Many people have commented to me that their Google News article is not showing the image. Today’s article on that solution is a very simple method. However, this article is only for WordPress users, not blogger friends. A simple plugin is needed to fix this issue.

Google News Article Is Not Showing The Image, Why?

Do You Know How Google News fetches Your Site Articles? the answer is via the RSS feed. If that RSS feed is not correct, then Google News cannot properly read the article.

You must have added the default RSS feed to the Google News Publisher account. E.g.-, You need to change this RSS feed.

How to Show Article Image on Google News

1. Create Google News New Feed for Your Site

You need to install the GN Publisher plugin to create new feeds for Google News. Only install and activate, no other settings are required. Follow the steps below to install or activate the plugin:

  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard,
  • Click on the Add New option under the Plugin section,
  • Type GN on the search bar and search,
  • You can find the below plugin, install and activate it.
GN publisher Plagin

2. Update RSS Feed in Google News Publisher Account

Once you activate the above plugin, your site’s news feed will change. From now on your site will have a news feed like, add this new feed to your Google News Publisher account. Follow the below steps to change the news feed-

  1. Log in to your Google News Publisher account,
  2. Next, Click according to the position shown in the below picture,Your google News publications
  3. Then click on the Google News tab,your google news publication account
  4. Now click on the Edit option,content option of google news publisher account
  5. Next, Click according to the position shown in the below picture,google news content setting
  6. Type “/gn” after an existing feed, ex- https://yourdomain/feed/gn.
  7. Finally, click on the Apply button.

NOTE:- Once all the settings are done you will have to wait a while, at least half an hour.

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