Today I will show WP ROCKET review in this post. You may know that the latest version of wp ROCKET has been updated.

What’s the best way to configure WP Rocket?

But it is a fully paid version so many people are not getting the benefit of it. Today I will give you completely free, but find out where the download link is in the post.
If you want your website to rank in Google, then one factor is the most important. There are many factors like this, but the speed factor is the biggest factor.
If your site is slow, Google may not be able to rank quickly. Today I will say the solution and you will see the speed of my site. In addition to these tools, there are eight technical ways to increase speed, click here.

Latest WP ROCKET review

Since the plugin review is shown in this post, you understand that it is only for WordPress users. I say to the users of Blogger, don’t be discouraged, you have shifted to the WordPress platform.

Ask those who are in WordPress to find out the answer to why I am telling you to go to WordPress. However, here you will find the benefits of unlimited customization, which does not have as much effect on speed as Blogger.

How to increase the speed with the WP ROCKET plugin, I will only show the review. I will only show you as many settings as you need to increase the speed. For more information, click on this official link.

WP ROCKET installation Review

You must know how to install plugins, I suggest plugins can be installed in two ways. One is directly from the WordPress Dashboard, the other is by uploading and installing.

In this case, you have to install the plugin in the second method and download the plugin first. The download link is a bit below, download and follow the steps below.

Check the speed of your site once before installing the WP ROCKET plugin and check a second time after installing. You can see for yourself how much speed will increase just by installing, not yet fully set.

  1. Open WordPress dashboard,
  2. Click on the plugin option,
  3. Choose to Add a New bottom,
  4. Upload plugin,
  5. Chose file and install,
  6. Activate plugin.
how to upload plugin

NOTE:- If you are already using an older version of wp rocket, delete it first. Otherwise, there will be such a problem, that it will be very difficult to solve.

I had this problem with my WordPress dashboard, I thought I would uninstall the old version before installing the new version. I made a big mistake there, then I had to go to the app version of WordPress and delete the old plugin.

Settings Review of New WP ROCKET

Now I will discuss the main part of the post, which is a very important plugin setting. Follow every setting of this part well, otherwise, there may be a big error.

WP ROCKET activation

After activating WP ROCKET, the above message will be shown, You will see an allow message, allow it. If you do not get the allowed message, then go to the wp rocket button above and clear the cache, the message will be shown.

Dashboard Setting

  1. Click setting bottom in WordPress dashboard
  2. Press on WP ROCKET, Now the dashboard of the wp rocket will open.

Mobile Cache

  1. click on the cache option under the dashboard option,
  2. Enable cache for mobile devices is on, keep it on
  3. Separate cache files for mobile devices, check this option.
  4. You will see 10 hours in the Cache Lifespan section. If your site is more than three months old and more traffic is coming, keep it the same, otherwise set 1 hour.
  5. Save changes

File Optimization

  • CSS Files
    1. select minify CSS files,
    2. Select Combine CSS files,
    3. Check Removes unused CSS,
  • Javascript File
    1. Enable Minify javascript,
    2. Enable Load JavaScript deferred,
    3. Check delay Javascript execution,
    4. Save Changes


Media plays a big role in increasing the speed of the website because it reduces the loading speed of your image or video. There are many heavy images that you know, which you upload without paying attention.

All those images make your site very slow, so don’t miss this media part. Check the first ​​three options in the media part, don’t forget to save at the end.


  1. Activate preload,
  2. Enable link preloading,
  3. Save changes


Turn on the option that is off in the database, that is, all the options in the database will be on. There will be no option off in the database, then click save changes.


Enable content delivery networks


  1. Enable control Heartbeat,
  2. Save changes.


Apart from these, do not change any of the other parts that I have not discussed. And the ones you change, just save them, others you can skip. Now if you check the speed of your site, you will know how much you have benefited from this plugin. And if this post of mine does you any good, follow the site.

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