash.com
    3. Pexels.com

NOTE:- You can delete articles but never delete articles with links. You will only replace the paragraphs in the post, if you delete the link then a 404 error will be issued on your site.


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