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Manual WordPress backup without Plugin || The file will be saved on the computer. useful and no. 1 Process

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Today I will discuss, how to take manual WordPress backup without plugins? You don’t have to rely on any backup plugin, why am I saying that? Because something like this happened on my site.

From the beginning, my site was backed up with the updrafts plus plugin. With this plugin, my site was automatically backed up every day and the backup files were saved in Google Drive.

This is very profitable for any site since backup files do not require any storage on my server. My site backup was done in this way, I was sure about my site backup.

But one day I visited my site and saw that the updrafts plugin was not working properly. My site’s backup files are being stored on my server, but the drive was properly linked with the updrafts plugin.

So you think, if I had relied on the updrafts plugin, I wouldn’t be able to restore it if there was a problem with the site. So I stopped using the updrafts plugin, now I am manually backing up the site.

Today I will show you that method, you look at the whole method carefully. This backup will be done from cPanel, and you can save the backup file to your computer or mobile storage.

ATTENTION:- Today’s tutorial is on Hostinger hosting, the root directory of the website for this hosting is public_html. But in other Cpanel’s, the root directory is public_html / website name. In that case let me tell you, the directory that the files will be in before backing up; Files need to be placed in that directory when restoring.

How to Manual WordPress Backup without Plugin?

To make a manual WordPress backup without plugins, you only need to go through two steps. The first step is site root backup and the second step is database backup.

You need to open your Cpanel or hPanel for this process. I will show you another step with which you can restore the backup file.


The two main parts of your website are the root directory and the database. Any WordPress website stands on these two parts, if you keep these two backups you will get your old website back. Follow the following backup processes carefully, because if the backup is not correct, what to restore?

First, Root Directory Backup:-

  • Open your domain directory under public_html,
  • Now select all files and folders,
Manual WordPress backup without Plugin
  • Then you can right-click or you will see an option called Compress at the top.
wordpress website backup manually
  • Now type any name, such as your name.
  • Select the .ZIP format from the dropdown menu,
  • Finally, click on the Compress button and wait. Wait until the Compress tab closes automatically.
wordpress backup manually
  • Now download this zip file to your system,

Second, Database Backup:-

  • Go back to the dashboard and search for PHP to back up the database.
  • Click on phpMyAdmin,
  • Now look at the name of your database and click on the “enter phpMyAdmin” button on the right side of it, Click here to know which is the correct database.
  • Now click on the Export option,
  • Then click on the Go option, then your database file will be downloaded.
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If you have multiple WordPress installed on one hosting, you will also have multiple databases. So before editing or backing up any database, you need to know which is the right website database? Otherwise, if you back up the wrong database, do you understand what will happen? So backup or edit the correct database.

  • Click on public_html,
  • Open wp-config.php,
  • Follow the image below, then you will know the name of the database.


Suppose your website is not working properly or there is a critical issue. If there is no way you can fix the issue, the only way is to restore the backup file.

If you keep a backup of the site in the above manner, you will be able to restore it. However, site updates will not be returned after the last backup.

To restore the backup, uninstall the error site, and install a fresh WordPress on the same domain. Then follow the restore procedures mentioned below-

First, Root Directory Restore:-

  • Open to the public_html directory,
  • Select all files or folders and delete all,
1111111111 1
  • Now upload your backed up zip file,
  • Right-click on this file and click on the Extract option,
  • Type your directory, public_html,
15.04.2022 21.25.30 REC

NOTE:- Remember to keep all files in the public_html directory as before. When the extract is complete, delete the uploaded zip file.

Second, Database Restore:-

  • Go to the hosting Dashboard,
  • Search PHP and click on the phpMyAdmin option,
  • Check all and click on the Drop option from the drop-down button,
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  • Now click on the Go button, then all the tables in your database will be deleted.
  • Now click on the Import option,
  • Choose your downloaded SQL file and upload it and Go,
  • Now competed for your website restoration,
  • finally, visit your site.

Manual WordPress backup without Plugin


This way you can take Manual WordPress backup without a Plugin, if you don’t understand any point, please comment. You can also let us know if you have a request. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your WordPress friends. If you need help, contact me.