Get High CPC Ad in Website

GET HIGH CPC AD IN WEBSITE– We all want high CPC Adsense ads to come on our site, but low CPC ads do not provide that opportunity. So first remove low CPC AdSense Ads from the site. Only then will high CPC ads come into that place.

Are you wondering if this is even possible? Yes, it is possible, I will show you today. I bet 99% of blogger friends don’t know this because it’s a very secret tip.

How to Get a High CPC Ad on a Website?

To get a High CPC Ad you need to apply three filters in your Adsense account. Then Adsense will show ads on your site according to your filter. Those three filters are –

  1. Ad Network Filter,
  2. Sensitive Categories Filter,
  3. General Categories Filter.

1. Remove Low CPC ad from the Website

Do you know in Adsense, how many ad networks there are or which network is giving how much CPC? Over 30000 ad networks are covered under Google Adsense. First, you need to identify all those ad networks, then choose according to their CPC.

That is, keeping high CPC ad networks, low CPC ad networks should be blocked. If you don’t do this, you will never get a high CPC ad or earn much. So let’s identify High CPC ad networks –

How to Identify High CPC Ad Network?

  • Login to your AdSense account,
  • Then click on the Report option,
  • Select the last 3 years of analytics,
  • Click on the Ad Network,
  • Now edit matrices,
  • Choose CPC and apply.
How to Identify High CPC Ad Network?

Now you will get the chart of all ad networks and can do a detailed analysis of ad networks. You just look at the CPC, and sort the CPC for ease of understanding, so that the CPC is arranged accordingly.

How to Identify High CPC Ad Network?

How to Remove Low CPC Ad Network?

As per the above image, you will also open the same analytics page. But the CPC of your site will be different, you choose low CPC ad networks from here. Then block them by following the procedure shown below.

  • First, copy the name of the low CPC ad network,
  • Then go to the left-sidebar and click on the Brand Safety option,
  • Now click on the Blocking Controls option under the Content section,
  • You can find the Manage Ad Network button, open it.
How to Get High CPC Ad in Website? - Best 3 Methods for WordPress & Blogger
  • You will get a search box, paste the name of the low CPC ad network here and search,
  • Now you will get that ad network in the result, and there will be a blocking setting,
  • If you want, block it as per the below image.
How to Remove Low CPC Ad Network?

This way you can remove low CPC ad networks, but you will find many more such ad networks in the future. So by checking CPC every month, you can block low CPC ad networks.

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2. Sensitive Categories Filtering

In this section, you will find some sensitive ad categories. There are a total of 17 categories, two of which will be blocked by default. You can block the remaining 15 categories according to your needs.

adsense Sensitive Categories Filtering

Check the Impressions and Earnings of each category, and block the categories that have very low Impressions and Earnings. There is a policy violation category, which should be blocked first.

adsense Sensitive Categories Filtering

2. General Categories Filtering

Apart from sensitive categories, there are many more general categories in this section, block them by looking at their CPC and Earnings. But there is a limitation of blocking, cannot block more than 200 categories.

adsense General Categories Filtering

Now you’re thinking, there aren’t 200 categories! of course, there are more than 200 categories. Look carefully, every category has a sub-category, and they will also be treated.

adsense Sensitive Categories Filtering

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If using an ad filter, will any effect on AdSense?

AdSense will have an effect only when the clicks are increased. But we are not increasing any clicks here, just using high cost ad. So there is no question of invalid clicks.

Can AdSense Ad Filter be used on blogger sites?

Of course, we will filter AdSense here, it is not a fact where that ad will be used. Whether you have a blogger, WordPress, or any other platform, you can use an ad filter.

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I hope you understand correctly, if not, contact me on my social network. I am using an ad filter like this, as a result of which I can earn more on less traffic. If you also use ad filters in this way, then you will understand yourself.

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