You must have a mobile and have a SIM card on it. Did you know that SIM cards can be swap by bad people? Then he will instantly steal all the money from your bank. See the example below, how sim swap works.

You have heard many such incidents in 2018, hackers have stolen crores of rupees through the SIM card swaps method. The user did not know it.

I don’t know if you will believe that a big businessman’s money can disappear overnight through the SIM card swap. That event could happen to you at any time.

It is very important to be careful about this fraud. I will discuss how sim swap works and how to be careful. You will look at a small example before that.

How sim swap works

Example Of Fake Sim Swap

A call came on the mobile of a big businessman in Mumbai at 2’o clock in the night. When he checks the phone in the morning, he sees six missed calls of an unknown number.

When the number is checked, it appears that the number is a UK country, whose country code was +44. Then the person went to call that number and saw that his own SIM card had been deactivated.

He then became helpless and contacted customer care. Customer Care said the SIM card has been blocked without your permission. But he did not have any such information.

After further investigation, it was found out that Rs 1.8 crore had been stolen from his bank account. In such a situation the person contacts the bank.

The bank tried to recover the account after hearing all. But only Rs 20 lakh was recovered, the rest could not be recovered.

Not only this person, but many others have also been the victims of this theft. Now speaking, what is a sim swap actually?

What Is SIM Swap?

Blocking a SIM, launching a new SIM with that number, is called SIM swap. Many people swap SIM cards for their needs. To swap, the user goes to the store and brings it.

But some dishonest people use dishonest ways and with you, swap your SIM. Then they start a new SIM card with your number and harm you with that SIM.

How does SIM Swap work?

SIM card swap is done in three different ways. Two of these methods are done by a dishonest person. Which you have to stay away from. Let’s discuss three methods.


I will give a phone call conversation to explain this method.

????:- Hello what am I talking to Mack.

YOU:- Yes, I’m Mack.

????:- Sir I’m Jack, from Airtel. Your number is ……. and your current location is ……. . Work is underway to improve Airtel’s network in your area which may cause your mobile signal to drop. This is a confirmation call, which we are informing all Airtel customers. If your signal drops, go to your nearest retailer within seven days, submit the old SIM and get a new one. You can also do this right now via your phone.

YOU:- Sir, then it is very good, I do not have to go to the retail store.

????:- Sir, I am generating a unique code for you and sending it to your mobile. You can message that code to the ……….. number.

YOU:- Sir, after sending the message, another message came back to reply.

????: – Follow the instructions in the message.

YOU:- I have replied.

????:- Thank you, your confirmation SMS has arrived. If the SIM network does not arrive within 7 to 8 hours, wait up to 24 hours. You can turn off your mobile if you feel like it. Otherwise, if the network drops, your mobile can get very hot. Thanks on behalf of Airtel for your valuable time.

Bank Money missing

No documents are required to upgrade a SIM. In the case of the example above, the dishonest person with that opportunity. See how the person swaps your SIM with you. What you don’t understand is how your SIM swap works.


Either way, the fake ID proves, the hacker makes and takes it to the retailer store. Saying that his SIM is lost or blocked, he wants to introduce a new SIM to that number.

Now you say where do they get your name number? A friend you gave them your details. They took your details from you, which you did not understand. How?

Many such messages or emails come to your phone, where you are told to “click on the link below and get a free recharge”. You too fall into that leaf trap.

Clicking on that link opens a form that you fill out with your details. You do it out of greed, But you don’t know there’s a rod to catch you. This system is called a fishing system.


The third method of SIM swap is MNP or mobile number portability. This method is useful when you switch from one network to another.

In this case, the network company sends a code to your mobile. The SIM is swap to another network using that code within seven days.

How to Stay Away From Hackers?

I have been talking for a long time about how sim swap works and how hackers use sim swap. But don’t know how to stay away from hacker traps? Let’s see ……..

Save OTP

The first way to avoid hackers is to beware of fake calls. If a fake call comes, never give him your information. Especially OTP or one-time password, never give it to anyone.

Fake calls will ask you for your information, such as OTP, email, form filling, etc. One thing to keep in mind, banks never ask for your OTP.

Whenever you come across an OTP message on your mobile, you will notice that you are instructed not to share OTP. Because even though this OTP name is small, its function is very big, with which you can be made a beggar.

Mobile Switching

If a lot of fake calls, messages, wrong numbers come to your phone, then you get annoyed and switch off the mobile. But it is wrong if you can never switch off the mobile in such a situation, make it silent.

Because hackers want your mobile to be off. He can go to the retailer and tell him that his SIM is blocked.

There is also an advantage if the mobile is switched on. You will get a notification of what hackers are doing with your number.

Add Your Email

You must have your email ID with your mobile number. And if not, make it soon and add it to your bank account.

Suppose a hacker swaps your mobile, then you will not get any notification from the bank. But if the email is added, that notification will come to your mail-id.

And the important thing is, you always have to check emails and messages. So that any bad notification comes to your notice and you can take action.After the Number is Hacked?

Social Media

The most common hackers use to collect your original name, phone number, the address is social media. So you know what to do, never give the original name, phone number, address in your social media account

Edit the profiles of all the social accounts you currently have. Submit documents that are not associated with your bank.

Unknown Application

What hackers use after social networks is the application. Never install an unknown application on your mobile However, do not give data permissions when installing.

because all your data goes to the other hand by apps. Example – True Caller application, You may not know that these apps are stealing all your data without your knowledge. Comment me on how to steal, I’ll give a post about this.

Secure Website

For special needs, you have to fill out any website forms or sign up. Before submitting the document, see how secure the quote site is.

There is an easy way to verify that the website you are visiting is secure. If HTTPS is added before the site URL, then the site will be considered secure.

After Number Hacked

Suppose your account has been hacked due to your luck. Either way, you know, what should you do? Before that, know the common signs of your mobile being hacked.

  • Suddenly the signal of the mobile goes off. Mobile signal, your mobile is faulty or has been turned off by the company.
  • Then check email, massage, any SIM swap, or any notification of porting.

If the SIM hack is confirmed then immediately collect the mobile number of the bank. Call and tell them to put your account on hold.

Then go to the retailer and check if there is any other SIM in your number. If on, track, and take action. If you do not want to do that, tell the retailer to turn off the SIM and start a new SIM in your name.

Hackers are now using new methods to trap you. So I will recommend, go as I said. In addition to phone calls, WhatsApp, Messenger, Message, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can also hack you.

It will be difficult for hackers to hack you if you are a little careful. If hacked, take action in the cold head, maybe recover.

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