Hello friend, I am Parimal and you are visiting techparinal blog. Today I am going to tell you how to add the Google Custom Search Engine to your website?

Not only this, you can earn unlimited from here without any investment. Before that, look at the demo below, where you see the ad option at the beginning of the first few links.

custom search engine

When you search for a keyword on Google, Google will show some ads in the list of results. When someone clicks on this link, Google will make a profit.

If you use Google Custom Search Engine on your site, Google will share 50% of your revenue with you. This means that if Google has a profit of 1$, Google will give you 1/2$ from there.

If you look at the right sidebar of my website, I have also put it. So you understand, the ads that you have set will be income from them and you can also earn income from search engines.

How to Work Search Engine to Increase AdSense revenue?

Search Engine to Increase AdSense revenue

If a visitor can search the content of your site, you must use a normal search engine. In that case, visitors will only see the results of your site, which means that the search engine will work on the total content of your site.

But if you use the Google search engine on your site, visitors will see Google’s total web results, which means that the Chrome browser’s search engine works. If you search for a keyword in Google browser, ad links appear at the beginning of the result page.

If you place that Google search engine on your site, a visitor searches for a keyword using that search engine. Then the ad links will be shown on the result page in the same way, and if the visitor clicks on these links, then you will get revenue.

How to add a Google custom search engine to your website?

Many people blog on the blogger website and many people blog on the WordPress website. I will show it in two steps, first I will show it for the Blogger website then I will show it for WordPress.

Custom Search Engine For Blogger.com

  • First:-
    1. Open Chrome browser,
    2. Search custom search engine,
    3. click on CSE… link,
    4. Put your blog URL in Site to Search,
    5. After pasting the URL you will see an empty box just below it, type www.google.com here.,
    6. select language,
    7. click on create at the bottom.
  • Next Page:-
    1. Control panel,
    2. Write a description of your site,
    3. type keyword ( your site related ),
  • Now I will show a setting, without which earning is impossible.
    1. Click on the ad option above,
    2. The following option will be off, turn it on, it will take a few seconds.
  • Click on look and feel
    1. Choose Layout,
    2. Chose Theme,
    3. If you want to customize as you like, you can customize by clicking on customizing. And the way you customize, you can see the reviews on the right. If you want, you can search any keyword and see the full review. You can change – Bottom color, bottom background, results in background, result text, border, etc.
  • Setup
    1. Click on receive code,
    2. Copy this code,
  • Go to your blogger dashboard
    1. layout,
    2. select layout, ex- sidebar, main menu, footer.
    3. Click on add gadget of your chosen layout,
    4. HTML/javascript,
    5. copied code past here,
    6. Save.

Custom Search Engine for WordPress

A special plugin is used to add custom search engines to WordPress. The way the setting is shown in the case of Blogger is a little different in the case of WordPress.

All settings will remain the same until the setup option is above. setup and go to blogger dashboard, these two points should be omitted in the case of WordPress.

  • After setting up Click on look and feel, follow the points below-
    1. Go to WordPress Dashboard,
    2. Plugin,
    3. Add New,
    4. Type WP google search in the search bar,
    5. Install and activate,
    6. Setting,
    7. WP google search,
    8. past google search engine ID,
    9. Save changes.
  • Follow the steps below to get a Google Search Engine ID:
    1. Click on this link,
    2. If you haven’t logged in, log in first.
    3. Now an interface like the image below will open. With it, you can see the search engine unit, as marked in the picture.
    4. Click on this unit,
    5. Click on setup.
    6. Now that the page is open, you can see the custom search engine ID on that page.
  • Placement Searchbar
    1. Appearance,
    2. Widgets,
    3. Chose position and Add the bottom,
    4. Save Widgets.
get google search engine ID

Here is how to set up Google Custom Search Engine, blogger, and WordPress website. Now set it according to your website. Now set it according to your website.

NOTE:- Before installing the Google search engine, log in to the browser. Login with that email id, and log in with the email ID with which you have AdSense approval.

Alternative Way to Use Custome search Engine

If the above method does not work properly, you can proceed in this alternative way. In most cases, the above method does not work or shows a 404 error. But the following method will work, be it Blogger or WordPress.

How to Get CSE Code?

1. Go to your Adsense account,
2. Click on the Ads option,
3. Choose By ad unit,
4. Tap on the Search Engine block,
5. Put the name of the Ad unit,
6. Chech The entire web,
7. Now click on Create option,
8. Then you can see a code, just copy, and paste it on your notepad.

How to Place CSE code in Blogger Site?

CSE code in blogger

1. Go to your Blogger admin Dashboard,
2. Click on the theme option,
3. Tap on edit HTML from custom (Modified),
4. Find ”<body>” tag,
5. Paste Code after <body> tag,
6. Save and preview your site.

How to Place CSE code in WordPress Site?

cse code in WordPress

1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard,
2. Click theme editor in the Appearance option,
3. Tap on header.php in the right sidebar,
4. Paste code after the body tag,
5. save changes,
6. now visit your site and see the top section.

Hindi Video on Increase AdSense Earning


Let me know if there is any problem, I will solve it. You can also make settings from the AdSense account. Is your AdSense approved? Can’t do ad placement, click here.

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