Today I will discuss a very important topic, which is good interview behaviors. When you go to give an interview, your body language matters a lot. Example:- How to take the file in hand? How do get permission ?, How to sit in a chair? etc

Good interview behaviors

The topics I will discuss are all to attract the examiner. This is not to say that by doing these points you will pass the interview. These are the points, the preparation before the interview starts.

How to enter the Interview room with the file in hand?

Whenever you go through an interview, you must have the file. Because you keep all the important documents in your file. There is also a system on how to enter the interview room with this file in hand.

You need to keep the file in your left hand. Because those who will interview you wanted to shake hands. Then you need to change the file to the left hand, which looks bad.

If you are a boy, hold the file close to your waist. Again if you are a girl, you have to hold the file to your waist. If you do not understand more, look at the picture below.

How To carry file for interview

Another important thing is to keep the file chain open before entering the interview room. Because whenever you are asked for a document, you open the file chain and give the documents. Opening the chain in front of them in this way looks bad.

How To Enter Interview Room?

There are a few things to keep in mind when entering the interview room. Then the interviewer may express annoyance at your behavior. So if you can show good interview behaviors, then the interviewer can be attracted to you.

How to knock on the door?

When we go to an office or a gentleman’s house, we have to knock on the door first to get permission. But there is also a limit to this knock, which makes the officer or the landlord happy. And if he is happy, the job you go for increases your chances of success.

As you may have noticed, many people knock on the door one or more times when entering an office or an official room. This can make the person inside the room feel annoyed or even angry.

Maybe that person didn’t show annoyance. But he gets to know your behavior, as a result, he may not be kind to your request. So guys, if you want to knock on a door, just knock twice with two fingers of your empty hand.

How To Open The Door?

You are allowed to enter after knocking. Then will you rush inside? No, you have to open the door politely. Another aspect to keep an eye on when opening, from which side will the door open?

I mean, the door will open if you pull it, or if you push it will open? So you have to see if there is any push or pull written around the door handle? If the pool is written pull the door towards and if the push is written push the door forward.

In many cases push or pull, nothing is written. What will you do then? For this, you have to keep an eye on how others have entered the room. Otherwise, the door may be damaged Which is not your good interview behavior.

How To Close The Door?

There are also many who do not close the door after entering the room. Leaving the door open, it’s too bad. Close by holding the door handle when closing. Because if you leave the handle, there may be a loud noise when the door closes.

How to close door

So you have to be careful when opening and closing the door. When you pull to close the door, you need to stand at a 90-degree angle to the door. You can’t stand behind those who will do the interview, it looks ugly.

How To Get Permission To Enter The interview Room?

Permission is very important when entering the interview room. There is also a system to get that permission, which you need to know. Respectfully ask permission from the interviewer. But many do not know how to take permission.

Some people ask for permission to enter the room saying “Can I come?” Or “Will I come?”. This is not to say that it is a bad impression. You must say “can I come, sir”. Must be respected with sir.

How to take the chair?

First, find out what your body language needs to be to get to the chair. Eye contact with the interviewer during the walk will be only twice. The first time before entering the room and the second time before sitting in the chair.

How to take chair

You have to say good morning before sitting in the chair. You don’t shake hands first, You will shake hands only if they extend their hand. This point is very important and you have to comply. Only then will the interviewer see your good interview behaviors.

Don’t say good morning to all the interviewers separately. If Sir and Madam are present in the interview room, it is necessary to say good morning once for Sir and once good morning for Madam.

Leave the chair to your right and move forward a little. Then position the chair with the right hand and sit down slowly. Place the file on your thighs and place both your hands on it.

How to sit in a chair

NOTE:- The interviewer will ask you a lot of questions but suppose you did not hear or understand one of those questions. What do you need to do in the same situation? Then you say “Please tell me the question again sir?”

How to leave the interview room?

I’ll tell you how to get up from the chair before leaving the room. Hold the two handles of the chair and stand up straight, this will cause the chair to move backward automatically. Now you move a little to the left and move the chair to the previous position with your right hand.

Now slowly open the door and go out. After entering the room, close the door exactly as you closed it. If you do not understand the post, you can take the help of the video below.

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All of the above points must be followed. Only then will the interviewer be attracted to you and understand that you have good interview behaviors. As a result, the interviewer will be happy and will be positive towards you. And if you don’t have them, you won’t get a job even if you have all the documents or qualifications. Follow my site to get more posts like this.

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