Today I will discuss what your site should look like to get Quickly Google AdSense approval in 2021. This post is only for those who have not received AdSense approval even after applying more than once.

Today I will discuss 12 points, if you focus on those points Google AdSense Approval Guarantee. If you build a site based on these points, you will not have any tension with AdSense.

Google AdSense Approval Tips List 2021

The points I have listed are all in accordance with the Google AdSense policy. So if you follow Google policy without following me, no one will be able to stop you from getting AdSense approval.

Well Customized Site

The first point on my list is that your site needs to be properly customized. Many bloggers write 2-4 posts with great difficulty and apply for AdSense approval, this is a big mistake for beginners.

Do you know why AdSense approval is easily available on YouTube? Because there is no rush in the case of YouTube, AdSense is approved if it has specific subscribers and views.

However, in the case of Blogger, Google does not specify a specific number of posts. However, after writing a minimum of 20 posts, you need to apply for AdSense.

And each post needs to have an average of 1500 words. It is also very important to customize the themes or images of the site well.

Because understand what is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a kind of business. Where third-party companies come to promote their products, Google promotes those products by some legit source.

But beginners use Google as AdSense, not really, it’s a real business. Customize your site as well as publish a minimum of 20 posts, which makes Google think of your site as a legit source.

Custom Domain Name

There are many beginners who start a website with a free domain or subdomain, never go for it. Start a website with a top-level domain, such as .com, .in, .expert, etc.

Many also create sites with subdomains, such as AdSense approval may be available on this domain, but visitors do not pay much attention to this domain or often ignore it.

Most beginners buy domains, write 20 posts in a week and apply for AdSense. Never do this, your domain must be at least one month old. Do not apply for AdSense before one month, whether it is 20 posts on your site or not.

Navigation on Site

Set Proper Navigation on Your Site, I’m not saying this, Google’s AdSense Eligible Policy says so. This means publishing your posts by category and putting the categories in the heading option of your site, as you see in the picture or on my site.

proper page navigation

Many blog sites have 50-60 posts but no proper navigation. This is why AdSense doesn’t approve because Google thinks you have an illegal post on your site that you have hidden.

So set proper navigation on your site then apply for Adsense. As a result, AdSense approval is also available and visitors can come to your site and visit his interesting posts or pages easily.

Mandatory Pages

Mandatory pages, like other points, are very important for AdSense approval. The top 3 of those pages are About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy Pages. It is also important to have a disclaimer page, terms and conditions page, sitemap, DMCA, etc.

These pages need to be placed in the right place on your site so that when Google verifies your site, these pages are the first to be seen. I would recommend adding pages to the header and footer section of your site, see my site as a demo.

  • How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 1 Minute - 2021 Tips
  • How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 1 Minute - 2021 Tips

Comment Option

You always have to enable the comment option on your site, many bloggers keep this option disabled. But keep in mind that visitors can’t post comments directly, so set up.

This means that the comment must be kept in moderate control, if approved by you, the comment will be published. If you disable moderate control, visitors can make any comment, it may be illegal.

If the visitor makes an adult comment, then the post of your site will become adult content. Which will violate Google AdSense policy, resulting in you not getting AdSense approval.

Many bloggers ask questions, even though all the posts on his site are correct, showing an error of adult content. The main reason for this is the visitor comment, so do not disable the comment option, keep the comment in moderate control.

No Organic or Social Traffic

Many beginners think that there is no organic traffic to their site, that is why Adsense is not approving, this is their misconception. If your site has two or three visitors per day, you will still get AdSense approval.

Google looks at the value of your content, if your content is not quality, you will not get approval. So you understand that content is the king, if you have high-quality content, you will get approval.

Google does not mention that your site will not be approved if it does not have traffic. Even if you have 0 traffic on your site, you will get approval, for example, when my site was approved, the traffic was totally 0.

But if you want to make a good income, then your site traffic is a must. If no one visits your site, you will not benefit from AdSense approval.

Issue With Other Links

Many bloggers say that they have already put Amazon Affiliate or ad on their site, in which case AdSense approval will be available? Maybe you have a third-party ad on your site, in this case, you will get AdSense approval but you must have a disclaimer page.

Mobile Responsive Theme

Beginners make bigger mistakes, they don’t use responsive themes on the site. Most bloggers use a theme that is good for theme design. But Google will not see the design of your theme, Google looks to see if the theme is mobile friendly.

Most themes are either desktop versions or just mobile-friendly themes. Don’t use themes like this, Responsive themes may be of simple design, but still, use this theme.

Google recommends themes that support desktop to desktop versions and mobile to mobile versions. The simpler the theme of your site, the higher the loading speed of your site.

Structured Meta Data

I found this point after doing a lot of research, according to that research your site must have structure metadata. What exactly is this structured metadata? You can call it SEO metadata. With that data, Google gets an idea of ​​the content of your site.

Search engines like Google will crawl your site only when they understand your content. This is possible only if you have structured metadata installed on your site but how to install it?

Structure metadata You do not need to be installed manually, Responsive themes are already installed. For example – generate press theme, Structure data is available in this theme, see image below.

google adsense approval

AMP is not Mandatory

The idea of ​​many beginners is to use AMP on the site for AdSense but it is a completely wrong idea. However, you need to maintain the loading speed of your site. That is possible without using AMP, there are many ways to increase website loading speed.

Website Loading Speed

It is very important to improve the loading speed of your site according to Google’s policy. If your site loading speed is low, many effects will appear in your search engines. Mobile speed should be above 70% by 20, how to increase website speed? Click on the link to find out.


Scrapped content is the issue that most websites do not get approval for or AdSense is disabled. Maximum 70-80% content must be plagiarism-free, meaning your article must be unique. Not only text, you will use images, they should also be copyright-free.

If Google finds the copyright in the text or image, AdSense will not approve, although approval may disable the account at a later time. How to create unique content? Again with a unique image, click on the link to find out.

Link with Authentic Source

To keep the SEO of the site right, you have to do outbound linking in the post of the site. But you need to link to sites that are trusted. Do not place links to any illegal sites on your site.

Because whenever Google verifies your site, through your site Google will reach the sites that you have linked. Then if Google finds any policy violent content on those sites, Google will show the issue on your site.

How can I get AdSense approval fast?

1. Well Customized Site,
2. Custom Domain Name,
3. Navigation on Site,
4. Mandatory Pages,
5. Comment Option,
6. No Organic or Social Traffic,
7. Issue With Other Links,
8. Mobile Responsive Theme,
9. Structured Meta Data,
10. AMP is not Mandatory,
11. Website Loading Speed,
12. Plagiarism,
13. Link with Authentic Source.

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