My post is on interesting topics for articles, which is very helpful for you to write a unique article. This post is very knowledgeable so read the whole post.

unique idea for unique article

Features of This Post

  • You will get a lot of knowledge from this one post, which you will not find anywhere else except the pro course, Such as –
    1. UNLIMITED TOPICS IDEA:- Those who are new bloggers can no longer find topics after writing a few posts. But you can find unlimited topics from here, which have no end. Previously you would write a post on a topic, you did not understand, from now on you will get unlimited topics but you will not have time to write.
    2. POST INTRODUCTION:- You know that at the beginning of an article you have to write some introductions on that topic. But what to write the introduction? You can also get an idea of it.
    3. HEADING AND SUBHEADING IDEA:- To SEO the perfect on-page of any post, you must give the heading and subheading in that post. Then your post will be interesting to the visitor, he will visit again. But what to put the heading or subheading in the post? You can know that too.
    4. POST IMAGES:- It is very important to put an image in any post, it must also be unique. But where to find unique images? Today I will give the traces of 100% unique and unlimited images.
    5. POST WITH 2000+ WORDS:- There is a lot of competition in the blogging world now, and you have to write more than 2000-word posts to beat your competitor. Otherwise, you will never be able to rank on the fast page of Google. You can write 600 to 700 words by yourself. But from now on you will get the idea of writing a post of 2000 words.

What is That Platform?

Are you sure you want to know? Is there even a platform? From where these benefits can be found together. Yes, the name of the platform is YouTube.

You are wondering how to get so many facilities from the video! Of course, it is available, that too in two ways. However, in the first way, it is a little difficult to get the above benefits, but in the second way, you will get all the above benefits.

Read both ways carefully, then use whatever you like. But I write articles using the second way, you must understand how the article went.

1st Interesting Topics for Article

I do not recommend this method, because it is a matter of copy-paste so plagiarism can be caught. Since the total sentence is in a single paragraph, it is difficult to find where the heading is or where the subheading is.

And there are serious grammatical errors in the sentences, which are also difficult to check. Where the sentence begins and where the sentence ends, you do not understand.

However, there is an advantage in spite of so many problems, that is, it saves time. The time it takes to write 2000 words, at that time you can write two posts.

why do I use it?

Do you think that despite having so many problems, why am I writing a post about it? There is a reason for that. I also use this method, but not for blog sites, I use it to create backlinks or share posts.

There are many platforms where you have to write some articles to share a post or create backlinks. The article in that post cannot be posted there because it becomes copyrighted.

To create articles for those platforms, follow the 1st method. It doesn’t matter if it is copyrighted. Let’s see what the first method is-


First, search your topic on YouTube, but type the word ”in English” at the end of the keyword. Example:- Interesting topics for an article in English. Because if you want to get the article from YouTube, the video has to be in English.

  1. First, choose a video and copy the link to that video,
  2. To download the article downloader application( only for Windows) go to this website,
  3. Click on DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS bottom,
  4. Install this application after downloading and open,
  5. Click on the PAST bottom, for the copied video link
  6. Tap on the More option bottom,
  7. Now you get an article, copy the entire article by clicking on the COPY TO CLICK BOARD and save it to your notepad.
article from youtube video

You cannot use this article directly if you wish. Because you have to delete the spaces in it to create the perfect paragraph. Also need to add headings, subheadings, and keywords.

Another important reason to edit the article is plagiarism. The article you have downloaded is not completely unique, there are some plagiarism words in the article.

You must first make this article 100% free of plagiarism. Then you can use the article on your blog, so you have to go through a few steps.


  1. Open your MICROSOFT WORD application,
  2. Past here your copied article,
  3. Since the article is generated from the video, the person whose video it is must have said something about himself. Write about yourself by editing the sentences said about others,
  4. Click REPLACE Bottom on the left,
  5. Now you can see two boxes on the left side,
  6. Press SHIFT+6 and type small P in the first box,
  7. Just one click on the second box,
  8. Then click REPLACE ALL and OK bottom,
article edit by microsoft

Now copy the article you received and go to your Plagiarism Checker and check Plagiarism. Surely showing some plagiarism? Now it needs to be free of plagiarism.


If the article looks unique after checking, no problem. But if there is plagiarism, what to do? That’s why there are so many spinner sites you can use them.

However, I will recommend that the sentence is plagiarism, just rewrite that sentence. No need to rewrite other sentences. Article SEO, that’s your task, and if you don’t do SEO, your article won’t rank on Google.

2nd and Most Interesting Topics for Article

This is the second and most useful way because the article that will be generated in this way is a completely unique article. Not even 1% of that article will be plagiarism.

All the articles I have written on my website are written this way. And if you analyze all my posts, you will see that each post has 1000+ words.


If you have an email ID, create another email account now. And you will use this account only to get blog topic ideas, especially in the case of YouTube.

Every day you search for something on YouTube, and whenever you re-open YouTube, YouTube shows you those related videos on the first page. This is the system of YouTube, and by using this system you will get unlimited topic ideas.

For that, you search for the topic on YouTube, which is your blog topic. Then YouTube will show you more videos related to that topic.

However, with the new email account you have created, open YouTube with that account, and do not go to search for anything outside the blog topic. Then you will no longer get videos related to your blog topic or ideas for new topics.


In the above way, I have said that the language of the video should be English, but in this way, the language of the video should be in your mother tongue. If you are Bengali, then Bangla video and if your language is Hindi, then choose Hindi video.

Search your keyword on YouTube, and type your language at the end of the keyword. Example: – Interesting Topics for Article Hindi.

You will find many videos in the result, play them then choose the video in which your keywords have been analyzed according to the points in the video.


At the beginning of any post, you have to introduce at least two or three paragraphs of that post. As a result, the viewer can understand the summary of the entire post by reading the introductory paragraphs.

You’ve also seen that every YouTuber introduces his video, which you will use in your post. However, do not write exactly what is said in the video, write about your site or post where the channel is mentioned.


I have already said that you will choose the video which has been discussed according to the points. Then you can find out the heading or subheading from the video.

You use the main points of the video as headings. If a few more points are discussed within those points, use them as subheadings.


Many websites do not get AdSense approval for using copyrighted images. The same results come from AdSense despite downloading images from copyright-free image sites.

The main reason is that someone else has used the image before you. So where do you get such an image? Which can be used without hesitation.

The solution to that problem is also the YouTube video, from which you can get 100% unique images. Just turn the video to fullscreen, and take a screenshot of the point you used as the heading. Edit that screenshot a bit, and upload it to the post.


The unique path I have chosen to write the article is truly unique. Because I wrote the article this way and got AdSense approval. I want you to write articles like this and approve AdSense.

This is not a difficult task, you just have to run three programs together on Windows. These are YouTube, your website admin page, and translator.

Play the video on YouTube that you chose to write the article. Now keep writing the words that YouTuber is saying in the video.

Interesting Topics for Article

If your site is in English, but you have selected a Hindi video to write the article. In that case, first, write the words in Hindi in the translator, and paste the translated sentences on your site.

I will write two to three sentences in the translator. Paste it on your site, then translate the new sentence. I will say one thing here, to keep the readability of your post good, put two to three sentences in each paragraph.

How to Get a Unique Article for Blog?



Today I saw two ways to write a post, but you must comment on which one you want to use. If you want to get more posts like this, don’t forget to follow the site. If you have benefited, please share this post with your friends, because they will benefit as much as you.

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