Invalid Items With Warnings Detected

The breadcrumbs issue is one such issue many bloggers have encountered. These issues come in many forms, and there are different solutions to different errors.

such as Missing field URL errors, and invalid items with warnings detected. These are usually schema issues, the schema structure you need to complete.

This means that there are many fields in it, and you have to complete each field. If a field is missing, then an error will occur according to those fields.

Although there are different solutions to those errors, I will give you a common solution. I think this will fix every schema error on your blogger site.

How to fix “Missing field URL error in blogger”, “Invalid Items With Warnings Detected”

  • Backup your blogger site,
  • Then click on the theme option,
  • Now click on the Edit HTML option under Customize section,
  • Then search “<b:include data=’post’ name=’postMetadataJSON’/>,
  • Finally replace this line with the below code and save changes.
Fix Missing Field URL Errors In Blogger

How to check the solution?

  • First copy the error post links from the search console,
  • Go to google reach results test site,
  • Past link and press enter,
  • Now you can see the results,
  • You can also inspect the URL in the search console.
fix Missing field url error

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