Welcome friends to visit the techparimal website and I primal, today I will show you where to generate unlimited traffic by free URL submission sites. You can find out through this post, where to submit the URL after publishing a post.

Today we are going to talk about some of the sites that will bring organic traffic to your site. How to log in to all those sites, and how to submit the URL? I will discuss all these in detail.

free URL submission sites

So I would say follow the post well in the end. Because if you miss a small point, the URL will not be submitted correctly and the traffic will not increase.

As far as websites are concerned, all of them are free sites. I will talk about two types of free URL submission sites, one is a ping site and the other is webmaster tools.

Free URL submission sites list

  • Ping Website
    1. Pingler
    2. Ping-o-Matic
  • Webmaster Tools
    1. Google search engine
    2. Bing webmaster tool
    3. Yandex webmaster tools
    4. Another Search engine

What are Webmaster Tools?

There is another name for webmaster tools, which is a search engine. It helps to index the posts or pages of your website.
There are many such search engines or webmasters. And each has a different search platform, such as – Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.
Unless you index your page on all these platforms, your page will not be submitted to all these search engines. Due to which your page will not reach the viewer, the views will not increase.

So if your product doesn’t go to market, who will buy your product? In order to increase the sales or views of your product, you have to index your post in a search engine.

Many people say that the main reason why the views on his website are not coming or not showing on Google is that these webmaster tools, there is no benefit if you can’t index them properly.

Maybe your post has 2000 words, what is the benefit if you don’t index it? So guys, after publishing the post, first index the post. Let’s see how to index all these platforms?

Google Webmaster

I have put Google webmaster tools at the beginning of my post-free URL submission sites list. I don’t have to say what the reason is. Because it is the largest search engine, which needs traffic first.

Google Search Console helps to index pages in Google. Page submissions have to be done correctly in the Google search console, otherwise, a lot of errors can come.

Google search engine

There are two steps in the Google search engine, the first step is you have to add and verify the property, which has to be done only once. The second step is the link submission of the post, which has to be done in each post case.

Verify Property On Google Search Console

  • Open your browser and search Google Search Console and click on the first link.
  • Start now,
  • Now on the page that opens, you will see the domain and URL prefix, these two options, click on the URL prefix option.
  • Paste your website link in the URL box and click on continue,
  • tap on HTML tag,
  • Now you get a code, copy it
  • Minimize page
    1. For WordPress:-
      • Open the WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance,
      • Theme editor,
      • click theme header or header.php on the right side,
      • Find <head> and paste the code just below it,
      • Update file.
    2. For Blogger:-
      • Go to blogger dashboard,
      • Theme,
      • Three dots bottom at the right side,
      • Edit HTML,
      • Find <head> and paste the code just below it.
      • Save theme.
  • Go to the search console again and click on Verify.
  • This time it will show success, if it shows any error, please comment to me.
  • click go to the property,
  • Show blank first, But after two days you will be able to see the graph,
  • Minimize page.
    1. Sitemap generate:-
      • Click here to generate a sitemap,
      • Past your blog URL on the empty box,
      • Copy from user-agent to the end.
    2. For WordPress:-
      • Open WordPress dashboard,
      • SEO,
      • Tools,
      • Past code,
      • Save changes to robots.txt.
    3. For Blogger:
      • Blogger dashboard,
      • Setting,
      • Robots.TXT – On,
      • Click custom robots.TXT,
      • Past sitemap code,
      • Save.
  • There is a little link at the end of the sitemap code, leave your blog URL and copy it.
  • Click sitemap of google search Console and past code
  • Submit

After submitting you will see the success option, if it is not successful then resubmit after 24 hours, of course, it will be successful.

Link Indexing On Google Search Console

You can find out the default setting of Google Search Console in the above paragraph. Now after publishing each post, how to submit the link of that post to Google.

  1. Copy your post URL,
  2. Open the search Console and Click on the search icon above,
  3. Past link,
  4. Test live URL,
  5. Wait,
  6. Request indexing,
  7. Wait again,
  8. When the index is complete, you will see a popup message.

Bing Webmaster

There are many more search engines besides Google, from which you can get good traffic. One of them is Bing webmaster tools, where you can increase traffic by submitting an XML sitemap of your site.

Now I will show you how to submit an XML sitemap of your site. And after publishing a new post, how do you index the post on the Bing webmaster?

Bing webmaster tool

If you want to earn from AdSense, then you have to submit your site to the Google search engine, because AdSense is a Google product. Similarly, if you want to earn from media.net, then your site must be indexed in bing webmaster because media.net is a product of bing webmaster.

  1. Click on Bing webmaster,
  2. Log in,
  3. Google,
  4. put your site link,
  5. Add,
  6. Past your sitemap link in the add sitemap box. If you don’t know how to generate a sitemap, scroll down the page. When you scroll down, you will see a point called Sitemap Generate, follow it.
  7. Fill in the boxes below as instructed. Skip the points you don’t understand.
  8. save,
  9. COPY tag code, You will see the demo below where to paste the code, paste it accordingly, and save the theme.
  10. After pasting the code, go to the bing dashboard again and click on the verify button.
  11. To index a new post, copy the link to that post,
  12. Go to Bing dashboard,
  13. Click on the three-dot option on the left,
  14. URL Submission,
  15. Submit URL,
  16. Past Post link in the blank box,
  17. Finally, click on the submit button.

Yandex Webmaster

Yahoo’s search engine is Yandex webmaster tools. You also need to index your posts here because if a viewer searches your topic on Yahoo, your page will show up there.

Yandex search engine

One Time Setting for Yandex Search Engine:-

  • go to Yandex Webmaster,
  • Click on the login,
  • Registration,
  • Fill up this form,
  • Resister,
  • Click the + button on the right side of the Select Site option,
  • Type your Site address,
  • Copy meta tag,
  • Minimize this page,
  • Go to the website dashboard and Past that code in the head section of Theme,
  • Save theme,
  • Open the Yandex dashboard again,
  • Press on Check.

Setting For New New Post in Yandex webmaster

  • Open the Yandex dashboard,
  • Select your site,
  • Indexing,
  • Reindex pages,
  • Past your post URL,
  • Click on send bottom And submit your page.

20 free URL Submission lists

The previous paragraph showed the three main search engines, there are also more such webmaster tools. Submitting them separately will take more time than writing a post.

There is an easy way to do this, which you can use. You can simply go to a website and submit your page to many webmaster tools.

Free websubmission tool

The website is freewebsubmission.com, which includes more than 20 search engines. Here’s how to submit a URL to all those search engines –

  1. Click here And open the freewebsubmission.com website,
  2. Copy your post URL and past it on the website URL box,
  3. Write on post keyword on the name box,
  4. Type your reference e-mail address,
  5. Tick mark only on agree,
  6. Submit your site,
  7. Wait and see,

After waiting, a page will open, and you will see which site submission has been successful and which has not. You will receive mail to access sites that have not been successful.

Web submission sites

Go to your mail option and check your inbox and open those emails. After opening the mail you will see a link, click on the link and submit the page.

What is PING Site?

PING is a way of reminding search engines to crawl your page. In the above method you indexed your page, the search engine verified your page and crawled.
But sometimes crawlers can’t reach your page and your page is not indexed. In that case, through all these ping sites, you can tell the search engine that your page is crawled.
After pinging, your ping message will reach the crawler and be indexed. PING can be done in two ways, one is automatic for WordPress, and two is manual.

Automatic URL Submission Ping Sites List For WordPress

In the case of Blogger, manual ping is required, but in the case of WordPress, it can be done automatically. Whenever you publish a post, an automatic URL will be submitted to the ping site.

The ping sites I recommend will have a spam score of 1%. However, you should check the spam score of the websites once.

Because when I checked the spam score, the spam score was right. Spam scores may increase in the future, in this case, your site may be damaged.

  1. First, download the list of ping websites and copy links.
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard
  3. Setting
  4. Written
  5. You will see a box below Update service, paste the URL here, but one by one. Hereby default ping-o-Matic will be given, just paste it below.
  6. Click on save changes।

Manual Free URL Submission Ping Sites List

You have seen above how to do automatic ping in WordPress but in the case of Blogger, you have to do it manually. See below how to do the manual –


Website ping
  1. Go to browser and search Pingler.com,
  2. Type the keyword of your post in the title box,
  3. Paste the URL of your post instead of Pingler.com in the next box.
  4. Select the three categories related to your post from the category list.
  5. Click on Ping’s bottom.

Now show the countdown time and Wait a minute. Then the interface of the result will open and on this page, you will see how many pings have been done, below you will see the ping complete option.


The website that I put at the end of the Free URL Submission lists is ping-o-matic.com. Just like Pingler ping the URL on the site, the same should be done for ping-o-Matic. Still see below –

  1. Go to google and search ping-o-matic,
  2. Click on the first link,
  3. Type your post keyword on the blog name,
  4. Put post URL on blog home page,
  5. Click on send ping bottoms.


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