Friends, whenever you see the logo of a big Brand company, a lot of curiosity arises in your mind. For example, what is the logos hidden meaning, or what is the secret behind the logo?

This question comes to the minds of all the people of the world. There are many big companies in the world and they have different unique logos.

logos with hidden meaning

Each logo has a different meaning that carries the characteristics of the company. I will discuss all those logos and tell you what the exact meaning of the logos is.

Hidden Meaning Of OLA Logos

Ola cabs, the name is familiar to everyone and you must have ever ridden ola cabs. However, if anyone does not know about it, I tell them OLA cabs is a mobile app.

With that app, anyone can book a taxi or auto, etc. to reach their destination. The word OLA comes from the Spanish word HOLA

The word “H” in the word OLA is silent and the word “H” means hello. Now, look at the three hidden meanings in its logo.


As you can see from the image above, there are three parts to the logo. For convenience, I named these three parts A, B, and C.

  • The circle “C” in the image indicates the color of the car,
  • The circle “B” refers to the “O” of the word OLA,
  • And the word “A” refers to the tires of the car.

Meaning of Amazon logo

Amazon is number 2 on my list and you know it’s an online shopping website. Whose logo is very common to see but do you know what the arrow at the bottom of the word is for.

amazon icon
  • The orange arrow is given, considering the company’s philosophy. The fact is that this arrow is given from the letter A to the letter Z. That means selling a to z things or all kinds of things in our daily life.
  • Smile also hints at this, because the company wants to make the customer happy through its product.

SBI Logo Meaning

State Bank of India is one of the most trusted banks in India. On October 1, 1971, a designer named SHEKHAR KAMAT designed the SBI logo.

There are many reasons or motives for creating such a logo. The large blue circle on the outside of the logo represents the perfection that is required for any bank.

There is a lake called Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad, search on Google and you will see the lake. Its shape is exactly like the SBI logo.

so many people think that the SBI logo has been designed following the shape of this lake. Also, two more meanings can be seen in this logo.

SBI Logo Meaning

The logo has the white part from the center to the bottom edge, which looks like a human. This refers to the bank’s customer Beston.

The white part in the middle looks like a key without a human body. Key means bank security, where your money is safe.

Meaning of HYUNDAI Logo

HYUNDAI is one of the most integrated automobile manufacturing companies in the world. Looking at its logo, many people think that it is the first letter of Hyundai.

But that’s not the case such simple logos Hidden Meaning is completely different. The Hyundai logo is a symbol of a relationship.

Hyundai icon

If you look at the logo properly, you will understand that two people are shaking hands. These two people are representative of HYUNDAI companies and clients.

This handshake signifies the trust and satisfaction of the company. Were you surprised to know the real meaning of Hyundai? Because what you have known for so long is completely wrong.

Secret of UNILEVER Company Logo

Life boy, lux, human, reason, Pepsodent, Sunsilk, clinic plus, rin, wheel, closeup, surf excel, fair and lovely. In India, Unilever operates under the name Hindustan Unilever Limited.

Hindustan Unilever Limited Company is a part of England Unilever Company. Two out of every three Indians use the products of this England Unilever company.

Meaning of UNILEVER logo

One of the greatest unique logos is the Unilever logo. The logo refers to the first letter U of Unilever.

Also all the products of the company are hidden in the logo. You can understand by looking at the picture above.

VAIO Company Logo

Among other unique logos, Sony VAIO has a hidden meaning. The famous Japanese electric company is Sony VAIO.

Sony’s brand Vaio makes laptops, mobiles, computers, etc. and for this, it is so famous all over the country. The company’s product is as smart as its logo is smart.

The company wanted to design a logo that featured digital and analog technology. This is exactly why the VA letter of Vaio is analogous.

Everyone makes a mistake when they see the last two letters of VAIO, the way it is the letter IO. These two are computer languages where 1 and 0 have been used.

Hidden Meaning of FedEx

FedEx is a famous American courier service company. FedEx is not the full name of the company, but a short name. Whose full name is Federal Express?

Hidden meaning of FedEx logo

FedEx has received over forty awards for the success of the company logo. According to the newspaper The Independent, the hidden meaning of this logo is the greatest.

If you look closely, you will see an arrow between the E and X words of the logo. Which refers to the speed, accuracy, and direction of the company.

Meaning Of Coca-cola Logo

Do you drink cold drinks, Fanta, sprite, thumps up, Coca-cola? But you would be surprised to know that these are the same companies whose name is coca-cola.

The Coca-Cola Company was started in 1886. Since then it has been spreading rapidly and today it is famous all over the world.

Cococola Logo Meaning

Now, look at the meaning hidden in the coca-cola logo. If you look closely, you will see the flag of Denmark between O and L words.

Denmark is the happiest country in the world. And Coca-Cola’s tagline has been saying open happiness for seven years.

What Does The LG Logo Mean?

The words L and G can be easily seen in the logo of the Consumer Appliance Company. But if you look deeper, you will see a smiling face with an eye on the logo.

LG Logo Meaning

L is the nose in the logo and the company wants to see this smiling face among its customers.

APPLE Logo Mean

The baby boy is also known today for the logo of the famous company Apple. Maybe you have an Apple laptop or mobile, but have you ever wondered why cut a part of its logo?

Couldn’t the company have seen the full Apple in the logo? But there must be a reason behind it.

The logo was designed in 1977 by a graphic designer named Rob Janoff and was shown to Apple’s Steve Jobs. Just looking at the logo reminded Steve Jobs of a Bite of Apple.

He thought it was made following the father of computers, Alan Turing. Who died in 1954 in unforeseen circumstances.

Rob Janoff thinks Apple is a fruit that can be recognized even if it is cut in half. If the whole fruit was shown, many would confuse it with any round fruit of the same kind.


With the curiosity you had in mind about all these logos, I came to clear it. If you like it, please comment, like, and share it with your friends. Please do not comment on spam. Many such branded companies have unique logos, which have a completely unique meaning. I will discuss them in Part 2, so keep subscribing to the TECHPARIMAL site.

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