Because many beginners have no idea about WordPress, the plugin they see reviews on YouTube installed on their site. I don’t know if you know, all the plugins that YouTubers review, for their own income.

New bloggers fall into that trap and do a lot of damage to their websites. One thing to keep in mind is that the more plugins you install, the slower the loading speed of your site.

Install all the plugins that you must have for WordPress on your site. I will give you an idea of all the plugins that I am using myself and have kept the loading speed of the site above 90.

I have used alternative plugins for plugins that will slow down the site. Again, don’t watch the YouTube video and install the plugin on your site, it will be your defeat.

The 17 plugins I will talk about are enough to control a blogging site, no more plugins are needed. With these plugins, everything is possible, from my site SEO to Site Protect.

Must Have Plugins for WordPress

Some of these plugins you know about or are using on your site. Know of other plugins but have not used them intentionally or are not using plugins at someone else’s recommendation.

But the plugins I’m offering don’t have to be mandatory. I am recommending it because I have been using it for three years and have got good results. You can also check or see rating reviews of plugins.

For your convenience, I have divided the plugins into categories according to their use. You will also install plugins according to your usage.

Website Protection Plugins

WPS Hide Login

If you have a blog website, you always have the tension that your blog can be hacked. This has happened to many bloggers, meaning WordPress websites have been hacked.

You know that there are many WordPress plugins that can protect your WordPress from hackers. You must know that the only way to hack WordPress is the admin login ID.

These IDs can be easily captured by hackers, and your hard-earned site can be hacked by hackers. But if you change that login ID, then it is very difficult for hackers to hack the site.

This plugin allows you to change your WordPress login URL. And you can create your own custom URL instead of the default URL. For example- to word/.

WP Content Copy Protection

Even if your site is protected from hackers by the WPS hide login plugin, who will protect your site from copying content? Because even if you can’t hack your site, some unscrupulous people can visit your site and copy the article, this way you have left it open.

If you want, you can also close this way forever. Everything is possible with the plugin, and the name of the plugin is WP Content Copy Protection.

You know that if you want to copy the text of an article, you must right-click. And if you stop that right-click, then copying is impossible. This plugin allows you to disable the right-click option on your site.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Changed the login URL of your site, and stopped copying, yet unscrupulous people will try to take down your site in any way. They will try to increase your site’s spam score, and you know what happens when your spam score increases.

If your site’s spam score increases, your site will no longer rank. So you have to protect it too, for that you must use this plugin.

To increase your site’s spam score, visitors post spam comments in your comment box. If you use this plugin, automatic spam comments will be blocked.

must have plugins for wordpress

404 to 301 – Redirect

Suppose you published a post but later deleted it from your site. While the page remains in Google search, in this case, if a visitor clicks on that link, then a 404 error shows.

404 errors can have a profound effect on your site’s ranking, so you need to keep it under control. You need to redirect 404 pages to specific pages, which you can do manually.

If the number of such links is low, you can redirect manually. But if there is more than one then it is impossible to redirect manually.

You will automatically redirect to 404 pages, and all 404 pages of your site will be redirected to your site’s home page. That is possible with the 404 to 301 – Redirect plugin.

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

Many bloggers make mistakes that cause big problems on the site. It could be a setting or a theme or a deletion of a post or a bigger problem.

Suppose you accidentally delete all the posts on your site, then you have no way to recover the posts. But if you keep a backup of your site, you will get the posts again.

If you have this plugin installed on your site, you can refill it even if your site is completely empty. This plugin has many great benefits, such as-

How to Backup WordPress data?

1. Automatic backup with your custom schedule,
2. One-click back up all data of your site,
3. Multiple storage available,
4. You can save data on your google drive,
5. You can backup Databesh, Theme, Plugin, Uploads, and Others.
6. One-click restores data on your site,
7. No effect on website loading speed.
8. This plugin especially helps to change the hosting of your site.

SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO, is a plugin that everyone knows about. Because those WordPress users are definitely using the Yoast SEO plugin. Yet for those who have just started blogging, this paragraph is for them.

Beginners will never be able to on-page SEO a post without this plugin. Because beginners don’t know what is on-page SEO? Or how to do it? For them, Yoast SEO is a great tool to create an SEO-friendly article.

Easy Table of Contents

Table of Contents, in which you can create very interactive jump links within your WordPress blog or in other words. You can install it in just two minutes and set it up in the next one minute and a very interesting jump link will be created in your entire blog post.

If this plugin is installed on the website, all the headings in your posts will be set in a table or box. And when the visitor sees the content table of the post, he will understand which points are in your post.

This will increase the visitor’s interest in your content and reduce the bounce rate of the site. Visitors can also access specific paragraphs by clicking on their required headers.

must have plugins for wordpress

Simple Sitemap

This plugin allows you to create HTML sitemap pages on your site, which contain all the posts or pages on your site. Like all other plugins, this plugin is a must-have on your WordPress site, because-

As our site gets bigger day by day, we can’t better interlink the posts on the website with one post after another. Or some posts may not be indexed by Google, we can’t focus on that.

So Google can’t crawl those specific pages of your site. We create HTML sitemap pages so that Google can index all pages on the site.

You may know that when a Google crawler crawls a post on your site, it also crawls the interlinks to that post. So if there are all the posts on the sitemap page, Google will index them too.

Another advantage is that if a visitor can’t find any of your posts, they can find it by visiting this sitemap page. And visitors can find out how many posts there are or what posts are on your site by category.

Plugins for Visitors


Just as YouTube has a subscribe option, so can a website. You know that if a visitor subscribes, every time you publish a post, your post will reach those subscribers by mail.

This generates advanced traffic to your site and increases views. And if the views increase, the income will also increase, so use this plugin for the subscriber option on your site.

WP Social Widget

Remember that in order to rank your blog well, you need to create Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts in the name of the site. And all the posts on your website, you have to publish on all your own social media.

Do you know how many visitors are on social media now? And they visit all these social media every day. To catch all those visitors, you need to keep your social media following the bottom of your site.

A visitor may not subscribe to your site but may follow your social media account. So add social media followers bottom to your site with this plugin, this will increase your followers and views.

Plugins for Useful Facility

Jetpack for WordPress

Jetpack is a plugin that, if not installed on your site, will not give you proper control over your site. You need to install this plugin on your WordPress site first, then install other plugins.

This plugin has unlimited benefits, if we discuss all of them, the post will be much bigger. So the benefits that are special, I discussed below-

  1. Site stats:- You can view your site view summary with one click. Also – Day Views, Monthly Views, All-time Views, Top Post & Pages, Subscriptions, Clicks, etc.
  2. Image Lazy load:- Loads the images of your site according to the page scroll so that the loading speed of your site is right.
  3. Search Engine Verification:- This plugin allows you to verify your site with Google, Bing, and Pinterest accounts.
  4. Anti Scan:- The biggest advantage of this plugin is that it automatically detects and blocks anti-virus, malware, and threats from your site.
  5. Update:- Website plugins can update automatically.
  6. Site Helth:- How healthy is your site? This plugin detects any issues on the site.

WP Rocket

This plugin is very useful for increasing the loading speed of the site. Many such plugins are currently available, but the work of the wp rocket is completely advanced.

If you are using another caching plugin, delete it and use this plugin. You can see for yourself how much the loading speed of your site has increased.

I have already published a post about how to set up the WP Rocket plugin, it will increase the loading speed of your site, check it out first. Apply and write in the comment box how much the speed of your site has improved.


Your site contains some data that is of no use to you. But your sites are constantly slowing down, so they need to be removed from your database.

The WP Sweep plugin detects all those databases, you can delete that data if you want and make the site database free. This will greatly increase the performance speed of your site.

What data does WP Sweep clean?

1. Revisions,
2. Auto drafts,
3. Transient options,
4. Duplicated comment meta,
5. Orphaned post meta,
6. Orphaned user meta,
7. Orphaned comment meta,
8. Deleted comments,
9. Unused terms,
10. Duplicated post meta,
11. Duplicated user meta,
12. Unapproved comments,
13. Spammed comments.

Plugins for AdSense

Ads.txt Manager

This plugin is required after AdSense approval. Because for AdSense, you have to upload the ads.txt file to your database, otherwise, your AdSense goes to the risk zone.

Many bloggers have approved AdSense but after a few days, they have received this error mail from Google. This error can be fixed in two ways, one of the two is this plugin.

With this plugin, you can easily fix the ads.txt error. How to fix the ads.txt error? There is already a post on my site about it, search and you will get it.

AdSense Invalid Click Protector

Some unscrupulous bloggers will want your AdSense account to be disabled, so they repeatedly click on the ads on your site. And you know, if someone repeatedly clicks on ads from a specific IP address, Google AdSense is disabled by invalid clicks.

Your AdSense account may be disabled for invalid clicks, you can protect it with this plugin. If you set this plugin to your site, no one will be able to click on your site ads more than three or more times.

If you only allow three clicks, the visitor will not see your ads for one week after the second click. And you can detect which IP address the invalid click is coming from.

Ad Inserter

If you can’t place ads in the right place on your site, then your ads click will be reduced. Your AdSense earning depends on the ad placement, place the ad in the right place, with the ads inserter plugin.


These are the 17 plugins used on my site, I am still using the plugins, but no effect on my site. Let me know what you think of this post, if you have a request, you can. If you can follow my social media, then you will get more posts like this.

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