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Again, you have no idea about some of the codes, I will give the correct idea about all such codes and also show the correct solution. Bookmark the link to this post because one day you will need it, then you may not find it.

All HTTP Status Codes List

Client Error
Server Error
Multiple Choices
Bad Request
Internal Server Error
Switching Protocols
Moved Permanently
Not Implemented
Processing (WebDAV)
Payment Required
Bad Gateway
Non-Authoritative Information
See Other
Service Unavailable
No Content
Not Modified
Not Found
Gateway Timeout
Reset Content
Use Proxy
Method Not Allowed
HTTP Version Not Supported
Partial Content
Not Acceptable
Variant Also Negotiates (Experimental)
Multi-Status (WebDAV)
307 Temporary Redirect407
Proxy Authentication Required
Insufficient Storage (WebDAV)
Already Reported (WebDAV)
308 Permanent Redirect (experimental)408
Request Timeout
Loop Detected (WebDAV)
IM Used
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded (Apache)
Not Extended
Length Required
Network Authentication Required
Precondition Failed
Network read timeout error
Request Entity Too Large
Network connect timeout error
Request-URI Too Long
Unsupported Media Type
Requested Range Not Satisfiable
Expectation Failed
I’m a teapot (RFC 2324)
Enhance Your Calm (Twitter)
Unprocessable Entity (WebDAV)
Locked (WebDAV)
Failed Dependency (WebDAV)
Reserved for WebDAV
Upgrade Required
26.428 Precondition Required
Too Many Requests
Request Header Fields Too Large
29.444 No Response (Nginx)
Retry With (Microsoft)
Blocked by Windows Parental Controls (Microsoft)
Unavailable For Legal Reasons
Client Closed Request (Nginx)
** Most HTTP status codes

4xx HTTP Status Codes List

How to Fix the 400 Error?

>> Browser cache and cookie issue:- We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again clearing your browser cache is where you should always start when troubleshooting.
>> Check your URL:- One of the primary reasons is the actual URL error. Not typos but invalid characters, not part of the server’s expected syntax.
>> Check browser add-ons and extensions:- Similar to WordPress debugging, you want to make sure that third-party software is not causing problems. If you’re running browser extensions or add-ons, it’s a good idea to disable them individually. And if you can reload the page and don’t get 400 errors, you know what the problem is.
>> File size too large:- Users will see the HTTP error when trying to upload a file before continuing to upload a small file to the server, and if it goes through, the file size limit needs to be increased.

What is the 404 Status Code?

The most common of the HTTP status codes we have discussed today is the 404 error code. Remember that these 404 errors on your site are mostly caused by you and you have to solve them.
fix 404 http status codes
When a visitor clicks on a link, if the link does not exist on the server, it shows the server a 404 error. Suppose today you published a post and indexed it on Google. A few days later you deleted that post for some reason, but you did not delete it from Google Search Console.

In this case, Google does not get any obstruction from you, your post shows up in the search results of visitors. If a visitor clicks on that link, Google will issue a 404 error or Page Not Found error because the URL does not contain any data.

Deleting only a post or article does not cause this error, in some cases, this error occurs even though the post or article is on your site. This error is more common in those who cannot properly transfer the Blogger site to WordPress.

How to Fix 404 Error?
>> If you have 404 errors despite having articles on your site, you need to match the two links. This means that the link of your article and the 404 error shown on the link see the discrepancy between these two links.
>> If you can’t match the two links, you can redirect the error link to the link of your existing article.
>> If you want to delete the total data of that article, that is, if you want to delete the post from Google, then you have to go to the Google search console and remove the URL.How to Fix 404 Error

5xx HTTP Status Codes List

What is the 500 Status Code?

Now I will tell you how to fix the page that is not working, HTTP error 500 and we cannot log into WordPress, so we are logged out. The Page is Not Working HTTP error 500 is due to some error in the hosting or we can say it is a server-side error.

This can be caused by malware or a virus attack on your website, what do these hackers do? They have made some unwanted additions or changes to your website’s code from the backend. This could be due to an error like this, the HTTP error 500 page is not working.

How to Fix 500 HTTP Error?
So to fix HTTP Error 500, you need to follow two simple steps —

1. The first is to locate the malware on your hosting:- So let’s start with the first step in locating malware or viruses, we need to know exactly where the error is in the code.
>> First of all, you need to log in to Cpanel, We also call it Control Panel.
>> You can see the link, Multi PHP INI Editor, and click on it.Multi PHP INI Editor
>> Choose your domain, where you are getting the error HTTP 500.
>> You find the display_errors option, here you see this option is disabled, you need to enable it.
>> Then click on the apply option on the left bottom of the page. When you click on the apply button, you see the notification successfully applied the setting.
>> Now go back to the website where you are getting the HTTP error 500 and refresh the page. Now you will see the exact error.

locate 500 error in site According to the above error:- It is a syntax error and this is the location of the file. It is contained in line 52 of the function.php file, which is located under the WP-included folder. The attacker made some changes to the code in this function.php file.

2. The second is to remove the malware or unwanted code from the specified location:- Now let’s move to the second step, remove the malware from that location. In order to make changes in the functions.php file.
>> You need to go to Cpanel again,
>> Click on the File Manager option,
>> Go to location according to instructions,
>> Right-click on functions.php and click on edit,
>> Now we need to look for line number 52 of the code as per the error, you see this red cross mark.500 error fix
I want to tell you a very important thing that there is syntax, when you write some code in PHP, the code always starts with <?PHP, but this code starts with @ini_set. So that means someone added code here, due to which you are getting an HTTP error 500.HTTP error 500
>> Select the code from the beginning and scroll down till line 52, carefully select this code and delete it.
>> Save changes and visit your site.
NOTE:- You save this code to your Notepad, if something goes wrong, you can get it back.

What is the 501 Status Code? doubled

Error 501 is often given to users when the website hosting server is completely offline and unavailable. The hosting service will return a 501 error because the server is unable to perform the legally requested function because the whole thing has crashed.

How to Fix 501 Error?
>> Reload the error page,
>> Clear your browser cache,
>> Chech your VPN or Proxy,
>> If your site detects a 501 error, you should check for malware, and run a virus scan to check.
>> If there are no extremes, make sure you are in WordPress. Whether you’re using updraft plus and something like Wordfence or Securi, these security plugins are incredibly important.
>> Sometimes the 501 comes back when a server has an unprecedented amount of traffic. If this is the case, the only solution is to discuss an upgrade with your hosting provider.

What is the 502 Status Code?

502 Bad gateway errors pop up from time to time and often mean a problem with your server. When you visit a website, your browser sends one or more requests to the server that hosts the site.

If everything works properly, that server will send the requested information to your browser and the website will load on the other hand. 502 Bad gateway errors occur when a server returns an invalid response.

There are now several possible reasons for this particular error, including errors in your database. An expired server is currently unavailable or simply not working intentionally. The server, with many requests, has probably grown larger than a purposeful spike in a DDoS attack or traffic.

An issue courtesy of your plugins or themes with your reverse proxy server or faulty PHP scripts. Now you can run to determine if your server is responding as it should before you switch to troubleshooting mode.

Try resetting your router and verifying your DNS settings, these are all basic fixes that can sometimes go 502 errors and are easy enough to handle on your own. If you still have a problem after trying all these things, don’t worry we are trying more solutions now.

How to Fix 502 Error?
>> Clear browser cache and reload the site,
>> Temporary disable your CDN,
>> Test your WordPress theme and plugins,

What is the 503 Status Code?

When a site shows HTTP Error 503, it means the server is temporarily unavailable to handle a request. This can happen when a server is under maintenance or there is an extended request for that site. Since this error is temporary, it will resolve itself shortly.

However, if the error does not disappear after a few minutes of waiting, make sure that the problem is not just happening to you. There are many sites that will check the status of a website and even if it is closed for you, you need to be informed. If this happens to them and you are not the administrator of the website, your only real option is to wait, even contact the site owner.

How to Fix 503 Error?
Now you see this error on any site you manage. And there is access to servers, there are many things you can try. And find a solution and we are now testing seven of them.

>> Restart or reboot the server hosting,
>> Check for unexpected automatic maintenance. If you’re using WordPress or similar, sometimes they do automatic updates and while it’s updating you’ll actually see the error 503, so just give it a little bit of time number.
>> Check on your bandwidth,
>> Check server connectivity on the server chain,
>> Check your firewall,
>> Check the logs,
>> Check your code,
>> If for some reason you’re still having an issue, contact your hosting provider.

What is the 504 Status Code?

Now let’s discuss a related error error_connection timed out, which means that the server is taking too much time to reply. This error appears when your website is trying to do more than your server can manage it’s particularly common on shared hosting, where your memory limit is restricted.

To fix this you can clear the browser cache or open the page in incognito private mode. Try all steps mentioned under the section client-side troubleshooting! you can also increase your memory limit in wpconfig.php.

If you don’t have access to your server, you can ask your hosting provider to increase your memory limit for you. Or you can increase the maximum execution time in your php.ini file as I described above or ask your hosting provider.

Finally, let’s talk about cash! To avoid timeout errors you should use caching on your website. Caching has many benefits: it improves website performance and user experience and reduces the load of your hosting server.

What is the 511 Status Code?

Authentication is enabled on a network, if someone wants to access that network without that authentication, then this 511 error shows. Suppose you want to connect to someone else’s wifi, but that wifi network is password protected.

But if you want to connect to that wifi without a password, then you will get a 511 or Network Authentication Required error. Needless to say, what is the correct solution to this error? To connect to a protected network, access with the correct password.

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