Friends, today in this post I will show you how to put automatic internal links in blogger’s post. You know, internal linking to blog posts is an important part of on-page SEO. So to complete the on-page SEO of your post, an internal link is very important.

Automatic Internal links in Blogger

What are the Benefits of Internal Links?

Why do internal linking in your post or what are its benefits? Internal links play a big role in ranking your posts. It also reduces the bounce rate of your site.

Another great advantage is that you can increase the views of your other posts. That is, you can divert visitors from one post to another.

Automatic VS Manual Internal Links

Now the question is which method will you use to set up internal links on the Blogger site, automatic or manual? I would recommend that you set the internal link automatically, this will save you time.

How to Create Auto Internal links in Blogger Post?

You can easily do auto internal linking in your blogger site post. You only need to edit your theme once and paste two codes. Then as many posts, as you publish or have published, multiple internal links will be set in all the posts. To do this, follow the following two steps carefully.

Step Number 1

1. First download the above code and copy the first code,
2. Go to your blogger admin panel,
3. Click on the theme option,
4. Then click on the Edit HTML button under Customize option,
5. Find <head> tag and past first code below <head> tag,

Step Number 2

1. Now find <data:post.body/> tag,
2. Copy second code and past below <data:post.body/> tag,( Read below Note )
3. Then save theme and visit site.


When you search for the code, the theme may have multiple tags. Because different themes have different structures. If you have multiple tags in your theme, find out where the last tag is. You will paste the second code just below this last tag.

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