Did you know that traffic to a blog site can be generated without SEO? For that, you need to write a post on the low competition Niches keyword.

Friends, I always say that to be successful in blogging you have to work hard and learn a lot. To write a post you need to do a lot of research and do the right SEO for the post.

low competition niche

But there are many bloggers who don’t know how to write good content or don’t know how to SEO, yet generate millions of visitors and earn millions, would you believe it? One of the reasons is that they choose a niche that ranks without content.

Today I will give you 25-30 niches on which you can rank without content. You can write a post on this niche, so you need a website and a few general tips, which I will tell you at the end of the post.

Government Job is No. 1 Niche

If anyone asks me, what is the best niche of blogging? That is a government job. No need to write any content or any SEO.

Without content, that means either copy and paste or minor changes, or write a little if you can. No need to do SEO, that means only on-page SEO and basic backlinks that I will show you in my future post.

You may not know that there are so many searches on this topic in India, which are not on any other topic. Giving an example will help you to understand more.

Many of you have applied for government jobs at least once. They must know about these three websites- freejobalart.com, sarkariresult.com, freshers.live etc

In addition to these three websites, there are more than a hundred other websites that only publish government jobs. None of you can guess! How much traffic or how much revenue do these sites generate.

In addition to these three websites, there are more than a hundred other websites that only publish government jobs. None of you can guess! How much traffic or how much revenue do these sites generate.

traffic on government job niche

I took the help of aherfs tools to show that because it is the best SEO tool. You can see the proof of that in the picture below, you can see that this site has more than 14 million organic traffic.

Traffic also comes to this site from other sources, such as direct traffic, social media, and referral traffic. If 60% of Google traffic is captured and 30% of other traffic is captured, then the total traffic will be 2 crores/month.

That means 1 crore 40 lakh Google traffic and other traffic up to 60 lakh. Then you can understand how much traffic comes in the article on the government job niche.

What is the Income of Government Job Topics?

What is the estimated income of the site that has so much traffic? Let’s calculate an approximate income. On all these sites, visitors go to 2 to 4 different pages, to see other jobs.

If 2 page views of each visitor can be captured, then the monthly page views of this site are 4 crores, you can imagine 4 crore page views. In addition to Google AdSense, there is also revenue from other platforms.

If we assume that Google’s page RPM is 1 dollar, it means that Google pays 1 dollar per 1000 impressions. Then the income of this site will be, 40000000/1000 = up to $ 40000. And if it can be converted into Indian currency, then the amount would be $ 40,000×70 =INR 28 lakhs.

average income of job site

NOTE:- Since you think there can be so much income, then let’s build a site on this topic. Not as easy as you think, because it’s a trending topic and how difficult is it to build a site on a trending topic? Find out first.

PNR Status is Another Low Competition Niches

In India, more than 2.5 crore people travel by train every day. And millions of them make advance bookings, most of whom do not get confirmed tickets.

Their reservation status can be waiting or RAC. Millions of such people visit the official site of the railways to check their PNR status.

But many such websites, using the railway tool, anyone can go directly to their site and check the PNR status. Just to check out one small thing, such a site gets over a million traffic every month.

If the PNR status keyword can be searched by going to ahrefs tools, then you can see the result yourself.

traffic PNR statue niche
  • If you want, you can also make such PNR status and earn lakhs. For that you need-
    1. DOMAIN NAME:- Try for a keyword like PNR Status, PNR Enquiry, etc in the domain list.
    2. PNR CHECK PLUGIN:- Hire a local developer or from Fiverr.
    3. BLOG:- Start a separate blog and publish 2-3 posts monthly to update.
    4. ON-PAGE-SEO:- Keep the PNR check tool on the homepage and focus on on-page-SEO.
    5. Off-Page-SEO:- Just basic free links that you will see in my SEO post.

Lyrics are one of the Best Niche

As much as people like to listen to music, just as much as they like to hum. But when listening to the song, do not understand some words or sentences of the song.

All these people need ready-made lyrics of songs to hum. You can meet this demand and make a lot of money with it. Create a blog, listen to music, and write lyrics.

If you do not understand the lyrics, you can copy the lyrics from another website. The lyrics of new songs are highly searched, along with many searches of old songs. I saw the result of such a lyrics site below-

result of lyrics site
  • But before creating a site on a lyrics topic, look at the following points-
    1. DOMAIN:- It’s better if the domain contains the ‘Lyrics’ keyword.
    2. CONTENT:- Provide Hindi & English versions of lyrics & add more details.
    3. MORE LANGUAGE:- Cover lyrics of another language like English, Marathi, Hindi, and Bengali.
    4. RESOURCES:- Subscribe to all channels where you can find lyrics.

Quotes & Biography

Competition has increased a lot these days, so demotivation among people is inadequate. They need a motivational dose every day, and all the YouTubers who give this dose have a lot more traffic to their channel.

You can also motivate visitors by creating motivational blogs, such as biographies of successful people. I will highlight such a motivation site-

traffic of quote site
  • You can see how much traffic the quote site generates. If you want to create a site or blog like this, you need-
    1. DOMAIN:- Book a domain that contains quote words. It gives an impact on SEO & also helps in better CTR in SERP.
    2. RESOURCES:- Subscribe to all Facebook & groups, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs that provide quotes.
    3. SEO:- Focus on on-page SEO and basic backlinks.

Banking Codes are Best Low Competition Niches

Did you know that there are approximately 1 lakh 25 thousand bank branches in India? And each branch has a different IFSC code and each bank also has a different MICR code according to the state.

Also, each bank has a different swift code according to the country. This IFSC code, MICR code, and swift code confuse people. Millions of people need these every day for any transaction.

These codes are available by calling the bank’s customer care or by looking at the checkbook but people do not check the codes in this way now. The code can be easily found by searching any code site on Google, most people collect code this way.

Many such code websites are indexed by Google, all of which generate millions of traffic per month. Ex- Banksifsccode.com, Bankcontact.in, Bankifsc.com, Bankcode.net, etc.

banks code niche

Mp3 & Movie Downloading Niche

This niche is completely different than other niches, mp3 or movie download sites have high traffic. There is no need to do any content or any SEO, I will show reviews of some similar sites.

result of mp3 download site
  • The following points should be kept in mind to create such a site-
    1. DOMAIN:- Must contain mp3, mp3 download, movie download in the keyword,
    2. DESIGN:- Need mp3 theme or downloading the script,
    3. INCOME:- Adsense not Google AdSense never allows such sites, so you need to use AdSense Alternative.

Wishes & Greetings Niche

Whether it’s a happy or sad offer, a festival or an event, say thank you to someone, or sorry, millions of people who have massaged these wishes still don’t know or want to send something new. All those people search for some new unique wishes message on Google.

Those messages include – Good Morning Messages, Best Birthday Messages, Important Messages, etc. There are many websites that only provide these wishes messages, but also copy them from side to side.

Without SEO these sites get more than a billion of traffic. Some of these sites are- Birthdaywishes.exper, eventgreetings.com, dgreetings.com, textmessages.eu, etc. Now see the traffic results of the site-

result of wishes site

Commodity Prices

Many websites only rate different things. That is, what is the current market value of anything? Such as gold, silver, diamonds, etc.

Today’s buyers check the price of the item online before buying it. Because when they buy the thing, they think the seller is taking more price than the actual price?

So they know the value of things by going to these sites and are protected from being cheated. You can’t imagine how much traffic these customers can bring to your site.

If you know that you will start working on this topic today, then take a look below-

today rate information site trafic

Coupons & Deals

You want to buy clothes from Mintra, recharge your mobile at Paytm, book tickets at book my show, in these cases you need coupons or deals to get discounts. Many sites are earning lakhs by providing these coupons or deals.

Those sites include desidime, dealsea, cuponraja, cuponrani, cupondunia, etc. If you check the traffic of these sites, you will see that the monthly traffic of these sites is millions.

traffic of coupon site
  • If you want to build a site in this niche, consider the following points.
    1. DOMAIN name should contain the word ‘coupon’ or deals, offers, etc.
    2. Need a coupon plugin or theme for posting coupons,
    3. Join all available affiliate programs or networks,
    4. Post daily 10+ coupons from different sites.
    5. Start a blog & write shopping tips or events like blog billion,
    6. Need to do better SEO.

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