Is your post not being ranked? Views not coming? Don’t worry, today I will show you some of these on-page SEO techniques. If you are a new blogger or don’t know how to SEO articles, then this post is for you.

Google is now so advanced that it cannot rank articles using any tricks. That’s why you have to focus on your content because the content is king. If you create content with the following points in mind, then no backlinks will be needed.

There are many beginners who want to increase the traffic to the website by buying backlinks. But the profit is not yours, the profit is those who are selling backlinks. Your site is at a disadvantage because you are generating paid traffic, which Google never recommends.

If paid traffic to your site outweighs organic traffic, Google will catch invalid traffic. As a result, your site will be blacklisted instead of blacklisted.

On Page SEO Techniques

What are On page SEO Techniques for Content?

The method by which a post article is optimized and ranked is on-page SEO Techniques. When using this technique, you do not need to take any backlink help. Anything that is customized in the article is on-page SEO.

That technique is probably unknown to beginners, so even after using low competition keywords, the article does not rank. So today I will show you the easy way to do on-page SEO.

How to Choose Keyword for Article?

All you have to do before creating an article is research the perfect keyword. The perfect keyword here means low competition, high search volume, and high CPC keyword. Keywords that will rank your article on the first page of Google.

There are now many paid platforms for such keyword research, such as ahrefs, Ubbersuggest, etc. If you are a beginner, you do not need to spend that much money. Today I will give you some of these free keyword research tools.

Are you sure you want to install a browser extension? Then install ubbersuggest and whatsmyserp extensions. With these two tools, you can check the keyword search volume of any two countries.

For that, you will select two countries in two tools. As you can see in the image below, I have selected India in whatsmyserp tools and US country in ubbersuggest tools.

free keyword research tools

Then do keyword research in your browser, then you will find the search volume, suggested keywords, and SEO difficulty of your keywords. From here you can use three types of keywords-

  1. Keywords with high search volume but low SD or SEO difficulty,
  2. The search volume for that keyword is high but if you search, the result shows the first YouTube video,
  3. You can calculate the keyword with KGR, you will also benefit from using that keyword.

How to Get Keywords Using KGR Techniques?

1. First find out the search volume of the keyword, remember that the search volume of the keyword should not exceed 250.
2. Type “allintitle:” before the keyword in the search bar and search, ex- allintitle: your keyword.
3. If the result is more than one page, go to the last page,
4. Now you can get “allintitle” result, then follow the below picture.

Get Keyword Using KGR Techniques
  • You cannot use any KGR keyword if you wish. See the list below for how quickly your keywords will rank-
    1. <0.25 is Great,
    2. 0.25 – 1.00 is Might Work,
    3. 1.00< is Hard to rank.

What Should be the Title of an Article?

To remind you, any viewer will read the article by looking at the title of your post. So Google says the following points should be kept in mind before placing the title of the article. The word limit of the title of the post is 60 words.

  1. You should try to put keywords at the beginning of the title,
  2. If there is a number in the title, then the number attracts the attention of the viewers. It is better to add the current year at the end of the title.
  3. There is also a need to put a sentiment word in the title, it can be positive or negative, Download Example.
  4. The title must contain a power word.

Perfect URL for the post

You must include keywords in the URL of your post, then your URL will have the correct SEO. The word limit of the title of the post is 75 words. However, you should try not to have any stop word in your URL. You may be wondering what is stop word is? Those who do not know what are stop words? Download the Stop words list.

Meta Description

After searching the keyword on Google, the description below the title of the post in the result is the meta description of that article. This meta description will contain the moral of the story of the article, The word limit of the meta description will be 150 words and the keywords of the article will have to be placed within the description.

Powerful On Page SEO Techniques

Heading and Sub Heading

Never write continuous paragraphs, try to discuss with headings or subheadings. Limit the wording of each paragraph to 300 words, which will increase the viewer’s interest in reading the paragraph. Place the main keyword in one or two headings. If your article is too long, it will be difficult for the visitor to understand what you have discussed in the article.

So I would recommend using the heading table, the visitor will be able to jump on the necessary headings. Also when Google bots crawl your article, they will understand what is discussed in the article. Creating heading tables is one of the on page SEO techniques.

Keywords Placement in Article

Keyword placement is very important for an article on page SEO Techniques. Because with your keyword placement, the Google bot will understand the content of the article. However, this does not mean that you can put keywords in the article as you wish.

According to some SEO experts, there are certain limitations to keyword placement in articles. They call this keyword placement limitation Keyword Density, they think the keyword density of an article should be 1-2%. So in a 100-word article, the focus keyword can be used 1-2 times.

A keyword must be placed in the first paragraph of the article. Of course, if you are using any SEO plugin, you have to place the keywords in the focus keyword box of that plugin.

Image Optimization

You must be using an image in your article, you need to make perfect SEO of that image. Because if a visitor searches the image on Google and if the image of your article appears in the search result, then the visitor can land on your site by clicking on that image.

You cannot use images of any size, the size of the image must be within a maximum of 100kb. You need to use copyright-free images, for that you need good customization of the image. Learn how to SEO images-

  • Copyright-free Image:- Today I will show you 4 ways for copyright-free images. Which you can use freely on your website-
    1. You can use screenshots from your topic related YouTube videos,
    2. Download multiple png images from Google, then combine them to create a unique image.
    3. Use photos taken with your camera, it’s a 100% copyright-free image.
    4. There are also many websites where copyright-free images can be downloaded. You can use them, but you need to edit them well before using them on the website.
  • Compress Image:- The size increases after editing the image, so compress the image in the following way.
    1. First, go to the image compress site,
    2. Click on the Image Upload button,
    3. Select your image and upload it,
    4. Image quality will be 90% by default, you will reduce it. Keep the percentage that your image size is within 100 kb.image compress
    5. Then click on the Compress Image button,
    6. When compress processing is completed, you can download the image.Compressing Image
    7. Rename the image, which will be related to the focus keyword of the post. Remember to put the image below the heading, the name of the image should be related to that heading.
  • Image Placement:-
    1. There must be an introduction paragraph at the beginning of your article. You need to use the main image in this introduction paragraph. This image must have a focus keyword between the title and the alt text.
    2. There must be an introduction paragraph at the beginning of your article. You need to use the main image in this introduction paragraph. This image must have a focus keyword between the title and the alt text.
    3. The main image of the article should be set as the future image.article future image set
  • Upload Image:-
    1. Click on the “+” mark,image optimization
    2. Then click the Image option,
    3. Now click the Upload button,
    4. Click the Select File button,
    5. Choose your Compressed image and upload it,
    6. Paste the name of the image in the alt text box and select.image optimization 1
    7. Follow the image below,upload image on website
    8. Image size 700×400 (recommended),

Internal Linking

Setting a link to another article on the same site in an article is called internal linking. If a visitor lands in an article on a site, an internal link is made so that the visitor can land in another article on the site. So internal linking is very necessary to increase the views of other articles with one article.

How to make an Internal link to the article?

  1. Take a Button by clicking on the “+” mark,button set in article
  2. Write “Read Also’ on the first button,
  3. Take another Button by clicking the “+” mark,button option in article
  4. Past your other article title in the second button,
  5. Select all text in the second button,
  6. Then click the “link” sign,
  7. Past that article link in this box,
  8. Check the “Open in new tab” option and follow the image below.internal linking
  9. Center the button.button alignment

Outbound Linking

When you set a link to another trusted site in your article, it will be an outbound link or an external link. Eternal linking is required to increase the PA or page authority of a site. But keep in mind that you will set the site link in your article and check the DA, and PA of that site. So you need to use a link to a trusted site. For example, see I have an external link here.

How to make an Outbound link to the article?

The method of internal linking, as shown above, the method of creating the external link are the same, there is only one change. You can make an internal link with a separate button or put it on a specific word in the paragraph. But for external links, I would recommend, using only the specific meaningful word in the paragraph.

Readability Paragraph

You are not going to write as many paragraphs as you want. This reduces the interest of the visitor in reading the paragraph. Try to keep two to three sentences in each paragraph, which increases the readability score of the article.

Embed Other Media in Article

The other media here is the YouTube video, which will increase the views of your post. If the visitor does not want to read the article, he will take the help of the video. The visitor is watching the video, he is on your site. As a result, the views of your site are increasing. But where do you get the video? If you have a YouTube video, set it. Otherwise, you can set any other youtube video related to your keywords.

How to Embed Video in Article?

  1. Click on the “+” mark,
  2. Click on YouTube Logo,How to Embed Video in Article
  3. Go to YouTube,
  4. Select a video from YouTube and copy that video link,
  5. Past Embed box in Article and click on the Embed button.


The On Page SEO Techniques that I saw today are very important points. Without these points, your article will not be powerful SEO and if you follow these, I guarantee you will not need backlinks. If you check my site’s backlinks, you will know that my site’s backlinks are less than 10. You must be using one of the SEO plugins, try my On Page SEO Techniques, the SEO score of that plugin will be above 90. I also saw the score of this article in the picture below.

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