Do you know what www, host, server, IP address, HTTP, or HTTPS mean? Which many of you do not know. If you are an internet user, you must know these. Today through this post I will tell you about internet-related words.

Internet related Words

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Www, The Most Internet Related Words

If you visit any website or click on any link, if you take a look at the top, you will see www. You will see that the link starts with www, what is this www, or what does www mean?

The word www means the world wide web. To understand technically it is information systems or data collection. Where photos, videos, document links are stored. Which are usually accessed via URLs or links?

There are millions of websites stored on the Internet, and those websites contain a lot of photos, videos, content, documents. Again, all this data is stored on their servers. All this data information or online access, all the details are stored in www.

What is the URL?

To access www, you must have an address called URL or Link. The full name of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator. Suppose you are opening a website on the Internet, clicking on a link, downloading a video, reading an article that has a specific URL or address, which we call a URL.

what is HTTP or HTTPS?

Whenever you go to access a website, you see two more things, they are HTTP and HTTPS. What is HTTP or HTTPS? Let’s see. Because HTTP and Https, have an important role on a website.

Transfer protocol


The full meaning of HTTP is hypertext transfer protocol. As the name implies, the transfer protocol. Transfer means moving a file from one place to another in the internet world. The protocol here means a set of rules.

The definition is known from the name of HTTP. A file or text is exchanged in the internet world. Again if a file is accessed from one computer to another computer. In all these cases, files are transferred, for which a set of rules is created on the Internet.

For example, you are visiting my site now, how did my site reach you? This is the rule of the Internet, which is limited to HTTP. Your browser can access the Internet by following that rule. This rule works between server-client, server-browser.


I know what HTTP is, but what is HTTPS? The whole point is that the Hypertext Transfer Protocol is secure. You can see the word Secure, what does it mean? Yes, that’s right, secure means protection. The work of a security guard at the gate of the house is the same.

Just as security protects your home from theft, so does HTTPS. A file is transacted from a server to a browser or computer. One of these thieves could gain access to your file, which could result in a large loss.

From that third-party thief, HTTPS is used to keep your file secure. Because HTTPS your file or data reaches the server directly, no third party will be able to access your data. For this, you will see that HTTPS is added before the URL of any big site or any payment site.

Note: – I will recommend for this, before opening any website, see if the site is secure? Isn’t anyone stealing your data? How to understand? For that, look at the URL of the site. If the URL is preceded by a 🔒 symbol or HTTPS, then the site is secure.

Client And Server

You have heard these two words many times in the internet world. But do you know what it means? Let me explain what this means in a short and simple way. Let me give you an example…

Client And Server

Suppose you went to a mobile store and asked the shopkeeper to show you a good mobile. Then the shopkeeper showed you a good mobile. You requested the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper responded to your request.

Here you are the client and the shopkeeper is the server. The same thing happens with the Internet, in which case the client is your browser and the store from which your browser is accessing photos, videos, files is called Server.

IP Address

IP Address is the Internet Protocol. This is a unique address or a unique number. Devices that access the Internet, such as mobiles, laptops, computers, wifi, have a unique address, which we call an IP address.

The client is introduced to the Internet world by IP address. Whenever the Internet is accessed on a device or computer, the information on that device or computer can be tracked. For example, who is the user? Which country? What is an IP Address? What is the name of the provider? etc.

There are a lot of dishonest people in the internet world who use the internet for bad things. IP addresses have a big role to play in catching all those dishonest people. They can be tracked with this IP address.

You know this IP address can be changed, I will show another post to those who do not know. There are different types of IP addresses, such as ……

  1. Public IP address
  2. Private IP Address
  3. Dynamic IP Address
  4. Static IP Address

Internet Related Word Video In Hindi

About internet


Friends, there are other things besides the ideas we gave about the internet. The internet is a blessing as well as a curse in our lives. We access the internet without knowing much, so we have to face many dangers. There are more Internet-related words, but I have discussed the main ones that need to be known.

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