Today I will discuss in this post about best content writing tools. Content writing is a high demanding freelancing skill these days.

If you can write very good content, then you can make a good income from freelancing. A good content writer can earn millions not only from freelancing but also from blogging.

Free Content Writing Tools

And you must know the amount of income from blogging. Writing good content requires the help of several tools.

Which makes your content or article more effective. I am going to give an idea about some such tools. I have made the following list according to how much any tool helps in writing content.

All the tools I will discuss are free. However, you can also use the paid version, in which case you will get the benefit of additional features.

I have to say that you have to use all the tools, there is no such thing. Understand all the tools, then use whatever you think is necessary.

You will find some tools in the app and web version. You can install and use apps if you want.

However, I would recommend using the web version of the tools. Because if you install many apps, your mobile or PC may become slow.

You can use the web version as apps if you want. For that, you open the website and click on the three-dot option in the browser and click on add to desktop.

After checking the home of your set, you will see that the specific page has been saved. Now you can open that specific page only when you need it.

GBOARD (google Keyboard)

The first tool I will talk about is Google Keyboard, GBOARD. I will tell you later how to use it but first I will tell you why you should use it.

The biggest example of this is me because I am not proficient in English. Although I created my blog in English, GBOARD helped me the most.

GBOARD the best writing tools
  • There is a big option in GBOARD, which is translation writing. That means you will type in your language and content will be created in the language of the blog.
  • The second advantage is that you can use it in a popup window. This means that the keyboard is small in size, you can move it anywhere on the screen.
  • It also has great emoji images, stickers, and all languages ​​, and is easy to use.

NOTE: There are also disadvantages with its advantages, you can write one or two sentences here. Save after writing one or two sentences and then re-write the sentences.

GoogleTranslate (all languages converter)

Not everyone needs to be told about it, but this paragraph is for those who don’t know. Its main function is to convert one language into another.

  • You can use the Google translate app or the web version. Use whatever is to your advantage.
  • In the case of GBOARD you can write one or two sentences but in this case, you can translate more than one sentence.
  • This has the advantage of voice tipping. You keep saying that it will be automatically translated with typing.

NOTE:- Direct writing is done in GBOARD but you have to copy and paste it in Google Translator.

Title Genaretor

The main traffic driver of a post is the post title. If the title of your post is not attractive, then click on the post may be less.

But we put the main keyword in the title and add whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is missed, so some posts rank well but some posts can’t rank.

title Genaretor for blog

So now let’s see how to generate attractive titles. And you can get maximum rank with increasing clicks on each post.

  1. Open this link
  2. Type your keyword
  3. press submit

Now many titles will be generated on your keywords according to the category. From here you can’t use any title you want.

First read the titles carefully, use the title that is suitable for your keyword. Because even if you have a keyword in many titles, its meaning is completely different.

Title/Headline Optimization, Best Tools For Content Writing

The main reason for using these tools is to create a clickable title. The viewer will not be able to return from your site without clicking.

You may have given any title according to the site post. But did you know that the viewer is not intentionally clicking on the title you are about to use?

This means that your title is not attractive, these tools will solve that problem. This tool will help you to generate an attractive title.

Blog title analyzer

So open this website, copy the title of your post first, and paste the title in the title box of this site. Next, click on the analyzer bottom and wait some time.

Now scroll up the page to know the details about your title. Such as – title score, word quantity, character quantity, and fixing any points will increase the score.

For example, I checked the title of this post, you will try to make your title score 70+. The higher the title score, the higher the click so improve the title score.

Point Idea (Subheading)

Proper content needs to have a few points or subheadings. But what is the point or subheading of an article, where do you get the idea.

Google will help you with that, see how possible. First, open the Google browser and search for your keyword.

content point idea

If you do this you will get unlimited point ideas. After doing a keyword search, you must see the image below in the list of results.

Click on ⬇️ the mark to get more points, you will get new points every time you click. Copy them and save them to your Notepad and delete the rest except the points you need.

Youtube (Video to Content Writing)

You are wondering how YouTube helps in writing content. You’re right, I get the most help from YouTube for content writing and I wouldn’t be able to write such great content without YouTube.

And the article that will be created from the video is 200% copyright-free. You may not realize that it is possible to create a 1000 word article from a five-minute video.

First, you need to install an app called Float Tube. This is a popup player, which means that if you can share YouTube videos, it will play on a small screen.

uniqueidea for unique article
  • Now see how to write an article from a YouTube video?
    1. Select your keyword,
    2. Search your keyword On Youtube,
    3. Chose video,
    4. Click share bottom to float tube,
    5. Now Write the Article following the video.
  • NOTE:-
    1. You don’t have to write what you say in the video, because the video says something beyond the topic.
    2. You have to write your article to the point so you have to find the points from the video.
    3. It is recommended that you have some idea about the topic of the video.
    4. If you have different languages ​​for your videos and articles, you can use Translate.
    5. The grammar of the sentence you want to translate must be correct.
    6. Always check the translated sentence because it is not always translated correctly.
    7. Select at least 7 minutes of video, then 1000+ word article will be created.

Grammarly The Best Content Writing Tools

There are many grammatical mistakes we make when writing articles in English. And because of that mistake, the page can’t rank.

Because Google reviews the page first and only ranks if there are no mistakes. And if that mistake is grammatical, then Google will not promote it in any way.

That’s why you can’t put any grammatical mistakes in your article sentences. All bloggers take the help of a special tool called Grammarly to fix grammatical mistakes.

These tools are available in two ways, one is a browser extension and the other is keyboard apps. You can use whatever you think is easy.

Which of the extensions and apps to use, so I show you the difference between the two below. You can see the comparison and understand which one is suitable for you.

1.The extension is not an advantage for mobile.The app is suitable for both mobile and computer.
2.the extension is a little difficult to install.But installing apps is much easier.
3.Certain browsers are required to get mobile benefits, such as the Yandex browser.You all know that apps do not require a browser.
4.Automatic mistakes will appear wherever you type in a specific browser.Mistakes will only be seen where the keyboard is needed.
5.Grammarly extention interfaceGrammarly keyword interface

Now you can understand how much Grammarly tools help in writing the best content. Now, which of your choice, extension, and apps will you use?

However, I would recommend if you are a mobile user, use the Grammarly keyboard. And if you have a PC, you can use a browser extension.

Article Readibility Optimization

After fixing the grammatical mistakes of your article, you should see the article’s readability. That is passive voice, active voice, long sentence, a hard sentence of the article which is not going to be read easily.

And Google ranks pages based on article readability. No matter how good an article you write, if your article is hardly readable, it will never rank.

Again, if it somehow ranks, it is not for long. Let’s analyze the tools –

The name of the tool is hemingwayapp, but in my opinion, it should be called the article readability checker. You can search on Google or open the site by clicking on this link.

article readibility cheacker

As you can see from the interface, an example article is given here. You can see the grade options in the interface, the lower the grade the better.

You will try to make your grade score between 1 and 4. However, it is possible to read your article easily.

These tools highlight five issues in your article that must be fixed. They are adverbs, passive voice, phrases, hard to read, and very hard to read.

Delete the example article and you can check by pasting your article. Fix each problem one by one and when it is fixed, paste it on your site again.

Plagiarism detector

Maybe you have created a blog site by spending a lot of money. And you probably wrote the post with the help of a content writer.

When the content writer handed over the content to you, you published the content without checking. That’s how you published a lot of posts, a few days later you applied for AdSense.

But Google did not give AdSense approval for your site. But you may have created the site according to the AdSense policy.

In this case, you have made a mistake, which is against the AdSense policy. That is, you did not check the plagiarism of the content you bought from the Writer.

If you check the content, you will see that the content has been copied from another site. In other words, the writer has cheated on you, rewritten the article of another site.

So whenever you buy an article from someone, first check the plagiarism then pay. Otherwise, your entire investment will go to waste.

However, my recommendation is not to buy articles with money like this. You write the article yourself, according to your idea.

This post of mine must have guessed how many words, I have written everything. First, do keyword research then follow the youtube paragraph of this post.


Please comment on how you like this content of mine. And if you can subscribe with an email id, you will get more posts like this. If you have any questions you can let me know, I will try to solve them. Which of these tools do you think is most useful?

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