Friends, today through this post you will know how to increase website speed. Always pay attention to the speed of your site, so that the website opens very quickly.

If the page opens late, the bounce rate of your site will increase a lot. And what will happen if the bounce rate increases, it is not necessary to say.

Increase website speed

However, if the bounce rate of your site increases, your site will never rank. And if you can’t rank well, you can’t increase views. If the views do not increase again, there is no benefit with Adsense approval.

So it is very important to increase the website speed. To know how to double the website loading speed, follow the following eight important tips.

How to Check Website Speed?

Now let’s show you how to check the speed of your website. I will discuss three tools to check website speed.

Website speed is a known Google ranking factor. Which Google counts to rank the site. So if the speed of the site is good, the rank of the site will be good.

See the graph below to understand more easily, you can understand the relationship between speed and ranking.

Website Speed and rank

Google Page Speed Tool

  1. Go to browser and search google page speed tool,
  2. Open the first link,
  3. Copy Your Website URL and Past this blank box,
  4. Click analysis.

It will take a while then the speed of your site will show. If the speed of the site is low, you can see the reason for the low speed below.

GTmetrix Speed Checker

  1. Click here,
  2. Past your site link,
  3. Click enter,
  4. Wait sometime.

Here you will see the results of your site, such as – loading time, page size, etc. You will see that if you do, the speed of the site will increase.

Pingdom Website Speed Checker

  1. Open this link,
  2. Past your website URL,
  3. select location,
  4. press on the start bottom,
  5. Wait.

The above two speed checkers will see the same result in the same way as the result. So you can use any one of these three website speed checkers.

Basic Settings Of Your WordPress

Now I will discuss some of the settings in WordPress, which will increase the speed of the website at least a little. Let’s see what are the basic settings of WordPress?


First, open the WordPress dashboard, Then click the Update button. Check here to see if you have the latest version of WordPress installed.

If the update shows up, you’ll need to update to the latest version first. Because the older version slows down the website a lot.

There are also themes and multiple plugins installed in WordPress. Make sure they are up to date, and if they do, update them.


When a lot of comments are accumulated on your site, the pages of your site open late. To approve the comments that are needed.

Delete comments that do not need to be placed on the site. Follow the steps below to delete the comment-

  1. Select the comments you want to delete.
  2. select move to trash from the bulk action,
  3. Apply,
  4. Click on the trash bottom,
  5. Select all,
  6. Select delete permanently from the bulk action,
  7. Apply.

When comments start coming to your site, check the comments often. Approve what needs to be approved and delete what needs to be deleted, thus regularizing.


Beginners often watch videos on YouTube and install many plugins. Later deactivate many plugins again unnecessarily.

Delete all these inactive plugins first, and check if there are any other plugins that are not needed. Delete such plugins because the plugin has a certain size, which slows down the site.

Image Optimization for Increase Website Speed

Images are most responsible for slowing down a website. If you don’t do image optimization well, the more images you upload, the slower the site will become.

In my opinion, there is no need to use any plugin if you use two methods to optimize the image. I have analyzed those two methods below and followed them well.

Perfectly Create Image For Website

Whether it’s for a website or YouTube, pixel lab is one of the best apps for creating images. However, in the case of YouTube, you can create any copyrighted image thumbnail.

But you can’t use any copyrighted image for the website. For that, you have to use copyright-free or screenshot images.

You can download images from the following three websites for copyrighted images. However, the image must be well customized, then the image will be copyright-free.

Website for Copyright Free Image


How to Edit Image for a website?

1. Download and Open pixelab app,
2. Delete by a default text,
3. Click on the three-dot button at the top right,
4. image size,
5. Select YouTube thumbnail,
6. Press the + button on the top left,
7. From the gallery,
8. Select your image,
9. Adjust the image as a thumbnail,
10. Add text, image, clip, PNG, etc as your choice,
11. To save the image, click on three-dot at the top right,
12. Click the export image,
13. Image format- jpg, Quality- ultra,
14. Save.

Now open your gallery and see that the image has been saved. But this image is not suitable for the website, because you can find out by checking the size of the image.

Images of such a large size cannot be uploaded to the website. For that, you have to compress the image first, for that follow the paragraph below.

Compress Image And Resize

You click this link to compress the image. Then a website will open, the interface of which is like the picture below.

compress Image for site
  • Process For Compress
    1. Click on upload the image,
    2. Select Image from pixelab file,
    3. Wait for uploading,
    4. Resize image, W-669/H- 330
    5. Press on the compress Image bottom,
    6. Download image.

You must have checked the size of the image you saved from the pixelab. Now check the size of the compressed image, you will see that the size of the image has dropped below 100 KB.

One big thing is that despite the reduction in the size of the image, there is no effect on the quality of the image. This is the perfect image size for a website. The image size of any website should be below 100 KB.

Perfect Image Upload On Website

Image compression may be done correctly but only if it is uploaded properly on the website, the website speed will increase and with it the image will become SEO.

upload Image On Website
  • Upload Image On Website
    1. rename compressed Images without any space, such as how-To-upload-image,
    2. Create a new paragraph in your post,
    3. Click on + bottom,
    4. Image,
    5. Upload Image,
    6. Click on the uploaded image,
    7. Click on the setting icon at the top right,
    8. type alt text of the image, such as how To upload the image,
    9. Image dimensions, Width is 669 and Height is 330,
    10. Enter.

This is how a perfect image is uploaded on a website. And if you can upload images like this, then the image customization of your site will be complete.


No video can ever be uploaded directly to the website. If you upload directly to video, the size of your site will increase a lot, which will increase the loading time of the site.

video embed on website
  • There are two exact ways to do this-
    1. If you have your own video, first upload it to your YouTube channel. Now you can copy the video link and embed it on the website.
    2. Also, if you don’t have your own video, you can embed someone else’s video, which YouTube allows.
  • How To Embed Video On Website?
    1. Create a new paragraph in your post,
    2. Click on+ bottom,
    3. select YouTube,
    4. Past your video link,
    5. Embed.


What is CDN?

Now let’s discuss what is CDN or Content Delivery Network? How to increase the speed of your site? How to link your site to CDN?

CDN usually copies website files and places them all over the world. And reaches the visitor according to the location of the visitor.

Suppose your hosting is India but your site visitors are from America. In this case, due to the distance, your site will open too late on the visitor’s mobile.

content delivery network

But if your site is associated with CDN, your site will already be present in America. If the visitor is American, then the file of your site will be delivered directly from America and not from India.

The site will open very quickly due to site delivery from the visitor’s location. So you understand the importance of CDN to increase the speed of the website.

How to Add Website with CDN?

There is no cost to add a site to CDN, completely free. The website through which the content will be delivered is Cloudflare.

    1. Open,
    2. Click on sign up at the bottom,
    3. put your email address,
    4. Set password,
    5. Create account.
    1. Past website URL ( only domain name),
    2. add site.
  • Select a free plan,
  • Confirm,
  • wait and click continue,
    1. Now in the interface, you will see, that it is clearly stated that the above two old nameservers have to be changed and the following two nameservers have to be set. Now you need to change the nameservers of your domain.
    2. Go to your domain account,
    3. Click Your domain,
    4. Click on Change nameservers,
    5. Copy one of the new nameservers from Cloudflare and replace the first old nameserver,
    6. Copy another new nameserver and replace the second old nameserver,
    7. Save.
    8. Back to Cloudflare and click on check nameservers.
change domain nameservers

The nameservers change process can take up to 24 hours or even 24 hours. The website will not open until the nameserver changing process is complete.

Database Optimization

You also need to pay attention to your site’s database to keep the loading speed right. Even if you optimize the database, the speed of your site increases a lot.

WordPress is based on the MYSQL database. Older websites tend to store a lot of data, such as post drafts, plugin history which is deleted, comments,s, etc.

Even if you delete them, their data is stored in your site’s database. Which slowly slows down the website, so these need to be deleted first.

This requires a plugin that allows you to clean the data manually. However, before cleaning the data, you need to have a backup plugin installed on your site.

Because if you accidentally delete any data, you will not be able to restore that data in any way. Yes, if you back up, then you can restore the data.

How to Backup Database?

The plugin is wp DB manager, This will allow you to save your site data. Let’s see how to backup website data?

  1. Click here and download this plugin,
  2. Open your WordPress dashboard,
  3. Plugin,
  4. Add new,
  5. Click on the Upload plugin,
  6. Select the downloaded zip file of the plugin,
  7. After uploaded activate the plugin,
  8. Click on the Database option on the left side,
  9. Backup DB,
  10. Backup,
  11. You can download and keep it if you want.

How to Clear Database?

  1. install WP sweep plugin in WordPress,
  2. Tools,
  3. Sweep.

You will see the sweep all option at the bottom of the page. If you want, you can sweep everything by clicking sweep all.

But I would recommend you not to sweep all, sweep the things that need to be a sweep. Because if you sweep some important options, there may be some problems.

Once the sweep is complete, delete the plugin and install it again when needed. If you sweep like this once a month, the speed of the website is maintained.

Update PHP Version

Now we will see how to install the latest PHP version on Cpanel. The latest PHP version loads very quickly. So go to the Cpanel and see which PHP is installed.

You know, if you buy hosting, you can get Cpanel with it. There are different Cpanels of different hosting. I bought my hosting from Bigrock, so I showed below the example of Bigrock Cpanel.

update PHP version
  1. Login to your Cpanel,
  2. Type PHP on the search box,
  3. Click on MultiPHP Manager,
  4. Select the latest version,
  5. Tick mark on the domain,
  6. Apply.


The techniques I showed will definitely improve the speed of your site. However, in addition to these, there are wp total cache, lazy image load, HTML minify, etc which are used. Then your site will open fast, which will reduce the bounce rate of your site and help to rank better.

P. Mahata (West Bengal)

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