The topic of my post today is WordPress Hosting Migration or How to Move WordPress Site to New Hosting Server. For example- Suppose your site is currently on the Bigrock server, you want to transfer it to the GoDaddy server.

move wordpress site to new hosting

Follow the points that I will discuss below, if you avoid any point by mistake, then there may be an error on your site. Today I will move your WordPress site to the new hosting method, you will find many videos on YouTube about the method, following them, if any error occurs on your site, I am not responsible for it.

What is Migration?

Suppose your website’s current hosting is Godaddy, but for some reason, you want to change your site to Bigrock hosting. In this case, your site needs to be uploaded to the Bigrock server, as it was previously uploaded to the Godaddy server.

Migration is the transfer of a website from one server to another. Now I will show you how to migrate without any SEO loss or any error.

As per the previous post, you must have installed the updrafts plus plugin and hopefully, the settings are correct. Now proceed according to the following steps-

Backup Your Website Database

backup wordpress to google drive

As I said before, never forget to back up the site before changing any settings. If there is no automatic backup, do a manual backup. I will do the same now-

How to Backup WordPress Database?

1. Go to your WP DASHBOARD and click on the PLUGIN option,
2. Choose ALL PLUGINS and go to SETTING of UPDRAFTSPLUS plugin,
3. Click SETTING again, DO’T CHANG other option,
4. Just select GOOGLE DRIVE,
5. CHECK other options,
6. Save changes.

Just clicking on the Save Changes option will see a popup option and there will be a long link provided. Click on the link to connect the updrafts plugin to your Google Drive, so click on the link.

  1. Then choose YOUR EMAIL,
  2. Click on ALLOW bottom,
  3. Hit on COMPLETE SETUP bottom,
  4. Press on BACKUP NOW bottom,
  5. Check the FIRST THREE options,
  6. Backup now.
Complete updrafts setting

Clicking the backup button will start the automatic backup. This backup file will be saved in both your Google Drive and hosting. But I will not use the hosting file, I will use the file saved in the drive.

Now you can see the backup file with the current time and date under the existing option. One thing you need to pay attention to here is the Google Drive logo, which means you have saved your file to Drive.

wordpress data on google drive

To confirm whether a backup file has been uploaded to Google Drive, open your Google Drive. Go to the search box on the drive and search for updrafts, you will see your folder, as soon as you open the folder, you will find five files.

Move WordPress Site to New Hosting

Buy the hosting of your choice and connect with your domain. For example, you have purchased hosting from Godaddy, and you will receive an email from Godaddy.

You will receive a new nameserver in that mail, which must be added to your domain controller. Once the nameserver is added to your domain, the domain will be connected to your hosting.

I hope you know how to update the nameserver, if you do not know you can take the help of YouTube. Then you need to create a fresh WordPress site, where you need to import your backup files.

Create a Fresh WordPress Website

I would recommend keeping the username and password of the new WordPress the same. Old login details are not mandatory in the new WordPress, you can keep them as per your choice.

Many people are afraid that if the new WordPress is installed, the old WordPress will not be deleted? I will tell them no fear because you have left a full backup of your old site in Google Drive.

Now go to your new hosting Cpanel and install a fresh WordPress. Then login to the new WordPress dashboard with your new login details. Now visit the new site, and you will see the Hello World page will open.

Go back to the new wp-admin page, you will see no plugins, no posts, or pages. Now you need to install or import the old site data here. See how to import-

How to Import Old WordPress Data on new WordPress?

1. Go to the new WP admin page,
2. Install the UPDRAFTS plugin and activate it,
3. Open updrafts plugin dashboard and click setting,
6. Click on authorization to link,
7. Choose your email and allow,
8. Press Compete setup then open updrafts dashboard automatically,
9. Hit RESCAN REMOTE STORAGE under the existing backup option,
10. You get a popup message, click Ok bottom,
11. Your data will be fetched from Google Drive, you will see them with dates. Now click on the RESTORE option.
12. Now CHECK ALL and NEXT,
13. Then your Google Drive data will be downloaded one by one. Depending on the size of your file, how long will it take to download? Click on RESTORE bottom,
15. LOGIN dashboard by using old login details(Remember),

Now visit your new site, and you will see that the complete data of your old site has been restored. You will get a popup message in the WordPress dashboard asking you to delete the old directories, you do this. Until deleted, this popup message will not be removed from your dashboard.

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