How to make my android phone run faster?, Looking at the title, you must understand what I will discuss today. Yes Friends, when you buy a new phone, it is usually fast. Not just fast, but super fast.

That phone runs fast regardless of the high price, medium price, or low price. But that phone slowed down after six-eight months. Sometimes that happens, and it becomes difficult to run.

how to make my android phone run faster?

So friends to solve this problem for you, the topic of my today’s post is how to make my android phone run faster? Today I will tell you how to fasten your old phone which has become slow.

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My reason for making this post is that many people ask me why the old phone is slow. All in all, I will only discuss 10-15 points.

I guarantee your phone must be fast. No matter how old your mobile is, it must be. Just follow my below tips and make your android phone run faster.

What are Points To Make My Android Phone Run Faster?

Friends, one thing is universal, 99% of the reasons why the set is slow are as follows:

Internal Storage

Everyone’s mobile must have internal memory, it is different for different mobiles. Someone’s phone memory is 16 GB, while someone has 32 GB +.

If that memory is full or going to be full, then your set will be slow. So I will recommend it for free first.

How To Free Your Internal Storage?

  1. If you are a normal smartphone user then you must be using at least 15-20 apps. The other 20+ apps may or may not be used once a month. Delete such apps first. Many times system apps are not deleted, in that case, disable them.
  2. There are a lot of old videos on your phone that you have seen, delete them. Especially your WhatsApp video, which you don’t need. If you have a special video, you can upload it to Google Drive. That video you can get whenever you want, no matter how many years. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you must remember the ID and password of the email you signed up with.
  3. Google has made your work much easier, how? Do you know Google Photo Apps? Google photo apps that back up your photos. It has many advantages: –
    • It has an automatic backup system, Which means you don’t have to do a manual backup.
    • For your photos, the space you need doesn’t need the space in your set.
    • Photos uploaded here, Lifetime. No matter how old the photo is, you can get it whenever you want. It uploads videos but only applies to short videos. Keep an eye on the points below to get this benefit.
    • The Google Photos app is pre-installed on all mobile phones, if not, download and installs it.
    • Go to your phone settings and turn on the auto-backup option.
    • Now go to Google photo apps and log in with your permanent email id. Check offer some time and see results.
    • After backup deletes your photos from Internal Storage.

External Storage

To make my android phone run faster, leave the effect on external storage. Do you think the SD card is external, it affects? Yes friends, it also works to make my android phone run faster. Read the paragraph below for how.

First of all, when you buy a MicroSD card, you do not check its details well. There are many types of SD cards that are unknown to you. Let’s see today, what you need to know to buy an SD card.

Friends, we all buy cheap SD cards from the market. But because of that cheap SD card, my set is getting slow.

For this whenever you buy an SD card, buy a fast SD card or class 10 SD card. It may cost you more than Rs 500 but your set will not be slow, it will run faster.

But you can’t find an SD card like this? Let me show you a good sd card at a low price. Don’t buy it if you don’t like it, but if you like it, that’s your choice. However, I shared the link below: – Samsung-MicroSDHC-Memory-Adapter-MB-MC32GA

Home Screen Customize

The home screen means the page that appears when you press the home button on your mobile. When buying a new mobile, there are many options on this home screen, they need to be removed.

Keep only what you need, not more. Such as – the call option, massage option, phonebook, YouTube, etc. I can make my android phone run faster by doing these.


Animation! What do you need? You see, there are a lot of people who like animation. But in reality, there is no need for it, we just use it to make the mobile look better.

Go to the settings option and search by typing animation in the search option above. If the animation options are on here, turn them off.

Unused Apps

You have a lot of apps on your mobile, are you closing them properly after using them? No, I’m guaranteeing that 80% of you guys don’t close the app properly.

As a result, your set is getting slower and slower. I don’t think you understand what I said, let’s give an example.

Suppose you were working on an app now, when you finished your work you just pressed the back button. This is how you use other apps and exit by pressing the back button.

You thought You closed the app and left the app. But the exact opposite is happening. Apps are not stopped, they are running in the background.

As a result, you realize that the number of apps you’ve used has loaded your set in exactly the same amount. Stop the app you just used, then open another app.

The method of turning them off is different on different mobiles. However, 99.9% of mobiles have a bottom as per the photo below. What do you do in this case?

Mobile navigation key
  1. Touch on the square bottom or hold on to That bottom on some mobile
  2. Now you will see many apps, Apps that are running in the background, and loading on your mobile phone.
  3. In that case, slide those apps up/side one by one.
  4. And if you want to close all the apps at once, you click on the sweep option at the bottom or top of the screen.
  5. now you check again and get results.

Use Cleaner App to make android phone run faster

Friends, we use the Cleaner app to get rid of viruses on our phones. But it’s completely wrong, I’m telling you never to do it.

Because they clean less and load your set with more ads. And deletes your set of viruses and stores them.

So you see there is no need for a cleaner. How its job was 5-6 years ago, now Android is much more advanced, and can clean itself.

So let’s delete the cleaner app and make my android phone run faster.

Use Lite App or Web Version

Web version app

The apps you use to keep your phone loaded with data. Use the lite version or web version of the apps to keep your data from overflowing.

Special Facebook Lite version, because it takes up a lot of data storage. It also has an advantage, the lite version has Messenger. The messenger app does not need to be installed separately.

Launcher app

We like Friends Launcher a lot because it allows us to customize the phone and change the menu style. But this third-party launcher makes your phone much slower.

But not all launchers, most launchers. For this, I would recommend using a lightweight launcher. Watch the video below to learn more about the Suitable Launcher for your phone.

Phone Update

Finally, Always Update Your Phone. Always don’t say friends, I mean your phone needs to be updated regularly. But when a big update comes, let’s think of your current phone for Android 8.

When Android 9 comes out, many options change. This change slows down your phone. Do a little research before making this big update.

If the update is good or fast, then update. So keep your phone updated at all times, special security updates are very much needed.

Finally, Reset

Finally, friends, your phone is slow even after you do all this. Then the only question that comes to your mind is -Then the only question that comes to your mind, and that is how to make my android phone run faster?

In this case, the only way is to open it, and that is to reset your phone. Not just reset, the hard reset has to be hit.

You must back up the phone before performing a hard reset. If possible, reset once every 4-5 months, which is good for your phone.

Video in Hindi


If you follow these steps above, you will be able to run your Android phone faster. Let me know how you like this post by commenting and if you like it, please like it. To get better helpful posts like this, subscribe to my site.

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