Change pagination Style of GeneratePress Theme

Pagination in GeneratePress free version theme is very simple. Today we will see how to change pagination Style of GeneratePress Theme.

The pagination you see in the image above is the pagination of the Generate Press theme. But it was simple to customize it, you can design it as you like.

This design is done by a simple three lines of CSS. The download link of that CSS code is given below. After using this css code see the preview, then you can change the color if you want.

  • The lines of CSS you can edit are –
    1. Color mean text Color,
    2. Background Color,
    3. Hover color,
    4. Font size.

Place CSS of Pagination in GeneratePress?

  • Login your WordPress admin,
  • Go to Appearance section,
  • Now click on the Customize option,
  • Then click on the Additional CSS option,
  • Past downloaded CSS Code,
  • Update and preview your Site.
Pagination Style of GeneratePress Theme

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